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  1. He wasnt perfect in his first year....but he was pretty good....:)
  2. Would much rather see a feather soft 5 yard pass to a RB out of the backfield in a game
  3. Well let’s put down why I think WE win coachong stability adding to a already good d improved ok due to the attn it got improved depth better offensive weapons qb going into his second year AND stability at the position
  4. 10 wins good when they were god aweful last year? ok
  5. OK I will bite.....what makes you think the jets are winning 10 games
  6. I would be much more excited to see a nice soft 8 yard pass that softly lands like charman in a wr's hands.........
  7. Didnt we just draft a RB high and have 2 future HOF rb's in front of HIM
  8. To be the man you gotta beat the man....... Brady and BB are going down
  9. I really can’t compare the two jackson had a playoff team around him and still was not as good allen carried a bad offense on his shoulders
  10. I am going to say that not everyone can be a GOOD cop a tremendous amount of patience the ability to think quickly the ability to make those quick decisions under pressure and last but not least they run towards the danger and not away from it not everyone is built that way
  11. This is the kind of talent you open the check book for....... Absolutely no reason not to pay him and even if you can find defensive backs because you are only as good in pass defense as your worst db
  12. I would determine a legit 2 to be a "good wr" I also consider Foster to the be wild card.....although in the second half of the season Foster put up numbers comparable to a number 1 receiver....and was a rookie. That is the guy on this team I think could end up being a legit 1
  13. Which one of these unsigned guys the most likely to bust you think?
  14. I have tried very hard to have a civil conversation with you on this. Your an idiot......we will leave it at that.
  15. So what do teams do that dont have an elite WR? There are only so many of them to go around in the league......do they just pack up shop and go home? There are some good WR's on this team
  16. In this situation I would take him down. I would NOT back up like they are doing. I probably would not use the word "please" and give the commands. I probably would follow up with "put the knife down or you will be fired upon" and keep my go pro on at all times to document the event. There is a distance rule with a perp with weapon....at the end of the day the peace officer deserves to go hope at night alive as well.
  17. Hmmmm Did you ever stop to think that being a former military and specifically military policeman that I also would have a lot of contact with LAPD, CHP, Sherif's department as they try very hard to recruit us when we leave the military AND that we share a lot of the same interests? That we might have family in law enforcement? I chose not to pursue it when I left the military and instead became a university student advisor....it doesnt mean I left it completely because you NEVER leave it completely. To make assumptions about someone you dont know is well........stupid. I stand by the fact that profanity is not needed and elevates the situations.......being calm and giving calm instructions unless aggression is showed is a MUST....it IS taught in both the military and the academy regardless of what you say. i will also go on to say that a lot of these community uprisings against law enforcement that you are seeing across the United States can directly be attributed to innappropriate actions taken by police officers and then end up going viral. A police officer should never do anything that they would not want to see the media or the community see on a video. There is a reason why they are called PUBLIC SERVANTS or "peace officers" I think YOU are the one that is in need of re evaluation here.
  18. Of course they did WTF are you talking about we receive the same training as the academy.
  19. Playmakers make plays......when the heat is up and the margin of error is small...you need that guy that wants to make a play
  20. I actually saw plenty of passes that were put out in front of pass catcher's......sure there were some that were not like any other qb...I have actually seen (gasp) Tom Brady throw a bad pass or two What I do know is the better quality of pass catcher's you have...the more of those slightly overthrown/underthrown balls find their way into the hands of the intended pass catcher....AND they actually do something with it afterwords.......
  21. Sorry.....but like I said in my original post I cant see what is going on prior to the video...if at ANY time Malik made a move to the officer's weapon he should just be tazed at that point and no explanation needed but The police offer IS the professional in this situation....and the first thing they teach you at the Police Acadamy (and I was a security policemen in the Air Force...it is taught there as well) elevated tone of voice and profanity cause aggression....not suppression....IF the detainee has not shown aggression then clear calm instructions come first....then esculate as the scenario plays out.......and profanity is NEVER needed because it is belittling. That is my opinion
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