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  1. The goal of every NFL team should be to be trying to win the Super Bowl every year if you’re doing anything other than that then you’re just existing I’m sure the Browns fans are gonna be OK with that
  2. So you don’t think that the problems in the locker room are gonna superseed all that it’s more than just about money
  3. Josh was in such a zone that day....you just know if we win that coin flip we are winning
  4. I feel like Cooke is the player that drafted for this.......we are a passing team.....we are gonna pass BUT opportunities are going to be there to run.
  5. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up To a Tom Brady commercial
  6. Something about a guy cutting my hair and telling me to say cough at the same time…
  7. I think it is a over use problem. Its not like Crowder is a big physical WR to begin with and he has been the "main" weapon on his team with the jets and the commanders. He wont have that problem with us........this team is loaded with WR talent and Josh is gonna have to spread that ball around a bit. At some point you gotta see if he can do it. On a lesser team they would already be putting Gabe in that situation.
  8. I dont know man.....when your a 1st round pick and you have to wear a shirt to remind you not to suck......
  9. Some of us have been here for a looooooong time so
  10. Given our lack of ST's returner I think its more of probablility then lucky
  11. Quinton Morris is kinda under rated. He could get some burn.
  12. Always follow your lawyer’s advice in this situation the DA is looking to make a name for them self on every case
  13. The bills obviously think that he can call a game because you know that there were top offensive coordinators that were available from other teams this year and they stuck with the in-house choice that’s called confidence in your man
  14. Hard to do those things when you can’t stay on the field
  15. Tua's problem is not his accuracy.......it is lack of arm strength and being made of glass
  16. His play doesnt appear to match his RAS That being said...that is a insanely bad RAS
  17. It will be interesting to see how many sacks from from the INTERIOR DL..... We brought back a DT that really got them while he was here.....Oliver is a beast......Settle looks like he can get after it to
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