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  1. That’s the nicest thing anybody said to Gug in a week
  2. I’m trying to figure out why Branden cooks is just a never ending gypsy he seems to do well wherever he goes, but he’s always on another team the following year
  3. It’s really easy to say whenever you’re in your championship window did you see how things were completing passes over the middle without him there Who would that linebacker be?
  4. I never said they were not a good team. They have shown that they are this year, especially with all the weapons that they have there was some comments made about how they’ve been winning games. I am pointing out that the teams that they are playing or not exactly up to par. today they took a loss from a good team. They didn’t even have it starting quarterback for the whole game.
  5. I was gonna say it really shows how much work been did there on that Milano contract I really don’t think so. Edmonds really makes this defense go.
  6. I’m telling you this years. Bills team is just different we’re not inflating our record by beating poor teams only to go into the playoffs and lose to a good team. We are inflating a record by beating the top teams.
  7. no, you were absolutely not allowed to get a whole week of telling us how bad this team is and how there’s no way we’re going to go to the Super Bowl
  8. One of the things I find interesting is the Niners have the number one defense in the NFL and they give up a touchdown like that but we will scorch our defense if they do the same thing offenses make play sometimes
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