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  1. we can't convert a 3rd down and we can't stop then on 3rd down. It is like 2014 all over again
  2. im referring to the last 10 quarters sunshine, not reacting to one play
  3. its a damn good football team playing horrible football. Bills beat themselves
  4. 1-no Bills turnovers! 2-Hines and Cook playing more, and being put in position to suceed 3-its the Browns. We don't need hero Josh today. Be patient, and take what the defense gives you. You will get your chances to take the top of defense a few times later in game. Set them up 4-a special teams TD 5-7+ sacks 6-stop Chubb!
  5. I read this comment on youtube and thought it was spot on- Slivress Sliver 1 day ago The absolute silence that one experiences sometimes while standing outside surrounded by such a snow storm, is a surreal wonder. Magical.
  6. https://youtu.be/6XJNNLuwNMw
  7. I saw a great Detroit documentary hosted by the guy from MC5. He’s driving down a 10 lane highway through Detroit, huge abandoned buildings everywhere - he’s the only car on the huge highway, in the middle of the day, and he’s talking. ”Rome has ruins, Athens has ruins. Detroits are bigger”. Lol
  8. https://www.tankathon.com/nhl
  9. lol. Lets see players live in Orchard Park close to the stadium. But because there is 6" of snow, lets make them drive to airport in dangerous conditions, and go to airport, which is buried in snow, and then fly halfway across the country. That doesn't make sense to me
  10. sure, and they have to get up to speed to play world class athletes. It's a little different walking without a limp after tearing your ACL. Its another to have to match up against Jefferson, Chase, Tyreek. Right now Benford, Elam, etc have been getting lots of experience. That will benefit the Bills this season and next. Put Tre out before he is ready- let him get burned time and time again by world class athletes in peak shape(ie not rehabbing from major knee injury)- that would destroy his confidence and swag. I want a healthy Tre helping us win a Superbowl. Not to rush him back before he is ready. That is myopic
  11. thank you for an articulate post. It sure is refreshing than the armchair orthopedists that say Tre should be playing, hes counting his $ and other super informative, well stated posts lol. God forbid those "medical experts' get a major knee injury, and learn the truth about how long it takes to rehab an ACL tear, and how grueling the rehab is
  12. looking up to Fins and Jets in standings🤮
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