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  1. I really like that RB1 and that RB2. I think that kind of threat will help Josh by making defenses hedge more. its a 30 pick, not a top 10. I am fine with it, (of course also fine with CB/DE/OL BPA)
  2. hype designed to misinform. Over sell Pitts so others take him so your real target is still on the board when it’s your turn to pick. no one is leaking real draft info now. It’s all 3rd party speculation or misinformation.
  3. Looks awesome! will echo the need for more depth in the secondary and a playmaker DE.
  4. I would enjoy the "who is the back up" drama with both Teddy and Tyrod on the same team...
  5. it’s harder to stay in top competitive shape while not being a pro athlete. Maybe he is in the best shape of his life? Odds are no. Hope he is ready to compete.
  6. With the 43th pick in the TSW Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select Tyson Campbell CB Georgia. The Dallas Cowboys @GunnerBill are on the clock. The 49ers need help in the secondary now as free agents walk,. Tysons Speed as State Champ in 100 and 200 yard dash could make him a valuable asset
  7. $40m seems as team friendly as it’s going to get.
  8. Sorry Folks, Early on the West Coast ! With the 3rd pick in the TSW Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State. The Atlanta Falcons @BigdaddyinOrlando are on the clock. Justin is will fit well in our QB room with 2021 Starter Jimmy Garoppolo and the "Wrong Josh."
  9. I love the RB's near our pick. That or edge obv. Thanks for posting, i enjoy gils lists.
  10. RB as well. Mark Ingarm says Hi. then BYE
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