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  1. Havent we removed all the rubber matt's by this POINT
  2. I want 2 WR's out of this draft.....I dont even care if we bring in so many that we cant keep them all...... If we are going to run 5 wide......get some ***** players that can make a play on a ball
  3. Depending on cost I just dont think this is what Beane looks for to biuld the team...... Good player though
  4. A lot of these mocks view Buffalo as an afterthought and are concentrating on other teams picks........
  5. All I know is its a good year to need a wide receiver
  6. Good poll I put a vote for DE Johnson.......if he an add 15 pounds and continue to develop we saw good things from him
  7. Just got this feeling that Dawson Knox is going to develop into a star Fast Stays on the field in both receiving/blocking situations Makes tough catches Makes plays at big times If he can just get a little more consistant on the easy stuff........
  8. If only other teams did these same things....its a shame Beane is the only one to do this
  9. I honestly dont mind a player that has a high opinion of themselves as long as they back it up with production. Thinking about our OC's system (since I can never spell his name right) it just seems to me that Diggs is the type that would get the ball a lot
  10. I will take a guy who puts up numbers to run opposite Smoke
  11. I think if Kroft doesnt get injured when he saw what he had in Knox and Sweeney he trades him for a bag of footballs or a future 7th rounder or whatever you just dont know how draft picks are gonna work out.....so he covers himself with vets
  12. Gets it right "this" time? As if he has been not getting it right?
  13. I guess the problem with this is we are in a position now where we are no longer rebiulding......we are a playoff contender. Do we really have the time to "develop" right now? We need difference makers......like NOW That is why I want to get a good vet and draft a guy
  14. You do realize that getting a pro bowler at the 27th pick is NOT the norm....right?
  15. Not of fan of trading the pick.....would be willing to trade picks from 2nd round on
  16. What difference does that make AFTER he was drafted.......are you not seeing the fact that he can block and catch? The fact that Beane hit on this late round picks like Sweeney and Johnson make it all the better.
  17. We are not better.....but we are good. Two playoffs in 3 years and the team is trending up. I want to see quality guys at the positions that make the OC's offense go since they decided to keep him.
  18. The reason WHY you accumulate 90 million in cap space is to be able to pounce on talent.......we have the ability to do ALL of that If we keep shirking our offensive weapons......dont complain about 17 points a game and blame it on the QB Most of our team is literally signed I dont think we are as bad at RT as you believe...Ty N. is still under contract.....we hung onto Waddle for a reason. We use more big nickle then standard LB sets nowadays We have FA money to sign a edge rusher (and picks to draft one....and Beane has shown he can find them......Johnson with a offseason might have something there) How much money do you think needs to be spent on a "real TE" (by the way.....I like Knox and Sweeney)
  19. I would rather have a ready to go quality WR now and draft a guy.......I want to win now
  20. So you think we should keep blue light shopping and hoping we hit on every draft? This defense is champion level RIGHT NOW.......we have to hit on our window
  21. So I actually do agree with this We have positioned ourselves so that we can actually compete....we need the final pieces...now is the time. There is no reason why we cant bring in a vet WR AND draft a WR in this draft Our WR core basically has two starting caliber players.....and a bunch of jags. Give Josh some weapons to work with for christ sake
  22. To me it also feels that block of "sign a good vet....then you can draft a WR high to bring along" thing THIS would allow you to get a guy like Pitman this year as well Diggs Smoke Pittman Beasley pick one for the 5th guy
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