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  1. I think its gonna be fine.....he apologized for it....our locker room is pretty strong.....and he isnt going to be in a position of leadership immediately If he ends up developing into a pretty good QB.....we should release him over one mistake If this continues? He is a goner
  2. Kids make mistakes........ It is when you continue to make the same mistake over and over again and wont even admit that you made a mistake where I have a problem
  3. This is actually one of the arguements for getting Clowney that actually makes sense to me
  4. I still say we are a 10 and 6 team and win the AFC East but It is a BETTER 10 and 6 team. The team nobody wants to play in the playoffs....the team that is battle tested by the tougher schedule and we progress further I think we can make it all the way to the AFC Championship game.....and if we can do that we are a stones throw away from the big one
  5. Somehow.....the bills found a way to lose Lawson and STILL improved this defense in the offseaosn So THIS is what a well run organization looks like
  6. I mean right below it is some mook "Diggs is gonna regret leaving" I think its gonna be more like Cousins is gonna miss him......
  7. Did you miss the part where he told you not to post to him in the thread? Jesus ppl just cant follow instructions So just for reference.....Lee Smith is 6 foot 6 and 265.....so if Sweeney up on weight in the offseason they are not that far apart.
  8. Look at the big grin on Josh Allen with all these new toys to play with Lee does NOTHING for our passing game and is a walking penalty magnet....I realize he is the size of a offensive linemen....but you dont need to be to be an effective blocker. Sweeney came into the league at 6 foot 5 251 pounds....if he was able to put 15 pounds of quality weight on in the offseason......well lets just see.
  9. Tellin you guys.....dont sleep on Tommy Sweeney A complete afterthought right now....but he blocks and he has good hands Could push Lee Smith right off the roster
  10. A bad year and he is out? LMAO Uh NO....not that there is any reason to think he will have a "bad year" but you dont just throw away that kind of investment.
  11. "I think Josh Allen is what he is" "Even though he is improving" ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. I think Josh Allen is way more cemented then you do (obviously)
  13. I think AJ starts stealing Murphy's reps very quickly........cant keep better talent off the field....I do understand not forcing it and having vets though By the way.....how huge is it that the bills got maybe the 2nd best DE in this draft with their 2nd round pick (a late one no less) Huge
  14. I mean....its a safe bet....provided the hip holds up....which frankly bothers me
  15. We dont know if Stidham is better then Tua And frankly neither does Orlavsky
  16. Don’t care if he’s willing to write a rookie who hasn’t played in the NFL down with a bad hip over Josh Allen his opinion means nothing
  17. So I am going to say we did not do that in all the beane drafts when we took josh Allen and Edmunds we were def taking them on the upside of what they can be in other drafts like with Oliver I felt we went with what the strength of the draft was in this last draft I felt they had every position covered so well that they let the best available decide the player but still came out with three wide receivers counting diggs
  18. Color me shocked on Corey davis has every tool to be a number one but somehow is not
  19. No....and if that is what you are saying then I misread your post. If him improves into a player worthy of the big contract....you pay him. (I personally think giving him legit weapons is going to cause this to all fall into line)
  20. Agree.....I really dont see them letting Bates go....he has very good multi position flexibility
  21. Yes he does But if he gets there....we should be paying him
  22. There is definately a reason why fans dont make the decisions for NFL Sports franchises......
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