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  1. I have never even been east of Vegas in the USA I was a huge Bruce Smith fan first, he was my favorite player in the league when I was 12 . I then suffered the pain of 4 Super Bowl losses while most of my friends were cowboys fans. I knew literally no one else in my western Canadian town who liked the bills, and I reveled in that. The pain of the SB losses solidified me as a Bills fan forever. I will never jump off this bandwagon I jumped on in 1990. I feel a badge of honor sticking with this team through the highs and lows. It’s now a part of who I am and a metaphor for resiliency in my life. I don’t give up on things I love.
  2. No, I live in Western Canada. Not many Bills fans out here but when we find each other it’s magic. told my wife we need to take a trip to New York soon. She got all excited about broadway Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. I’ll tell her on the plane that those are not in Buffalo.
  3. Good, And Give him/her the final say. Sky Judge needs to be in charge of the team. Lets get full transparency and show the officials discussing it like the XFL did, It was very refreshing to watch the reviews happen live on TV.
  4. I hope not, I love Dallas drama. still bitter 30 years later bro’s.
  5. Just get your GM or HC to identify as a woman, BAMN first in line for picks and you now play every Monday night.
  6. Was planning on going to this, but with COVID and this prices, Arizona seems like the West Coast game to go to. Did not even bother to check prices and availability for San Fran....that city...
  7. I love it, easy come easy go, just like the rest of us. Would be interesting to see big names with big salaries get Cut as the salary is to much to bare in this new Era. No more guarantees etc... Great GMs like ours will shine in this environment.
  8. Why do you want to give them free clicks. best way to deal with this garbage is to ignore it, not send a ton of people on the internet to their website so they right more of it. sucker move OP sheesh
  9. Bruce Smith. 12 year old me in Western Canada was a Bruce Smith fan that turned into a Bills fan. That Superbowl 25 Sack/Saftey is stuck in my memory forever.
  10. insane to pay this guy that much with all his penalty problems. I get that he is good, but 14 false starts....17 over all, next is 15 then drops to 12. Texans are done for a decade.
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