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  1. We need to extend drives......and score touchdowns Just want want to go 3 and out when we need 4 yards when you KNOW Josh can get it.
  2. No its really not.....in the limited time Duke played we have seen him do ALL of these things....for christ sake he scored a TD in his first start.
  3. As opposed to keeping a WR who has speed but cant track a ball in Robert Foster because he plays special teams (which gave up AWEFUL plays Sunday) Duke blocks for the run Duke catches the ball Duke high points balls Play Duke
  4. Let Ty heal Bring up Bates to back up Start Ford Moving on
  5. Just sit either the TE that commits too many penalites and doesnt offer anythignin the passing game or the FB that we dont use.....and activate Duke. Should be used as a red zone threat.
  6. We were not the only team in on Allen There will ALWAYS be players we "could have had" when it comes to the draft
  7. Maybe. We dont know yet. By the way....not just a "better OG" but a "very good OG"
  8. Dave my point is do you really think Shady would have been ok with that in OUR locker room? GG Big difference dont you think? Shady coming off being cut vs being a leader in our locker room. Surely you can see the difference here.
  9. Shady has also been a healthy scratch this year. You really want our locker room dealing with that?
  10. Can we please stop acting like the bills have not faced legit defenses this year? The titans for instance have a VERY good defense......we held up just fine
  11. "and to all those 2020 wide receiver free agents.....YOU TOO can have your name on the top of the receiving lists....just like Brown" COME ON DOWN
  12. "cant wait" Personally....I could definately wait for that.
  13. Or folks just need to remember he is a rookie? Good to see Oliver get his first real sack yesterday
  14. I was high on him before the draft....to me he was Mike Vick but maybe a better passer. I was totally ok with Josh Allen though and still am.
  15. The nice thing about Brown being in the pro bowler discussion It will make it easier to get another quality WR free agent in the offseason without overpaying
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