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  1. Davis. i hope our 2nd round pick gets a chance to prove himself soon.
  2. I had a heck of a time buying an upright freezer for my Garage (heated) this week. Many companies said they are back ordered 3 months due to the pandemic. I think i got the last larger one in my town !
  3. There is a sports angle to this. Remember when all those millionaires took a single day off work and stopped racism?
  4. I mean he is a Panther now right? Next stop Buffalo ? Anyway this is hilarious. https://twitter.com/BootlegFantasy/status/1306044011455668224?s=20
  5. He played a great game, collapsed the pocket, added pressure and protected the interior. Did awesome imo.
  6. That is what i did, Just missed on Diggs =(
  7. Lions and Jets Coaches are on Thin Ice imo.
  8. I thought you had to be a NFL player in the NFL to be a NFL player in Madden, how odd.
  9. This is so great! so happy to see some core players get extended.
  10. Why would they need to do that? the NBA solved Racism by having millionaires take a single day off... did you know that only 20% of NBA players are registers to vote?
  11. Raiders are weak at CB, lets not take the ones they don't want.
  12. Hard no, Old and uphappy? We dont want that, also we are going to extend him so whats the point?
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