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  1. Or engaging the blocker instead of tackling the ball carrier right next to the blocker because his assignment was to engage
  2. o.k. lighten up Francis- not saying that is his shirt-just saying if you have the money to blow you can wear a $790 t shirt. amazed at how fired up people are getting about this
  3. I wouldnt wear it either- just saying that if you have the money you can overpay for things if you like.
  4. https://www.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/zegna-short-sleeve-knit-tee?ID=4604239&CategoryID=11536 I can cherry pick too
  5. die hard Bills/Sabres/Syracuse fan since I was a kid-hate all Boston teams in those sports MLB-Cubs are #1 but not die hard (couldn't name the starting lineup or rotation right now), also follow the Blue Jays/Brewers/Yankees for different family/location reasons- hate the red sox NBA- jump from team to team-not die hard for anyone-can't name more than 3-5 players on any one team at a time -actually liked the Celtics when Bird was there-now not so much will never drink Sam Adams beer because it is from Boston Premier League/Bundesliga/the rest of UEFA soccer- follow players more than teams for the most part-not die hard for anyone but sometimes follow the champs, sometimes follow the lovable losers Serie A-Lazio was my Dad's team-so it is my team-die hard since Domenica Sportiva came in on Sunday mornings from Toronto My point is if you pick your team between 8-12 years of age you can't change it-you are a lifer anything after that and the older your get it is difficult to become a die hard fan
  6. Kincaid is not getting TE1 snaps over Knox. I'm lmao at this. Lay off the Davis has to go threads- come back player of the year this season
  7. whoever would be the 3rd receiver, Davis mostly/Kincaid sprinkled in, would feast
  8. I'll take josh without a torn ulnar nerve and other undisclosed elbow injuries over both of them. last year Josh no
  9. agreed, he is somewhere between 5-10. he would be higher if he fired frazier 3 years ago
  10. I thought it was Genesee and Bissell? did the welcome parties on the corners move?
  11. can't argue with the record or comments. i have them 13-4/14-3. not being the TV favourites this year will help them - not as much pressure
  12. with all these average players why are we over the cap? rhetorical question- not a dig at original poster as i agree with the assessment
  13. josh always looks for the homerun so when he has time he thinks he can wait for the long ball to open until it is too late. i still feel his elbow injury caused him to lose his touch/gave him pain on those short RB/TE passes but he was still able to chuck it. the first few weeks of the season he was taking those short throws then he didn't after the injury.
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