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    Boring Draft

    @MrEpsYtown You beat me to it, but I agree!
  2. ROCBillsBeliever

    Boring Draft

    I had heard somewhere (sorry; I cannot recall the source) that nobody has a reported meeting with Hock. That could mean that Hock and his agent are just not releasing the scoops, and they have requested that the teams they met with do the same. Just a theory; I may be totally incorrect.
  3. ROCBillsBeliever

    Boring Draft

    Precisely, @Virgil Give me milquetoast drafts for the next decade! I'll take them over QB stressing and drafting for glaring needs!
  4. Wait... we are FINALLY not the but of every NFL joke? Lord be praised!
  5. ROCBillsBeliever

    The reality of what Beane is creating with the OL.

    Not to mention that the left tackle isn't holding... it's called bear-hugging, and since it's an affectionate and loving embrace, the refs would never call such a thing on one of those dear, sweet followers of the Patriot Way. How could they, when the Patsies are such law abiding saints?
  6. ROCBillsBeliever

    Trade market for Rosen "soft"

    Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! I totally thought that it was Graft all this time... I mean, aren't last names like Smith or Hatter supposed to be descriptive of an occupation? Robert's last name... well... I'll let a smarter entity (the internet) define Robert's last name:
  7. ROCBillsBeliever

    Trade market for Rosen "soft"

    @HOUSE You mean, once the worst QB in the universe was off the table, nobody was gunning for the 2nd worst? 🤔
  8. ROCBillsBeliever

    Trade market for Rosen "soft"

    Oh, you mean Ryan Gates: https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2018/06/wgr_producer_follows_through_on_quitting_due_to_buffalo_bills_drafting_josh_alle.html Quote from the article: "There are plenty of other examples of people backing out on promises on social media, but WGR-550's Ryan Gates is not going to add his name to the list. Gates announced on Monday that he'd be stepping down as producer of Schopp and the Bulldog and host of The Nightcap after promising to do so in the event the Buffalo Bills drafted Josh Allen with Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen still on the board." I'd be willing to bet he's doing fine, though. Probably working in one of Robert Graft's (intentional misspelling) shadow corporations that buy refs, or maybe running a tug n pull parlor down in Boca Raton. Yeah... he's fine.
  9. That's one looooooong hallway!
  10. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    No worries, bud!
  11. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    The best part of this clip is Brady, at the tail end, looking over, ostensibly, to the refs for a flag... typical Patsie move: it didn't go my way? Ref... why not?
  12. @PrimeTime101 What's up, AB? I'm a high school wide receiver. Can you give me some tips to help me improve my game?
  13. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills have interest in Seattle DE Frank Clark

    There... I fixed it for you.
  14. There you go! I'm sold.
  15. Cuts on a fishing line?
  16. After seeing that, you gotta KNOW Shady's going to like this guy. Zero risk / potential high reward. Nice work McBeane!
  17. True: Drafting a guy is an investment of significant capital (especially for a guy like DK, who will go 1st round, by nearly all accounts). True: OP stated that Duke is better than any draft prospect WR in this class. Where this argument falls apart is the investment side. We've invested next to nothing on Duke; whereas, were we to pick up DK at #9, or trade back into the teens to nab him, THAT would be a major capital investment. Part of the reason it's such a major investment is that you know you're drafting a guy in his early 20's (unless it's a BYU kid or a military service situation). Part of the reason we spent chump change (not the whole reason, BUT I'd argue a significant element of that reason) is precisely what you stated: Duke is 25. What I'm saying is that you're comparing apples to transmissions... different circumstances; different expectations; different sunk costs; different expectations.
  18. ROCBillsBeliever

    Thoughts on new Oline?

    I agree, but also, moving on from Juan Castillo needs to be factored in here. I know Dawkins admitted he relaxed his focus a bit last year, but some of his sophomore regression can also be attributed to Castillo. We can't be in much worse of a position, line coach wise, and a lot of the gelling that needs to take place this year will be on Bobby Johnson's shoulders. I'm hoping that makes a big difference in what we see on the field!
  19. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills 2019 Draft Hat

    My three fave designs, in no particular order: Giants, Panthers, Colts.
  20. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills 2019 Draft Hat

    I know, right? Since when did we become the Chargers? 🤔
  21. ROCBillsBeliever

    Which Prospects Do You NOT Want The Bills To Draft?

    Ya mean T.J. Derpenson and Andy Derpsabella? They seem like derptastic draft choices, though. Why not?
  22. ROCBillsBeliever

    Last April's 'Bills Draft Josh Allen in RD 1' Thread Revisited

    @C.Biscuit97 Wings were done before the pick. I needed razor focus to will the Bills to the right selection 😂
  23. ROCBillsBeliever

    Last April's 'Bills Draft Josh Allen in RD 1' Thread Revisited

    I have to admit that I made a complete fool of myself at Duff's in Rochester. My girlfriend and I went together to grab wings and watch the draft. She likes the Bills; I bleed Bills. When Allen was picked, I dropped out of my chair, onto the floor of the restaurant, saying "No! No! No!". I then pointed at a Pat's fan at a nearby table and said, "Congrats on another 20 years of AFC East Dominance!" We left before the Edmunds pick. I was surprisingly not drunk. I was more than surprised to be flat out wrong!
  24. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    I feel like that's something very few people consider: the dawgs you're up against day in and day out, in practice, can really benefit you, if they're good. Great point!