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  1. Oh your not fooling with that ***** ......again
  2. For the few bagging on smoke......all I can say is....are you serious? He was OUTSTANDING last year.....best year of his career.....and STILL was a not a number 1 WR but as a 2.....he is very good. That is because Allen was targeting him a ton and besides Bease we had nobody else.......you just watch and see how good smoke looks with Diggs on the other side. This is not to say we should not draft a WR in one of t he best WR's drafts in a while....we should....but you are seriously downplaying smokes role to this team
  3. I would like to have a WR out of what is pretty much known as one of the best WR's drafts in a while....... Its not now a position of great need....but might be BPA at some point in this draft
  4. In the end....Zay was a bad pick. but he put up goddy numbers in college and caught EVERYTHING thrown to him......I mean....who knew?
  5. You know Gunner I have heard the comment about the "schedule" is tougher thing. I always believed it till I actually looked at it. It really doesnt look tougher to me.....our own divisiion is significantly weaker.....that is what....6 games of the 16 right there.....there are some good teams on our schedule outside of our own yes.....but some weak ones as well. I look at it like this...if we repeat last years record....but are a STRONGER team then last year we can come in and get that first playoff win......then we are cooking with fire.
  6. Just to point out There are no name players that have done this same thing......Sammy getting paid a lot of coin. I mean....good for him....but I would not want to pay it and ask him to be "the guy" when he wasnt
  7. Of course hitting on 1 through 3 is wanted. Just want to point out that when you hit on those late round picks you are getting players on EXTREMELY cap friendly contracts.....for a number of years. Lets say for instance that Darryl Johnson and Tommy Sweeney end up being solid contributers to the team (they both showed flashes) they are basically working for peanuts
  8. You bet it is and I hope they do.....but that was not the question
  9. This would be more believeable if you didnt B word about EVERYTHING Still...yes Josh is still a work in progress
  10. Good posts folks This is a very good WR draft....would still take another somewhere in this draft
  11. I think that ppl just miss it always wanting the shiny new toy - Top 5 QBs do NOT grow on Trees - When you have a franchise guy (which Josh is) you dont let them get away......Josh would get scooped up before his feet hit the ground - Raw.....still improving.....has not had the best offense around him...... This is a complete non issue....we are not going to get some other teams franchise QB and they cant have ours
  12. So we obviously do not know this and wont know for years probably.....but just a thought. What WR's in this draft do we absolutely think were going to be better then Diggs.....make sure you taking into account - Diggs's production over the course of seasons - Diggs plays in a run dom offense My own field is there night not be a WR in this draft that ends up being better then Diggs.....but thats just my opinion and wanted your thoughts
  13. This is the part that I take issue with....not that Watson is not better now (he is) but that a very raw QB from a small school cannot match or even surpass DW before it is all said and done. He most certainly can
  14. I also agree with this This is why you draft your own QB and groom them....the chance of actually retaining them is excellent......
  15. Right now Josh should be middle of the pack If he can hold onto the ball and figure out his deep ball mechanics.....he would be inside the top 5 to 7
  16. I picked Dawkins....but want to retain both
  17. Rex might have not been good for our team.....but he is not wrong here
  18. A lot of these veterans still available mostly are. It doesnt mean we shouldnt kick the tires especially on offense.....this team needs size at the pass catcher position.
  19. I could live with "on the bills" A far cry better ten what we have been dealing with
  20. "Come to Buffalo to become the best version of yourself"
  21. So the players totally respect him.....why was there such a disconnect with coaching/management? Diggs seems like a dream come true for this team
  22. I think this would be a good year to draft a QB....not with the 2nd but somewhere in there to push Barkely
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