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  1. Just another reason to hate Mr. BK
  2. bite your damned toungue!
  3. I think it is important to note that Beane doubled down Yes he paid Morse with his high reward factor AND concussion history they also brought in 2 other free agent OL that can play center
  4. Sweeney for me....although I dont think there is a chance in hell he gets cut now.....they found another gem
  5. I had this feeling about Miller when we drafted him.....just that late round guy that does what he is asked to do really well.....doesnt have to come off the field because he can block. Would love for him to pan out.....I actually would love for BOTH Knox and Sweeney to pan out
  6. Rhino did you end up making it down to camp? I think Shady is going to be just fine.....and for once I wont hold my breath if he get up slow from a play with Singletary waiting in the wings....not wishing for injury of course.....just confident in his play That is the deal with Thad anyway? He is right there to point out a bad day but nothing to say today?
  7. I worry about it less this year with wallace johnson johnson
  8. You really gotta feel forbgaines he is a VERY GOOD player who just can’t stay healthy I was hoping that having him as a reserve would help with this
  9. Sorry late to this thread I really dont have a problem submitted to a background check tor my gun. I used to actually collect them when I was in the military but gave them all up and only have something for home defense. I know that might make some angry.....but dont really have a problem registering or submitting to a background check.
  10. You guys are slippin no talk of someone’s spleen
  11. I just think we have had some minor injury bugs so far (except Morse and even that I dont know if they are just letting him rest for the season) Beane brought in several vets....and doubled down with a high draft pick in Ford.
  12. No need....Scott says the jets are already great before this trade that made them even more great
  13. I am totally ok with them doing this with Ford I still think he can be a RT for us and a good one.....but nothing wrong with having position flexibility.....the whole Morse thing leaves an unknown.....Feliciano is out so he cant play gaurd....and when he is no hurt we might need him to take center snaps......you would STILL have some major upgrades to this OL because the guards would be way better.....and RT would be improved. I see some people knocking Beane for the Morse aquisition......I would just like to point out that he DIDNT do what some past GM's have done and doubled down on the security of signing offensive linemen.......our OL was HORRIBLE last year and even Long is an upgrade to it.
  14. I mean let’s be honest here if he reaches 90 percent of the greatest dt EVER we should all be very pleased
  15. They are not the same team......having a sub par offensive line makes all the difference in the world
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