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  1. Say what you want about his as a football player, but he is actually doing things to better his community and educate intercity youth. I hated him as a football player, but he has proven to be a good man.
  2. Big group from San Diego is going to Dallas
  3. I’m guessing you haven’t had the “pleasure” of meeting in him or trying to help with his “charities”
  4. To actually sell it out. They’re aren’t going to sell out a larger arena and they know it. So instead of playing their championship game in a stadium 1/5 full, they get to played in a sold out venue
  5. The Colts won a playoff game last year and have an established franchise QB. It’s been almost 25 years since we had that feeling. Free Agency wasn’t even a thing. Does anyone know how much they are able to roll over? They had the rookie of the year on offense & defense, those guys will get paid eventually.
  6. What a completely worthless thing to look into. This is why “I LEAVE NY”
  7. So ***** stupid. I thought last FA was a bust, This isn't a good start
  8. Beane is gonna make him the highest paid WR on our team. There’s no way he doesn’t come to Buffalo
  9. The franchise just left a large market in Houston and moved to a much smaller Nashville market. The team wasn’t the immediate hit that everyone had hoped for, so games were called in their favor all year to help establish a fan base. Jeff Fisher got the reputation of being a good coach and the Bills got screwed. You can’t say there isn’t a history of the NFL influencing games to help their narrative
  10. No the d fell off a cliff after he was traded
  11. It's not even a question. Marcel is an elite talent, Star is a space eater. It wasn't Dareus fault, McDermott didn't use him properly. The Jags D became elite and got to the AFC Championship Game with Marcel anchoring the D-Line
  12. The Bills have a lease with Eric County. Erie County are the Bills landlord. If you had a landlord that didn't take care of the property you leased from them, you wouldn't be happy. The Bills bringing you millions in revenue, keeping them happy is in everyone's best interest. You don’t want a situation like San Diego where in the stadium was neglected to point of where it became a complete ******
  13. His wife died, he's too old to date & he has a ton of money. Who hasn't been to a rub & tug?
  14. This regime loves over paying for 2nd/3rd string older RBs on the downside of their career, not guys on the cheap with upside. No chance of him coming here
  15. Tasker is so much better than Donald “well I’m from New Jersey” Jones. It’s a night and day upgrade. That being said Tasker isn’t great and Murphy is really bad. Big fan of when Sal is on the show, he’s the best guy at WGR
  16. He was at a Sabre game not too long ago. It’s the off-season after his rookie year, he made it out alive and showed he’s got potential in the league. Glad to see him enjoying life and giving the Bills some positive press
  17. Considering the price tag for someone that saw less then 50% of the snaps and only appeared on the stat sheet once with a single TFL. His salary combined with the dead money from Dareus proved to be not the greatest of deals. You can find space eaters for cheaper than his salary. also, saying our defense was ranked 2nd proves stats are for losers. They were so bad in the beginning of the year, teams could run 0 offense and still win comfortably. If you watched most of their games they weren’t even the 2nd best defense on the field most games
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