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  1. I think announcing before the midterms is a pretty big mistake. The right should already be energized since they’re the party out of power and the midterm electorate already favors them since it’s older, and whiter. All it does is wake up dems and young voters. I don’t think it’s smart at all but then you realize that he doesn’t actually care if other republicans win. He raises more money when they’re the minority party. Why would he actually care? This is the guy who purposely sabotaged 2 Georgia senate seats and gave the senate to the dems to begin with. I will stick with my original scenario after the last election. Trump is forced(by Joe and the DOJ) to announce a run because it shields him against prosecution. It’s really been his only play all along.
  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/donald-trump-ron-desantis-florida-1366990/ He’s not going to stop until there’s no party left.
  3. I would like to see Newsom vs. Fathead DeSantis but idiot Trump is still in the picture and Biden’s decision to run again hinges on Trump running again. It’s an interesting game of chicken we have here. We’ll probably find out late summer I’m guessing.
  4. Thats in Florida. We’re talking about Ronald on a national level in a presidential race. Then there’s the whole “get Trump out of the way” so he can have a nice clean run. Tough sledding ahead for mini-Trump. There is one thing working in his favor. Most, if not all, of his weird laws have been overturned by the courts so they aren’t actually on the books, therefore don’t exist. That could help him when he’s put under the microscope. What law? There is no law. I didn’t actually do those crazy things, I just wanted to. Running over black protesters? What do you mean?
  5. Most Americans outside of Florida still have no idea who Ron is so his official introduction to voters will be crucial. He will obviously have a really hard time running back to center after all of these weird laws he’s passed in Florida. He’s not very attractive to undecided voters with policy…. and did I mention how fat and goofy he is?
  6. He’s going to win pretty easily. He’s viewed as a heartthrob to women voters. DeSantis might be 400 pounds by Election Day. He’s a real mess. Have you seen the size of his head lately? That is one goofy looking dude.
  7. Newsom is a centrist. I told the board 2 years ago it would be Newsom. He’s next up. He will have by far the most money to spend.
  8. Even if they had a new platform they don’t have good enough candidates to articulate that message since Trump chose the craziest people he could find that seem loyal.
  9. The wheels are coming off of the GOP. It will be the Trumpy candidates that prevent them from taking either chamber. Most of them are going to lose.
  10. The war started on 1/6. There’s been a realignment occurring ever since and if you’re smart you’d leave whatever failing red state you reside in before you get caught up in it. I hear more and more people saying we should cut off these states entirely and would like to see some extreme punishment and suffering for their insufferable behavior and cult membership.
  11. Yes. I expect to stumble pretty badly early on and get rolling around week 10. I think back to the year where Big Ben switched to the short passing game and how long it took to get going.
  12. The school system’s hands are tied and they really can’t bring any attention to these crazy kids when they see red flags. Doctors, social workers, have infiltrated the schools and made a huge mess of everything.
  13. Ya, it’s been going on for some time now. There’s another one that’s slightly more tame called “The Great Reset” that gets kicked around by your far-right finance types. Klaus Schwaub, etc.
  14. They confirmed the shooter is a known white supremacist and drove into town from Broome county targeting this grocery store knowing it was in a predominately Black area of town.
  15. I think back to how I felt before the last midterms and how surprised I was when people actually showed up to vote. My gut tells me that social media, millennials reaching “reliable voter” age, etc. has permanently changed the midterm electorate in Dems favor, and media, strategists are still viewing things through a 2010 lens.
  16. I don’t have faith that democrats will do any of those things. I do think we’ll narrowly hold the senate and it very well may be Fetterman who saves our majority, which means we’ll be dealing with even more moderates moving forward. Florida is gone. We have no shot there. As a party, I don’t want to see a lot of money wasted there. I’d rather see it used in Georgia and NC. I would like to believe that Mark Kelly in Arizona will survive but I’ve still been hibernating and haven’t really looked closely at any of these races yet. Everyone is awake now! GFY Red States! Red states, go fund yourself!
  17. It’s good if you’re a democrat. You normally want to face off against the most extreme, unelectable candidate and in most cases that’s what they got.
  18. I like to win elections so I hope they overturn it quickly.
  19. BREAKING: Democrat Carol Glanville in major upset flips the 74th House District in special election and defeats Republican Robert Regan. Trump took this district by 17 points.
  20. She’s a great American and she’s cute too!
  21. It’s pretty cool when you can see the political landscape changing in real time. Try to picture what things will look like on Election Day. It won’t look anything like it did 2 months ago.
  22. In real-time I felt we were 1 speedy weapon short, and then the obvious defensive flaws that most of us new would be eventually exposed when it mattered. Speed, defensive coaching and scheme.
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