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  1. Did the ravens hire the 49ers conditioning coach in the off season? Lol
  2. In an ironic twist of fate it’s now a tad annoying for a Bills fantasy fan that Josh is so well known. last few years it was easy to draft him late. Now you am going to have to snag him super early or miss out!
  3. 4000 kilometers or 40 hours…
  4. He means people who get things wrong a lot are bound to get things right every once and a while Fantastic hires of our Head Coach and GM should not be an indicator of ability as that poster sees it as a fluke or luck. I am not sure if I agree, I don’t really follow Sabers hockey
  5. He is a huge distraction in the year we have the most promise. He can opt out he just needs to shut up. its the nature of the profession he selected.
  6. I like him a lot, but that roster spot value… would rather give a young guy a chance to prove himself.
  7. 30 year bills fan from British Columbia checking in to say hi!
  8. So if he does not get vaccinated and won’t follow the protocol, that means he will be barred from playing by the NFL? I respect his right to not get the jab, but tossing away your chance at a SB for not following the rules your players union agreed to seems like bad decision.
  9. Some of that OJ stuff he said was stolen in that Vegas Hotel room that got him locked up. 😁
  10. Ok, but is Kevin Benjamin going too??
  11. Lions under 5 wins seems more and more likely every day
  12. I really wanted us to trade up for him. Good thing we have BB to do it right.
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