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  1. Probably more then we even realize......especially right at this moment because Josh is going to be even better NEXT year.
  2. I am quite sure the bills are already planning for it is going to take to sign the kid....... Every time I see a big name free agent on the market.....and we dont bite....I cant help but think "They are planning for Josh"
  3. I will take it one step further....I wouldnt trade Josh Allen for Lamar Jackson either Yes...I liked LJ before the draft and woudnt have been upset at all if we would have taken him at the time Yes...LJ is playing better then Josh Allen right now But here is the thing....we are in year TWO of the Josh Allen era......and I still feel that we have barely scratched the surface of his potential.....when he puts the deep ball together with what he is doing in the short intermediate (and I think he will) Josh Allen is going to be SCARY good........
  4. I was really excited about the Josh Allen pick from day one but for personal reasons......his families farm is right down the street from what used to be my grandfathers (now passed) dairy.....I knew from day one that Josh Allen knew the meaning of work.....you cant NOT know the meaning of work and grow up on a farm. Then.....as young tot I grew up in Wyoming in a tiny town called "Kemmerer" the funning thing is I would have dreams of actually being able to play footballl for the University of Wyoming (never materialized....personal stuff caused me to move around a ton) Josh Allen is VERY easy to root for.
  5. Wrong....just absolutely wrong Ford is starting because they want him to be the ORT.......and he is getting better and better every day...he was drafted to be a STARTER The thing that you are missing is that the CORE players of the team (most of them) were drafted....Allen to the O.....Edmunds to the D.....our shut down corner was drafted.....2 of the 5 offensive linemen starters were drafted. NO TEAM completely biulds through the draft......take a look at he contracts that free agents have been given.....mostl short term reasonable contracts.....why? - Because the players around the "core" players are interchangable - Players on shorter contracts dont get to comfortable WHen you draft your core players.....and dont give out long term contracts.....you are biulding through the draft
  6. Hoping Shaq Lawson is back..give him Murphy's money
  7. One of the very best slot receivers in the league
  8. We are 9 and 3 with no true number 1 wr....... I wonder if he would want to play for us now? I would totally take Brown over him at this point.....but just imagine a number 1 on this team and brown getting all that free coverage because of that
  9. Frankly neither do your posts..... THe bills are 9 and 3 THey can only play the teams that are put on their schedule One of our losses..to the patriots..was by less then a TD We just beat a team that has a winning record and something to definately play for.......soundly....IN THEIR HOUSE To sit there and B word "Well they havent played anybody yet"....these are all professional NFL teams.....the improvement of the team is undeniable because previous bills teams LOSE games like todays....... So....why are YOU here
  10. I know what SHOULD have been the turning point of the game We were on their throat.....and Hyde comes up with ANOTHER turnover only to have it negated by a complete hands to the face bs call Had that Hyde int stood..I think we put the game away right then and there
  11. 90 million in cap space Team biult largely through the draft THat is the real beautfy of what you just said.we CAN keep this team together....and improve upon it
  12. A i would say a plus if he had 300 yards passing
  13. I thought he had some moments in the game where he was failing but overall a good call for him this game
  14. I will take the skin today was a good day
  15. Funny.....they didnt get run off the field against the patriots.... They lost by less then a touchdown
  16. I want to know what happened to Daryl Johnson.....at the beginning of the year and through training camp I honestly thought he was going to make Shaq and Murphy BOTH mute points
  17. I can still like the Cody Ford pick AND say that Joe B. is entitled to his opinion What gets missed here is (if the team is smart) ALL rookies will get chip help when facing a premier pass rusher.....so I dont really look at it as negative on Ford....I look at it as the team was smart. Cody Ford is gonna be a good player
  18. I actually thought he was pretty good on 3rd down last year 2....we had a LOT of long conversions called back from penalties. The nice thing about this? Josh Allen has just SCRATCHED his potential.....he can get much much better
  19. I did and it turns out you were right. I liked Jackson before the draft and said then I would totally be ok taking him but he reminded people too much of Tyrod Taylor to be given a real chance. I was also a Josh Allen fan and was fine with taking him.
  20. The Cody Ford I saw in college was a very good player.......someone I would want on this team. Gunner and I defended him when he was drafted.....I feel pretty good about that right now
  21. Good for him! Loved watching him play.....and i think the prime version of him would fit well with Devin S.
  22. They got here in 2017.....but we took the major cap crap sandwich last year.....which I feel was the brunt of the rebiuld.
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