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  1. 4 thats funny. Usually only 1 WR shows up on Sunday
  2. The Jets play in Giants stadium LMAO I always give it to Jets fans when they talk trash. At least Buffalo has it's own stadium. Jets play at Giants stadium......in New Jersey........in a *****, substandard stadium. Biggest city in the country, and worst stadium in the country!
  3. Excellent video breaking down Josh's interceptions and other throws. It makes me feel a lot better about Josh. Gabe broke off his route, and caused one misfire for a TD. And the Peterson interception was totally on Isiah. He got pushed out of bounds, and quit on play. Isiah should of grabbed Peterson and pulled him out with him. Instead Vikes were playing 11 against 10 because lil dirty quit on play
  4. Tre knows Tre's knee better than anyone else. Tre will play when hes ready I had knee injury at work years ago. Some hack doctor said my knee was fine, Id be back at work in a couple weeks. I got second opinion-I had a grade 3 MCL tear. If I listened to that first doctor I would of returned to work with a ***** up knee. Instead I knew that no matter what the Dr told me, my knee was ***** up.
  5. Dude have you ever rehabbed from a major knee injury? It doesn't seem like you have any idea of what it is like to recover. Tre not only has to recover, but he has to strengthen it to a world class athlete. The last thing Tre needs is to be rushed back before he is up to game speed. Healthy players get a training camp and preseason to get up to speed. Tre will play when he can. It's a long season grasshopper. Ill take a healthy Tre in Dec and Jan, as opposed to rushing Tre back against the Browns
  6. I shuffle 60,000 songs often. That XFiles clip comes up in shuffle sometimes. deep throat said they would see the Bills would never win the Super Bowl. And he says Olympics were fixed when. USA beat the soviets in hockey
  7. horrible throw and a worse decision. He should of dumped it to wide open Singletary who had a great shot of scoring
  8. Josh was working out of shotgun all game. The ball was on the two feet line. Not a great time to attempt a direct hike. Shotgun snap Josh has full view of formation. Dial up a smart, safe, clever play
  9. Its my desktop photo- it was Minkah. Cam went up and got it though
  10. The past 3 games, one team made great halftime adjustments, and not the Bills. 6 points combined the last 2 second halfs. Cmon man!
  11. you knock down Hail Mary's at the end of the game to preserve the win. You make a play on a ball during a game. I doubt Steelers pans were piling on MInkah when Gabe made a helluva play. Cam Lewis, off the practice squad, our 3rd or 4th string S, makes a great play on the ball, Minkah Fitzpatrick like, against one of the best WR in the NFL, almost makes the pick(I thought he did in live time). Jeffferson made an amazing catch. Coverage was great. And there wasn't even a chance to knock it down. But go ahead and blame this loss on Cam Lewis
  12. What an insightful post. Worthy of starting a thread to discuss such deep logic and articulation
  13. your hypothesis? This has been discussed a few times
  14. Pete

    I'm done.

    lol you thin skinned, fake ass Bills fan. 34- you dont know what its like to lose 4 superbowls. Or go 0 for the 70s against the Dolphins. Thats one thing I hated about hype train. Because before Josh, if you met a Bills fan, they were true blue Bills Mafia
  15. They already won the game once for us. and our D hasac significant injuries, unlike bour healthy O
  16. Vikes onlyhave one TO left. Get 3 or 4 first downs- game over. Can you do that Josh? ice this game!
  17. Edwards is playing great. Hes affecting passing lanes deep down the field with his length. Cousins is obviously bothered by Edmunds
  18. you obviously know nothing about football. Duly noted
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