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  1. So why lie about it? Do you see me defending Josh Allen's deep throws? Is that what you took from this?
  2. Not 20 yards...... Five yards? Yes Overthrown? Yes (except the one Foster failed to track) It really is not needed to prove your point to say something that is not true....Josh has had problems with his deep ball.
  3. One def area of concern Gore looks like he is hitting a wall....he started out being very strong at the LOS and having enough wiggle to break off some decent runs. He had really died off.......if Gore was having the same production as he was earlier....we would literally be running the ball down teams throats taking pressure off our passing game.
  4. WHY do you continue to make total exaggerations to make your points? NONE of these balls have been "20 yards over there head" In McKenzie's case....he slowed down when he turned his head around tracking the ball....look at the film.
  5. I think Brown and Bease fit in nicely here....we need one more quality guy
  6. I was hoping to see it...frankly I think they were better earlier in the year.
  7. I think that sometimes just moving the chains and keeping your defense fresh is fine......let Mayfield sit on the bench and stew for a bit and watch him try to do to much and get picked. To me not everything needs to be a home run play......just grind it out and be selective on your deep shots.....for instance on a 3d and 4......why do we need to go for a bomb when we can either run it for a first or let Josh get the first down? I like deep shots on FIRST down
  8. So all any team has to do in Dabol's mind to stop running DS is for the other team to start stacking the line? Good OC's FIND WAYS to STILL make it work.......and Devin makes people miss.
  9. Well....I got money that says we do. Game?
  10. We have beaten both good defenses and good offenses this year. This game will be closer then people think.
  11. I want to know why we cant beat the Cowboys
  12. I think the coaching staff IS trying to coach him different.....one of the big critism of him last year Run too much Not being a QB often enough Now his runs are way down and his throws from the pocket are way up....they are trying to change his game. He has the tools to do it because his short to intermediate game has improved this year. Deep throws are crap (although I still maintain that McKenzie could have had that deep shot and pulled up and didnt go get it.....and last week Josh threw one that Robert Foster didnt track correctly....but he deep throw has not been there. People cant have it both ways....do we want Josh to stand in the pocket and make throws....or do we want him to play hero ball? 6 and 3....the sky is def not falling
  13. Thats fine....but you dont draft a high potential raw rookie QB and change course when your having a winning season. Teams dont do that.....for good reason.
  14. I am a bit confused by the OP's post (not his fault.....I am confused often) but in a nutshell - We drafted a QB that had a ridiculously high ceiling....but was a bit raw - Anybody can see that they are trying to change Josh Allen's game a bit....less runs...more throws from the pocket....that takes time - Last year he had NOTHING around him to work with......this offseason some was added.....but more is still needed - I am all in on Josh.....
  15. We have our QB....there is no reason to have another "shot" What we need to do is focus on adding offensive talent AROUND Josh Allen. Brown and Bease were a good start but more is needed.
  16. To all my fellow veterans.....I hope that you enjoy your day.....remember free meals at Applebees
  17. Definately noticing a slow down......he is being used in short yardage situations now and is doing just that......short yardage. I would not keep him past this year.....I want a back that has Gores size but has game breaking ability to go with Devin SIngletary's ultra productiveness of over 6 yards a carry but doesnt have home run speed...... I think we need to get a little younger there next year......
  18. I think part of the problem is that there is not a lot of run after catch...... I defend Allen.....but he does seem to be a hair slow on his throws right now....he makes up for that by throwing lazers.....which also causes drops...... But I think he can improve here.....as a matter of fact I am counting on it
  19. McD has a winning record as the HC of the Buffalo bills....this includes a season with a tear down and complete rebiuld.... 6 and 3 right now Got no problem with him other then I feel like he could have a better OC
  20. Why you would just come in here and complain that we beat a ***** team
  21. That is strictly your feeling.....just like every post you write is about Josh Allen
  22. I think Kevin Johnson is better right now..the problem is he is injury prone
  23. Defense of the teams qb is not crusading that is called fandom I realize you don’t know the difference No it really doesn’t
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