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  1. agreed, now maybe the coaches know things we don't like the team was emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted before the cinci game but why not go down fighting by playing tight man on 3rd and 4 instead of giving up in a soft zone all game. it just doesn't make sense still by playing soft zone all day we essentially surrendered. Cinci knew it and by 14"s reaction at the end of the game the team knew it as well- the coaches surrendered. this can't happen again
  2. nice job talking me off the ledge. I'm now half way back into the apartment window still a bit worried about our playoff defensive philosophy and the roster vs. cap
  3. this! maybe keep 1 teams vet to lead the room but everything else is spot on
  4. agreed, i'm screaming that KC is doing everything that i screamed we should have been doing last week. We are doomed with the McDermott/Frazier defensive philosophy/the money we spent oin the D and the non existent offensive philosophy/the lack of talent acroos the board on O and no money to improve. how can we be so far over the cap and have needs everywhere. who are all these sh!tty players sucking up cap? (rhetorical question, i know i can google it and name our center, middle linebacker, half the D line, half the o line and all our special team specialists who don't matter when push comes to shove but all make $5MM plus )
  5. the suck game the WTF Frazier game the prevent winning defense game the they were tired game the total collapse game beat in all 3 phases game the blow it up game off the top of my head
  6. most times i see him blitz he gets stood up by the 160 lb running back just posted the same thing!
  7. can't disagree here- i am especially done with Edmunds- rarely makes the right choice in coverage -i believe it was the first TD drive yesterday where he left the WR alone(looked to be his man as no one else was interested in covering him) to double team someone sitting in the short zone- it was downhill from there. not worth $18M+just to fail in the playoffs
  8. no one is hiring him- he is less wanted than Eric Bienamy
  9. the defense is kind of average right now as it is
  10. just more motivation for Josh to prove them wrong. i think he comes out as playoff Josh from last year-focused, taking what they are giving, driven The Terminator
  11. the fumbles too-he's actually not that far off from everyone else in interceptions
  12. i hear you: Tremaine is a resign even though he has flaws Poyer is great but old- maybe a one year extension but if we win it all i can see the Bills doing a quick rebuild and shedding salary to right size the cap for future runs Oliver is a tough one as he's good, almost very good but you can't keep everyone- again if we win it all he may move on to get cap space back
  13. agreed, it's like Arizona backing themselves into a corner. Baltimore could get by with Carr, Jimmy G (even though he never seems to be available either) for a year or 2: probably win more in a 'standard' offense or tank one year and draft a QB high and start over. hire slow-fire fast: but no one wants to look bad saying they chose the wrong guy so they double down on a stroonz
  14. I'm a broom guy myself then finish with the squeegee
  15. Sicilian and Italian- i don't like it either but it has caught on so welp. I also hate that Dominick the Donkey song When I was growing up we were Bills fans and it worked just fine. Now get out of my yard. it's time to hose down the driveway.
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