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  1. 100% this. The NFL is in full CYA mode because it was a BS call and they know it. Of course they missed the head shot Josh took on the same play which would have offset it at a minimum.
  2. Fuller is out, Hopkins will be doubled regularly or at least Trey will have deep help so he can be aggressive. The D plan should be stop the run, double Hopkins and contain Watson to the pocket. That means a LOT of Zone with 4 man rush and occasional A gap blitzes, basically our standard package which should work. If their running game gets going we will need to switch it up as the RPO and play-action game will get our LBs to bite. On O, we should be able to run enough. Texans can't defend the middle so I'd hope to see a lot of Beasley/Knox over the middle. The only reason I think Duke might be active is because he's a big target in the short and mid range which Daboll might want to use to exploit their poor middle D. I'm not worried about Watt. If he's in there I'd show pass and do draw plays right at him to exploit his overeagerness to get to the QB
  3. We are further along than we should be, but not where we want to be, which is both exciting and frustrating at the same time. We really have to keep the big picture in mind which is we are at least one and probably two seasons from super bowl contention if things continue to progress. On D, we were out coached by McDaniels, outmuscled on the line, and the poor tackling didn't help. I sure hope that was a vanilla D by design because I was not impressed. On O, everyone knows what we are. Josh needs more polish and needs to get rid of the early game yips. I was discouraged by his poor mechanics which is why he missed some easy throws. I was encouraged by his leadership, his ability to move on from poor plays, his ball protection, and he hit two deep throws with touch! We were outmuscled on the line again, and they keyed in Singletary and took him away. No moral victories, I friggin hate that team with a passion and their fans too. Simply put, they are still the better team and we aren't there yet.
  4. Daboll isn't going anywhere unless he gets a head coaching position. I'm not thrilled with him either but in no way is he on the hot seat with the way Josh has progressed. There is zero chance McBean brings in another coordinator
  5. I see the next two games as like a playoff pre-season. We definitely need to play-to-win since the Division is still in play (barely) and to get the New England monkey off our back. That doesn't mean trick plays to me, but I'd work on formations and tendency breakers that target NE weakness against stopping the run. Throw in some heavy packages, unusual formations (Gore and Singletary on the field at same time) different RPOs etc. Heavy play action to work on Joshs deep shots too. Our bread and butter seems to be 11 personnel with Josh running the no huddle. If it's close in the 4th, break that out and win the game.
  6. I like your post about the D and giving up the big plays And players learninf to do their 1/11, I think you are spot on. I understand why people would be skeptical about "culture change" but for some reason Mcdermott was the first guy I actually believed (Rex? Hahaha, Maroon? Hahaha). McDermott practiced what he preaches with the Peterman decision. People still moan to this day about starting Peterman but if you look at it from a culture perspective it was the right call to start him, and the right call to yank him. If you remember we were not very active in the FA QB market and ended up with Mccaron because McBeane knew they were getting their future QB in the draft and wanted someone to handle the position for the year. Unfortunately AJ was a complete misfire for us which left Peterman and Allen. Peterman clearly outplayed Allen in the preseason. If McD had started Allen right out of the gate it would have undermined his culture message to the lockerroom that how you perform in practice/games determined how much playing time you get. When Peterman crapped the bed again he was yanked quickly and Allen started. I don't have a problem with how that was handled if you look at the big picture.
  7. I've seen a lot of commentary recently on here and in the media reflecting this opinion. I don't agree with it at all I think most long term fans who've been with the team through the thick and thin recognized that the culture of losing was the number one thing that had to be changed first before this ship could be turned around. This entire $hitshow of a franchise needed to be fumigated from the stench of losing that Ralph (God bless his soul and thank you for keeping the team in Buffalo) allowed to permeate his team. It was refreshing to hear McBeane not only voice this but put it into practice year one. The one major thing I saw early on was a team that played hard for their coach and didn't fold when there was a turnover or a tough stretch. That's when I knew we had a good coach and if he could grow and get some talent we'd have a competitive team. So many people have a hard time seeing the forrest for the trees. Good football teams are more than the sum of its parts and more than just a collection of talent (aka Browns) although talent is important. I think these guys have earned a lot of patience from the fan base to continue to put their plan in action. Fans need to take a deep breath next time there is a bump in the road or set back, and there will be. I could care less what the national media, amatuer Twitter film analyst hacks, or local media thinks.
  8. This a big game, definitely not the proverbial "must win" some are describing. Last week's game was more important. It's the least important game left in terms of making the playoffs. Yet, in terms of Buffalo pride and changing the narrative of our team, this game couldn't be bigger. Thanksgiving day, primetime, friggin Dallas, the entire country watching - wow! I don't care how we do it, just go get the W. We've heard a lot of talk from the D about the lack of respect they perceive. Time to back it up with their best effort of the season. I hope the stench of decades of futility has been fumigated from this franchise because in years past this is where we'd completely crap the bed. Gut is telling me this team is different. I hope I'm not just projecting. Go Bills!
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