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  1. I am worried about the secondary. It was once a spot of great strength, injury has made a source of extreme weakness, the injury’s will be hard to recover from as these guys age… might need another big investment. #27 is just not the same and likely Poyer is not extended. Will Hyde be back at 75% of previous capacity? problems everywhere that can’t be drafted away with our current capital.
  2. I think Both OC and DC will stay unless one becomes a HC, which seems very unlikely after yesterday. New OL coach for sure.
  3. Raiders fire anyone yet? Defense Cord being openly mocked by baker and fitz after the game was something else.
  4. No, suck it up buttercup, that’s why you get paid a million dollars a game.
  5. It’s a joke, do you guys really believe everything and anything?
  6. I already saw this movie about a Cleveland sports team trying to be horrible so they can move.
  7. 5th year option & Franchise him twice for an average cost of $33mm over next 3 years. no need to do a deal now
  8. I bought my Josh allen jersey during half time of that game. He Hurdled and I was sold.
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