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  1. Try Monster Magnet and The Feelies- the two best things out of NJ that I can think of. and no, I love everything about Buffalo.
  2. Time and time again, when it counts, the Bills pass rush is non existent. Injuries are part of the game. No excuses. Like I stated- Bills are loaded on offense. The only glaring hole IMO is pass rush, which is ok during regular season, but disappears playoff time. Fix that Beane
  3. How many do the Eagles have? to beat KC or Cincy you have to have a great pass rush
  4. I love what Beane has done to improve OL, TE, WR, RB, DT this past offseason. Bills O is stacked. We have one glaring need, which I’m sure Beane is working on. Pass Rush. Bills need one more proven pass rusher IMO
  5. What are your insightful thoughts on Poona Ford’s body type? You do understand that athletes come in all shapes and sizes?
  6. Yes, Dion should be looking like this. Should you be making posts like this? Dion trains hard, is a solid LT, great teammate, awesome in Buffalo community. Have you ever met some NFL offensive lineman? They aren’t svelte. And low center of gravity moves piles
  7. Better than Bob Chandler? Lil Dirty probably dropped more balls per game then Bob dropped in his career Do you feel Espeneza is better than Bruce? Matakevich better than 89?
  8. The whole DL not named Von. No DL signed past next season. May the best men win the extensions. Daquan and Roos will get extended and 5th year option imo
  9. Miami may have the Orange Bowl- but Buffalo has the Juice
  10. Pepes? Robert Henry’s? What New Haven restaurant?
  11. An astounding fact I’ve read and heard many times- Jim Brown was never tackled for a loss.
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