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  1. No, suck it up buttercup, that’s why you get paid a million dollars a game.
  2. It’s a joke, do you guys really believe everything and anything?
  3. I already saw this movie about a Cleveland sports team trying to be horrible so they can move.
  4. 5th year option & Franchise him twice for an average cost of $33mm over next 3 years. no need to do a deal now
  5. I bought my Josh allen jersey during half time of that game. He Hurdled and I was sold.
  6. What a great move, a 7th for a serviceable back up is cheap! On of the best back up options available imo
  7. Miller is a leader and knows how to win a Super Bowl.
  8. Seems like a reasonable deal, they must a have a plan
  9. First time watching the nfl? None of this is news
  10. The being paid to lose accusations are going to have ramifications now that NFL is in league with legal sports betting. Draft Kings is going to have Ross knocked off…
  11. Cinci d stepped up. Ours rolled over. really looking forward to a change at DC.
  12. Allen Robinson on a prove it deal for a chance to win a ring.
  13. Please do not post these anymore. Stop giving this guy clicks.
  14. Well I am out. shame, the athletic is really nice NY times is pure evil, I won’t support them in anyway.
  15. I got Josh Allen socks. They are now my lucky socks.
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