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  1. In 1979, my family moved from West Seneca to New England. Every year since, my Father makes sure we get to watch several games every year together. Back then- you rarely saw your team in another market. My father would drive to nearest bar showing the Bills, snd take me there, so we could watch together. I was 10. Every year since then, we go to multiple Bills games. Since 1979, I have seen most Bills games at Jets. Giants, and Pats, thanks to my Father for making that happen. We have done many pilgrimages to Buffalo together. My father is now 77. We still go to Bills games every year. My father, brother, and I are even tighter, thanks to our love for Buffalo.
  2. After minicamp - Hamler ^ arrow up Shorter arrow down Isabella and Shavers made plays
  3. JOE CRIBBS! OJ and Thurman are easy. Cookie and Shady. honorable mention Marshawn, Fred, and if you needed a TD- Riddick. nope Cook has yet to 5 IMO PS- catch the football James!
  4. Last season later in year, you saw Bass lost confidence just by looking at body posture and facial expressions. Bass has the Yips. I’m not aware of any success stories once a player suffered from Yips in any sport
  5. Aiuk and Deebo and Kittle - San Fran is loaded with premier player
  6. That Oilers team was amazing. I saw them live, beating the Hartford Whalers 11-0
  7. Birthright. It’s in my genes, I have Bills DNA
  8. shoulda, coulda, woulda. Von is on the team, deal with it. Von was pretty good for the Bills until his injury. Every team could use another pass rusher. Von will be much better this year IMO
  9. My brother was born in Buffalo, but we moved to New England shortly after. He had never been to a Bills game. 3 years ago, He, me, and my Father had incredible Buffalo weekend- Schwabls, Cajun honey wings, mighty taco….and the Bills game! Once we got to tailgate, my brother was happy as can be. He wore his jersey proudly, but could have used another layer- it was cold. My brother didn’t care, he had perma grin. He was so happy to be hanging with Bills Mafia! so seeing my 40 year old brother at his first Bills game, with his brother and father, and the pure joy it brought him, I will always remember
  10. I read McDonalds French fries has 18 ingredients. Hell McDonalds salt has 3 ingredients. Fast food restaurants are garbage IMO and don’t serve food- they serve some ultra processed slop
  11. Surely it would. But Patriots didnt need star WRs. They did it with TEs. We have two great ones. KC just won Superbowl with a bunch of nobodies. IMO Bills are good enough to win Superbowl now. We have added YAC and players with high catch percentages. Aiyuk would be great. Bills have enough IMO, and next season is a talanted WR class once again. Bills are loaded with draft picks next season would be better to land our stud X WR, and not have cap ramifications
  12. I’ve been seeing this more and more- merging onto a highway, the car in front of me brakes entering the highway, for no reason. It’s puzzling to me
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