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  1. I have this Thurman 34 jersey Ive worn since 90's. That jersey lost 4 superbowls, music city miracle, and 13 seconds. It is a beautiful, well worn jersey- but bad luck. This year I have Milano and Poyer jerseys. maybe I should stop buying jerseys
  2. back to my comment. After Josh hurdles KC defender he had a giant welt on his ass. Then my theory is Josh was concussed on his "I love that *****!" run. Josh has not been himself ever since. So yes I am agreement Josh injured is NEVER good. But I think teams have been taking big shots at Josh all season. Josh will tough out the whole season if its his choice, no matter how injured IMO I think a game or two rest might be great for Josh. It's a long season. We need Josh healthy as can be in January and February!
  3. Josh plays so F-ing hard that resting his injuries when he is hurt makes a lot of SENSE
  4. That which does not destroy the Bills makes them stronger
  5. I guess you didn’t watch our playoff game against the Pats
  6. The Bills losses the past couple years- there have been many horrible calls against the Bills that cost them the game. I hate seeing bad calls on any team, but it seems to happen to the Bills more than any other team
  7. that was clear to see in live time IMO. Edwards clearly had the ball, and play should of been whistled dead, Bills ball. FU NFL Clown Refs!
  8. Two of biggest Bills plays overturned by bull#### calls. Refs ultimately gave that game to the Jets
  9. I'm not saying Keenum is going to win the game for us. I am saying the Bills have mucho talent, and they can win games without Josh. Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl
  10. I am relieved. Elbows are tricky injuries. This might be best case scerio. Slightly torn UCL is manageable and treatable. If Josh needs to rest a game or two, thats alright. It's long season. That's our QB. We need him healthy for the playoffs
  11. Roos and Miller show up. What happened to DaQuan and crew? Ive seen Settle- where is everyone else on DL. Someone else step up and help this team
  12. 6-2 is fantastic. Especially with the tough schedule, injuries, and most games on road. 6-2 backoff sounds great- give me that. that's just your opinion, man You may be Mr my glass is half empty guy, but you are not Nostradamus
  13. did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game? did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game? did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game? did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game? did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game?did you happen to catch the Bills-KC game?
  14. Josh got tagged hard by GB S last week- the hit where Josh says "I love that *****". My theory is Josh got his bell rung, possible concussion. Josh has not been the same player since 2nd half GB game. Something is off
  15. I think secondary has been playing admirably, especially how banged up they are. D keeps giving up 3rd and 4th down 1st downs
  16. Edmunds established possession, then TE reached. against Pitt, Gabe had possession, then Minkah grabbed it. If Gabe didn't rip it, he still would of caught it, because he had possession first
  17. it was obvious. Jets got awarded 4th down, and Bills got jobbed another time. Bad, game changing calls happen all the time, to all teams. Today Bills got burned on 3 bad calls
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