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  1. HELP! anyone able to get a stream that works in Canada? Getting “not in your area bro” errors !!!
  2. Don't trade assets for an overpriced rental.
  3. He was convicted of armed robbery and spent 9 years in prison. is armed robbery not enough to be excluded?
  4. How is this league/CBA so dysfunctional that Rookies can hold out... Talk about taking the wind out of the team and fan bases sales.
  5. I have decided that Tom is fine and you are a bad poster and should feel bad .
  6. Nope I am in western Canada (BC) sure is lonely out here!
  7. 49ers and Dolphins? whats wrong with these idiots
  8. He missed his flight so they rebooked him in the next available flight which was coach. I would have given him my seat for a selfie and a twitter shout out to the Bills!
  9. I ordered my Josh Allen Jersey at halftime of game 3 last year....if you recall that was VS the Vikings. =D
  10. Anyone else kinda shocked he does not have a gym in his house?
  11. interesting topic. Clearly its Jim for us. Who would be the best QB in NFL history to not make this list? Steve Young?
  12. Cant wait for him to have a healthy prosperous year. Great kid, great future in the NFL.
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