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  1. AJ/Boogie combo Fins will go all out to stop 40 and 50 leaving these 2 to eat Lil dirty on offense doing his best tyreeeek hill impersonation
  2. agreed, time to believe in 2 players that have been in the system 3+ years each and would probably be starting safeties if it wasn't 21 and 23 in front of them. this isn't the old Bills where half our starters wouldn't make the roster on most good teams.
  3. thank you! I will be in Galway, Ireland for the game. been emailing the Bartender at McGettigan's -he said he will have the Sky sport game on but he didn't know what game it would be. half block from our hotel-first night with 20 of my wife's relatives -all from buffalo on a week long bus tour- they won't know what hit em
  4. and if josh could have floated it a little higher TDJ would have walked it in- nothing but green in front of him
  5. my audio was a second ahead of the video for large chunks of the game. Switched to other Prime shows-no issues- back to the game- audio is still a second ahead. logged in and out same issue- tv on and off same issue
  6. If we do do it this year, this off-season will be a reset opportunity as it is so hard to repeat and there will be so much good will. It is the perfect time to get a bit younger, reset the cap and retool
  7. In the moment that is a tough decision especially because he is most likely not thinking but reacting Beat me to it. Same thought
  8. they really need to run this stuff by me before they hit send on the purchase order
  9. there has to be a 5 missing in front of that 9
  10. Jerruh can't fire Jerruh so he hires weak coaches he can eff with and then scapegoat
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