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  1. I dont try to be cute so I would have titled it: What do you guys think of Spencer Brown?
  2. 1. 'Sweetness' Walter Payton 2. P Manning 3. Favre until he turned into a jacka$$
  3. Ooh that's a tough one. I would go Nate Odoms for 37
  4. This is the way. You pay QB, EDGE big; core players top 10 which turns into top 50 by the end of the contract and RB & WR are rookie deals rinse/repeat contracts
  5. I agree here. Hopefully our RBs break off a few 20+ yard TDs this year so we avoid these red zone grind it out drives. I'm in a agreement on long yardage TDs to receivers as well-either air yards or YAC. It felt like those were missing last year with Diggs and Gabe out of sync.
  6. pass rush and S if Hyde doesn't come back in late August- which I think is the plan. A healthy Von means 15-20 extra sacks ( 10 for Von and the rest when Von drives the QB into someone else's arms.) without that we are a bottom third of the league in sacks and pressures
  7. If our coach had some stones we would have 1-2 super bowls. The talent has been there. The lightning in a bottle has been there. The head coach choked it away. I give Beane an A-. Fantastic job but some head scratching overpays.
  8. Don't put that thought in mcclappy's head
  9. Cookie, Joe Cribbs, Kenny Davis,etc. Etc. Let me know when he stops dropping lob touchdowns before we think about asking this question again. He is fine but at this point I don't see him getting a big money second contract. Part of that is the value of the position but part is him as well If he proves it this year and ahows out great.
  10. I think the fins take a step back as mua is found out and Rodgers is washed up. The Jets are media and ratings darlings but not a threat to take the division.
  11. 💯 talk to someone from the city for ten minutes and you would get that info. Roger Dodger doubles down and chooses 2 green teams so no one could be targeted-genius level planning and execution right there. In reality and all kidding aside I doubt if people would target NFL fans the week leading up to a game based on jersey color- easy targets and sticking out like sore thumbs maybe but not jersey color. If there was a soccer exhibition in Chicago I doubt if people would target Fiorentina fans because their jerseys are the same color as the Vikings.
  12. Plus he was focused more on football and not Friday dance party once Lil dirty left.
  13. You mean holder since we don't plan on punting more than once a game this year. Whoever is the best holder will win the job. Remember we had old, injured and slow poyer and hyde last year- not all pro po and all world Hyde from 3 years ago. I don't expect the safety play to drop off and could be a slight improvement as long as Rapp stops taking out our own players and stops getting late hit calls. Dude has to reel it back a smidge.
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