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  1. Come on!! He’s here to win games not sell Girl Scout cookies. You want a coach that cares about wins and has conviction. Not worried about people’s feelings. Look at some of the best coaches in the league. Their A-holes.
  2. Let’s put this patriots bullsh$&t away for good. Bills are the beasts of the east. !!!!!!!
  3. Good news - we have a franchise QB Bad news- the Qb has no help from OL, RB, TE, Coaching and GM.
  4. I for one have always been someone that felt like we need to relax after loss. But I do have a feeling, with seven games left, that the bills have put themselves in a bad spot. They are on the verge of possibly not even making the playoffs because of their AFC record. I understand that they had key players out yesterday and the Defense would have a uphill battle against a really good running back. But Super Bowl caliber teams overcome that. The bills got their doors blown off at home. I’m not sure what this team really is at this point.
  5. No they haven’t but teams get figured out and the bills offense has gotten figured out. So it’s their turn to mix things up. That’s what championship teams do. This is not supposed to be a cake walk. Every team is going to play their tails off because the bills are the hunted now.
  6. Lol, you guys are ridiculous. It’s one game.
  7. Brick oven pizzeria & pub in grand island
  8. The frustrating part is that is wasn’t even a game. The game was over by halftime. They were out coached.
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