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  1. have a crisp two minute drive, score and take the lead, and momentum, into halftime.
  2. im no offensive cooridinator but can we throw a screen to Hines? It seems a no brainer
  3. For the love of God, can someone make a friggin play for Buffalo?!
  4. Hines and Poyer are only a few who seemed to show up today so far
  5. we can't convert a 3rd down and we can't stop then on 3rd down. It is like 2014 all over again
  6. im referring to the last 10 quarters sunshine, not reacting to one play
  7. its a damn good football team playing horrible football. Bills beat themselves
  8. 1-no Bills turnovers! 2-Hines and Cook playing more, and being put in position to suceed 3-its the Browns. We don't need hero Josh today. Be patient, and take what the defense gives you. You will get your chances to take the top of defense a few times later in game. Set them up 4-a special teams TD 5-7+ sacks 6-stop Chubb!
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