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  1. Looked more like a choke out than a head impact. Not surprised its not a concussion.
  2. omg what are the announcers going to talk about at the AFC champ game now??
  3. I watch a lot of Seahawks games living in the west coast. that’s a hard no from me.
  4. Antonio Williams The Hero we need and Deserve
  5. If we go deep into the playoffs daboll won’t have time to talk to a new team until late in the process.
  6. Did Alabama play a lot of snow games ?? 🥶
  7. How do we support the Bills fans who suffer from “Duke Delusions” ? He could have been signed by any team in the league but was not. Take the hint..
  8. Cut him and stick with Lee Smiths hands of gold!
  9. I hope they win another and Gase keeps his job... can you imagine ? LoL
  10. I thought this was about Bills branded snack foods ;( hungry 🤤
  11. Watch Amazon buy the entire NFL in a few years and make it a prime exclusive perk.
  12. He is fired up every game. I really like him as our returner, even after that one bad game.
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