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  1. I am just thank ful that the bills are no loner in this catagory
  2. Tre Adams is that guy I want to get onto the practice squad....cultivate him for a year and then get him in there......I think he has talent. Bottom line......Beane knows what he is actually doing
  3. Exactly how has he boxed himself into anything.....everybody is competing for their spots except Dawkins and Morse If anything it looks like he gave himself options
  4. They said thing about Spencer Long......who has come here and played well
  5. Quinton Spain is an extremely large human being
  6. That is interesting....they said the same thing about John Brown
  7. The covid kids should be back after their quarantines....right?
  8. Honestly Diggs and Allen seem to be a match made in heaven
  9. Cannot be.....Jackson said he would be great for their team
  10. I am a big Jon F. fan.......hope he makes it back soon..... but come on.....if we are going to get hit with an injury at least we got hit in one where we have lots of replacements. The concern is center because of Morse concussions......but I wanted to see what Bates could do there in a backup role anyway
  11. Both Prague and Berlin are beautiful actually And yes....ppl reallyh need to get out and see how the rest of the world lives for their own enrichment
  12. Once they get drafted I honestly dont give a rats ass......its all about production after that. I do realize the climb is uphill for him.....but Duke Johnson found playing time last year
  13. One might get put on the practice squad....but I want to wait until balls actually start flying. This was a STRONG wide receiver draft
  14. Jesus that is right....I forgot about that No pre season games
  15. Just as long as he is catching passes come game one Personally.....I want to see what our youngster's we just drafted can do........
  16. Lamar might be hard to tackle.....but he isnt the brightest bulb in the shop
  17. One thing is for sure......Harrison Phillips just became much more important. My question is.....does Vincent Taylor now make the team? We need run stop......I actually thought Vincent Taylor played well
  18. No Tommy nooo! I blame Kroft for this
  19. Yep....and our WR core was improved last year. I am thinking the LAST chair at the table
  20. We know the roster has improved when Ray Ray doesnt have a seat at the table
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