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  1. Yeah, Kerr wouldn't be a waterboy, here, without being a clapper!
  2. You can, however, judge a career goon to have been a career goon. Hockey has them. Football too. Gronk was an A+ goon on the field (see: "Rub" routes and Pick Plays): #goonplatoon #cheatriots
  3. Just blocking the Pat***** from getting a TE. McD is playing 4D chess and spying on high level business meetings in Foxboro, MA! Look out, Hoodie; we're coming for you.
  4. Whelp... I guess this news no longer applies: https://www.wkbw.com/news/rat-problem-in-buffalos-lafayette-square-park #seeyarodent
  5. I mean, they automatically have 3/4 of a foot of separation, right off the bat! Advantage: McD. 😂🤣😂
  6. I was actually going to start a band called The Yapping Urinalists. I need a bassist. You in?
  7. I'd love to hear New Era Field in a raucous chant of "Foooo-Geeee! FOOOOO-GEEEE!", just to hear it. Probably a PS guy this year, though, if he makes the cut.
  8. Quick, someone tell DJ Milk to get a Steve Howe remix onto his playlist!
  9. Or coaches with The Clap on the sideline... maybe that's what players react to more, tho 🤔
  10. Wait... Scott Law doesn't actually pay attention to what's happening in the NFL, and just posts negative LAMPs about the Bills? Woah... I'm floored... did you attend some "high level business meetings" to acquire this sage knowledge? 🤔
  11. The Bills needed to fill the hole in Charles Clay's hands that the ball kept going through. They decided it was easier to cut him... I also love how they laud that the Pat**** picked up Demaryius Thomas. We all know that if the Bills picked him up, the national media would have pilloried us for overpaying for an old, washed up WR, like Boldon last year... that's the media: sucking TB12's sac the past 20 years. You'd think the taste would get old...
  12. Or if Milano bulks up a bit, and switches to SAM, Joseph could pick up at WILL. I feel like that's Joseph's more natural position, and all Milano lacks, in terms of being a SAM is a little beef. Joseph trains behind Milano this year, and Milano gives Lorax a breather here and there. Next year, Joseph is ready to man the WILL. Just an idea.
  13. Sometimes to make a point that something is completely ridiculous, I like to make that point in as ridiculous of a manner; kinda match stupidity with an equal level of stupidity. That way, not only is the critique itself apropos, but the nature of the critique is fitting. Think of it as meta-criticism.
  14. That reads like a bowel movement... he must really know his s*** 🙄👏🤣
  15. I would become a fan of the Jets, or at least take notes on their Press Conferences
  16. Maybe when McD says, "I've got to review the tape," it's just code for "I've got to read the TBD Boards," 🤔
  17. You never know, but I'm sure The NSA is spying on him. They probably know the scoop 🕶
  18. I heard the guy who done it works for the Patsies... look at this mug... total Patsie mug:
  19. So glad the Bills did NOT pick him. There were a lot of "experts" swearing we would land him. That's not the McBeane attitude. Would not have fit the culture.
  20. I heard CBS put out a 2019 mock draft in May... of 2019. They had the Bills picking 3rd. They're really giving us a lot of credit here, folks. We'll be one spot better next year! You really gotta love the genius takes from CBS. Can't wait for next week's article on who has the best slam dunk in football! I'm salivating.
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