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  1. Thanks for the info! If this is the case lets bring in another TE or that DL that just got released.
  2. Where are we at as far as cap left now with this signing and our draft picks? I like the signing....but this should be about it right?
  3. I feel like if Shaq was going to show more pass rush ability he would have already done it..... but I dont hate Shaq...he is a high effort player....good against the run....and can play inside
  4. Do you ever even in a positive thread where Beane is doing something right NOT take an opportunity to take a shot at Beane? For christ sake
  5. Folks need to calm down a little bit.....this was not a bad signing and the bills covered themselves at TE and can wait for him to come back healthy
  6. Just got this feeling about Foster......I think he takes another wonderful step this year
  7. I expect Jerry to have a good season with the middle of our DL now providing pass rush pressure.....Meatball god bless him was not the player he had been in years passed.....you get young Meatball like pressure and you will have Havoc at the LOS
  8. It gets our rooks some game time.....I expect Dawson Knox to be competing for the number 1 spot sooner then later and this will actually get him some live action.....when Knox comes back we can do those 2 TE sets I have been dreaming about. The only thing that is concerning to me is that it is the SAME foot that he originally broke
  9. If he is gonna get hurt...now is the time to do it. He will be back for the season.
  10. I expect this to change up a bit as we go....but VERY refreshing to see a veteran OL like that!
  11. You really just have to love the way Beane does things This was a good signing...it was for trhe right amount of years and it was to a sensible deal....he didnt overpay and he didnt do something that was going to cap strap the team. We still need to get the other side solidified.....I expect that in next year's draft.
  12. What in Beane's dealings would make you feel that it would go this way....we actually got something out of the Bengals before they moved Cordy Glenn to guard.... The bills drafted TWO tight ends...one of them high. Its ok if Kroft misses some time.
  13. Maybe because that is all you do around here?
  14. For those of you not around during Sue's time here.....absolutely one of THE MOST in the know when it came to this team......knew more about football then some of us will know in our life times. I missed her when she left the wall.......and I miss her now. RIP Sue I wish I would have had the honor of meeting you at some point.
  15. I think he will excel there...... We will see if Jonah WIlliams is up to the task of being a LT.....
  16. Grey Worm is a warrior...he is good at commanding the unsullied That is about as far as it goes. He is not used to being in charge. Someone brought up a good point about that stuff Cercei has buried around the town going off as Drogon laid waste to Kings Landing..... I actually did not look at it that way before....did doing this actually set it off before the armies rolled though thus limiting their own casualties?
  17. One of the take aways from this season for me will always be that I guess I dont understand math It looked to me like the battle with the night king nearly wiped out ALL of Dany/Winterfell forces......then I watch Dany addressing her army (which did not even include the Winterfell Soldiers and i felt like I was watching that scene from Star Wars where Chancellor Palpetine was looking at imperial army WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM......the undead were roaming the castle at will and it looked like both the Dothraki and Unsullied armies were obliterated!
  18. The whole thing just makes me reminence...... John and company are surrounded by undead......Dany arrives with her dragon and saves them JUST in the nick of time LOSES A DRAGON IN THE PROCESS Fast forward to final episode......John Snow kills Dany. I think I am really heartbroken over that and need therapy. Dany why could you not just relent a bit and spare Tyrion and admit that burning children of kings landing was something you really did not want to do. Why? John Snow probably does not kill you then.
  19. If you are not much of a fan of particular players....then you can appreciate just the TYPE of improvement of positions John Brown was Flacco's go to guy for the Ravens last year.......he is also the exact type of WR that Josh Allen does well with.....speed vertical threats....so now there are TWO speed vertical threats in Brown and Foster (and Foster has some of the best numbers of ANY WR in the league in the 2nd half of last season) Beasely....one of the very best WR's at working the middle of the field there is in the NFL These two aquisitions alone improve the WR core......you get a TE that can actually make plays into this mix.....then the team is improved.......
  20. It sounds like the bills just didnt draft the specific player you wanted.....Im sorry Dawson Knox got drafted...so? TE was not a need?
  21. OK a couple of things - John Snow gave Dany EVERY CHANCE to give him a morsel of hope that she understood what he was trying to say......when she said "they dont have a choice" I think that was the final straw. - Why did Drogon not torch John Snow....is it because he was a Targaryn - I always get very sad at the end of these no matter how poorly they are done.....felt the same way on Battlestar Galactica....felt the same way on Falling Skies..I imagine the Walking Dead is next.
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