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  1. I eat ramen & donate plasma sometimes. My job is pretty decent
  2. That's right, if your dad worked hard to provide for your family, and you try to do the same you are an ####### and should never have a job.
  3. Coaching is the family business for some of these guys. I think its a lot easier to want to be a coach if your dad was one. Who here grew up and wanted to be coach?
  4. Would be impossible to enforce social distancing. How are you not going get out of your car and hug & high 5 every single fan after a big play? Not going to happen. 6k spread our in the stadium is a lot easier to control then 2k in a parking lot.
  5. Was I the only that was still sad we canned Rex at that point?
  6. Kiper also said he would retire if Jimmy Clausen was a bust
  7. My drywall hates when the Bills lose.
  8. The betting line opened at 6 and dropped to 4.5 with Eckler playing/Brown & Ford not. Please dont look into 538 for anything other than entertainment
  9. Not looking good for our 2019 draft class
  10. Mike & Mike ended up hating each other. If it was up to ESPN it would still be on
  11. Wade CAN NOT play in 2020. He is on an exemption list, meaning he is ineligible to play this season. 2021 preseason will be key for him, he will be one of the older running backs, but he hasn't played or got injured the last 2 years, so he should be fresh.
  12. Some places refer to Utica as ”the city”
  13. Very true and having Allen will keep us viable for the long term.
  14. Power Rankings are based on your recent body of work. They lost to NE & Seattle with Fitzpatrick and are playing better on both sides of the ball. I agree with your last point and thats why we are leading the division and not arbitrary rankings meant to get people riled up.
  15. They beat the Cards, we lost to them. They beat the Rams by 2 scores, we needed a PI after blowing a 28 point lead. They shutout the Jets, we couldnt score a TD and it was a one score game. Josh Allen & our WRs are better than Miami’s but thats about it.
  16. The fish are playing much better football than us right now.
  17. Shanks are going to happen. My problem with him is he never pins it back to inside the 10, always a touchback
  18. And then the sky opened up and dumped on us as we all walked by to our cars disappointed and confused. It was before smart phones so no one had any idea about Everett or how we lost the game
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