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  1. Now that I think about it I really wish they could find a way to keep Spain I don’t know if that will be possible a lot of guys need to be paid and Ford might be even better
  2. I really wish ppl would stop saying this
  3. As long as nothing illegal I also do not see the problem
  4. You really get the feeling that what Beane did was sign a lot of "prove it contracts" and while some of these guys will get extensions....draft picks will replace some of these guys..... Bottom line....resign your own best players and continue to draft well
  5. I really dont like that so many ppl are just counting this in the "W" column Players have pride....even backup players...... Just go out and execute your game plan.....limit your turnovers.....come out of it healthy please
  6. I think resigning Perry is very under rated.......you dont want him carrying the rock but he is a MONSTER special teams player......and our ST's need help
  7. PFF was down on Allen (aggressively so) when he was drafted They dont like to admit they are wrong
  8. I would like for Ford to work out at RT as well.....but I have to be honest in my evaluation.....worse then Mills right now. Bates actually looked BETTER and he is a young OL as well That in no way means that I am down on Ford.....just play him at his position of strength....Morse is a concussion waiting to happen so Jon has to be ready to moveover....Ford is needed it was still a good pick
  9. Jon has a 2 year deal I think.....I think he is our RG I think Spain is going to be cut loose as he is only on a 1 year deal....and Ford is going to go to LG Why would we do that? Because our OT situations are not settled........and money is going to need to go there
  10. Love John Brown.....I dont think he is a number 1 but he is great for this team but Groin injuries linger if you play with them We did end up getting a lot of guys back off injury.....like Devin S., Robert Foster, and TE Kroft Duke has been brought up...he doesnt fill the usage of Brown...but Robert Foster does I would really sit Brown and let that Groin heal......and go with what we have against Miami
  11. Going into our bye week with only one loss was so important.....all of those games are winnable
  12. All the while Drafting like a champ QB in place Tons of cap space RIght now is a good time to be a bills fan. It seems just yesterday ppl were bitching about going through a rebiulding season instead of "retooling" it
  13. Mahommes still a awesome QB and I am still glad we have ours
  14. This is really a shame...I was really looking forward to watching Rosen get destroyed by our D this week
  15. I really feel like we solved this problem already with Ryan Bates who can backup all the positions Ty is the RT now....at least I hope so
  16. This is all a super devious plan to look like a Clown ***** show in hopes that the bills will not be ready to play an NFL game. I am quite sure that is the message McD is relaying to his team now.....a tough opponent the following week....Miami looking like a disaster What could go wrong?
  17. IF we can just get to middle of the pack......we are cookin with fire Our offensive line and ST's is commiting a stupid amount of penalties Josh Allen's ball security is going to improve.....but the fact is he has put that ball on players in the end zone and they keep not making plays on it. I truly believe Devin is a big part of our offensive success going forward even though Frank Gore has been solid......we are VERY good in the red zone
  18. They just keep throwing huge names and contracts at fixing the Browns problems..... and they keep losing
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