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  1. You know what is hysterical about that thread? the last post in the “are the Bills overhyped?” Is 9/4 lmao (there were two recent mundane posts)- but the point remains, that rhetorical question “are the Bills overhyped” was answered on 9/4. Chiefs fans capitulated- now the logical question is- “are the Bills under hyped?”
  2. I’ve won chili competitions. Pro tip- roast dried anchos, torn into pieces, careful not to burn, then use coffee grinder to make your own chili powder. I sometimes add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to chili while it’s simmering. It’s sublime, you can’t tast peanut butter at all. The chili takes on an earthy flavor. Next time you make chili, put some aside and try blending in some PB, and see what it brings to chili. PB is a great thickener to sauces, soups and stews. It’s an alternative to cornstarch or arrowroot, in many dishes I like cocoa to chili to sometimes. I’m a big cinnamon fan, but not in my chili. I prefer Texas style(my interpretation of Texas, not a true Texas chili), with big chunks of steak, along with ground beef and beans(usually kidney or black beans) and I always use dried beans, and I use that stock for chili(stock doctored up with chicken or beef stock, Demi glacé is I have any, and/oe an umami bomb)
  3. thats exactly where Im at. I have another one for you. Peanut butter on a burger. Its a New Orleans thing, and strangely delicious. I love oddball food combinations that work! Peanut butter is a great secret ingredient in a lot of dishes- chili for example. And mayo is a mother sauce. Supremely versatile croque madame is one of the greatest sandwiches in the world!
  4. We are starting two rookies at CB, and have two ballers at S starting today, and will cover the blur brothers. Im referring to Johnson and Hamlin. Rave reviews from coaches the past two years about those two
  5. I read it as Tra and Dane out, which is incredible. Tra, Dane, Micah, and Jordan (and Taron) is best secondary in NFL. We are starting two rookies at CB, and have two ballers at S starting today, and will cover the blur brothers. That is a remarkable testament of the job Beane has done, and the incredible depth on this Bills team
  6. either would be overkill IMO. Our roster is almost perfect. If we add a player, I want a short yardage beast RB. Less miles on Josh, and pretty much our only need IMO (basically we need the player Moss is supposed to be)
  7. hola la mujer, yo soy muy excellente, y tu? Viva las Bills! Vamos Buffalo!
  8. The worst fate for a team hoping to improve is to go 8-8 every year. Drafting mid first its almost impossible to find a franchise QB.. Thats how the Bills avoided playoffs for 20 years. With that I say, here is to decades of 8-8 seasons to our AFC east rivals! LFG BUFFALO!
  9. that was a beautiful stick! Meet Matt-rookie! You aren't in Liberty anymore
  10. Who the hell is ross Murdock and why do you response to their nonsense?
  11. very impressive. When you look at last weeks results, all games were close, except the Bills and Chefs game. Parity is real, and Bills have been playing superior ball to rest of league
  12. Boston sports radio was actually talking about how lopsided Bills winning the super bowl action is. They said Vegas is begging public to bet against to Buffalo, and that isn’t happening
  13. I thought Ramsey came in hot after getting toasted, and possibly was going for head shot. Diggs immediately gestured towards his head. I figured either Diggs was saying “that was cheap shot going after my head, Toast” or he was saying “use your head dummy. I just outsmarted you”
  14. $10,609 for taunting and $5,361 for horse collar tackle Horse collar tackles and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me, but the words you pay double more you see
  15. Same here. And I got the Boston channels too. Creature double feature was great. And The Movie Loft was my introduction to jazz with Take Five theme song I’d flip between yanks, Mets, and red sox
  16. I was driving through Attleboro Mass last week and spotted a Bills flag on a house. I pulled over, and gave a high 5 to the Bills Mafia lady. I had some Bills gear on too, even though I was working
  17. my work truck is is in shop, and ive been driving a toyota truck - relic with 320,000 miles, no power locks or windows, and Im stuck with radio. Most radio is so awful IMO, nonstop commercials. So I listen to Boston sports radio 103.7 and 98.5 several hours every day. They have been very tough on Belichick. preseason one idiot picked the Pats making playoffs with 11-5 record. All 3 hosts picked Bills to lose in AFC championship game. After week 1-One host was talking about how scary Buffalo is. And he thinks they might go 17-0. total 180 lol. The other two idiots were saying no way does Buffalo go 17-0. They were trying to talk up Pats to Ty Law. Ty said "are we watching the same Patriots? They have a lot of problems!" lol
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