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  1. Makes sense. Trying to keep Rosen alive vs our powerhouse defense. Did he not call out our team for passing on him? "wrong josh" sackfest would have been glorious.
  2. Who should i flex this week pals? QB Josh Alen. RB1 Elliott RB2 Cook WR 1 T Hill WR2 S Diggs WR3 D Westbrook Flex ?? D = NE K - Fairbairn. On my bench Singletary, and Gordon and Montogmery. Also have OBJ, CGodwin and JGordon, but all on BYE this week. I started M Gordon last week and he was not great. I am leaning towards Singletary due to the fact i love the bills and they are playing the fish. What would you do ?
  3. Refs need to be full time refs, none of this part time BS. These dudes are millionaires who do this as a side gig. Time for full time NFL officials. Not on the field? constant testing and peer review.
  4. Kap is a rich mans Marcus Mariota Hard pass. Could care less about the politics of it all
  5. Youth is the key, not veterans on the decline. get people on the way up, not the way down. That way you can pay them for what they will do, not what they did do and likely won’t do again.
  6. Then why post if your gong to cry about it? You are not ESPN or CNN, you have no need to "break the story." Talk to a professional about your need for constant attention that pushes you past illness.
  7. Best of luck Zay 5th is a pretty solid return. Good work BB.
  8. I really want to lock down the dynamic duo for the long term. Hyde and Poyer are the heart and soul of our defense.
  9. Hawks, They are my 2nd fav team mostly due to being the closest geographical team to me.
  10. It’s like me, but watching every nfl game instead.
  11. Happy BDAY! I have that sweatshirt, its great ! I like the first hat! Nice haul ! I landed a big client because i saw he had a bills scarf at an event and went up to talk to him. That stuff is super rare in Western Canada. I asked him about his scarf and we talked Bills for a long time, still do ever time we meet now.
  12. To be fair my league is only 8 people and 6 of us are new to Football Fantasy. We are Canadian so its normally hockey pool or bust! I grabbed Winston....and would you believe this,. NE D was still unpicked. so i dumped Buff for them (with bye week coming up soon)
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