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  1. We’re watching the end of the McD era. Embrace what the future holds.
  2. I have no reason to believe that McBeane is truly safe just like I had no reason that believe we would keep Edmunds.
  3. Extensions are pretty meaningless 4 weeks from now. Plenty of coaches have been fired after extensions. He could fire them tomorrow if he likes. A few million is nothing to Terry.
  4. Yup. He’s toast. Every week that we wait to fire him is a wasted week. We know how this ends.
  5. The pressure from fans will be too strong. McD lost this locker room. 3 or 4 more early losses should do it. Time to pull off that band aid. The team would respond positively and we could salvage the season.
  6. Nope. The team just isn’t talented enough. We’re a few weeks away from a total house cleaning. Week 7 or 8.
  7. I’m totally sober and predicted 6 wins and it looks very favorable right now. McD lost this team half way through last season.
  8. We’re probably looking at 2-6 so he should be fired when that happens. Beane has to go also.
  9. This is a 6 win team either way you slice it. McBeane can’t be gone soon enough.
  10. Years later and Josh is still picking up botched snaps and running into the line and fumbling. Just awful.
  11. Challenge it by breaking into county election systems? Lol
  12. It’s pretty obvious to voters that Donald will be on house arrest for the rest of his life so I expect his support to tank in a few months.
  13. I thought that DeSantis hit his ceiling in the middle but he’s very hard to take seriously. His style doesn’t play well on the national stage. In a sane party, Haley really helped herself last night, but you know….. She really clobbered that carnival barker guy.
  14. Listen to that crowd. It’s a very sick party.
  15. Florida was a pill mill long before Obama ever came to office. At least 10 years.
  16. Ok, who had George Soros on their bingo card?
  17. This party is stuck in 2000. They haven’t moved forward on any issue since.
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