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  1. Did lack of production effect the total production ? Is this thread for real?
  2. He should not have done it, but the response is heavy handed.
  3. I like his predilections and hope it plays out as such.
  4. I have never in my life thought I would pick a game to watch based on the announcer. But I did that this year to catch a Romo game.
  5. During the game last night I swear they said he was playing hurt and needed surgery in the off season. I would love to have him in our team, but after surgery and for top dollar? I am not so sure.
  6. I would like Brady a lot more if he was not in our division kicking our asses for 2 solid decades. If he went to some of my 2nd-5th favorite teams i could see my self cheating (autocorrect lol, but i am gonna leave this here) for him (IE the chargers)
  7. Would be ok with OL in the 1st or 2nd. i want a top 5 OL! we also need a OLB to replace Lorenzo o. another studs LB to compliment edmunds and Milano would be great. We need more depth at the LB position.
  8. The ruling was fine. Intent and the signal was clear. Do not be poor sports
  9. OL, OLB & DE are top priority in my mind. then WR1 and RB2 and CB2
  10. id be more worried bout Burrows or Herbert or when Lawrence final declares.
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