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  1. My expectations will be he is a situational guy he blocks he high points balls in the red zone
  2. And so it begins How is Robert Foster? If healthy send him and Brown on the deep shots.... Use Duke in t he red zone
  3. Maybe the OL just sucked...he always appeared to suck when he got a chance to play
  4. I actually thought Ryan looked pretty good at RT....even though it was pre season
  5. I think it is important to note that we have TEN NEW STARTERS on offense.....ten That is a lot.....and quite few of them on the offensive line. Run blocking is better because run blocking is easier for offensive line....pass protection takes time. Getting lost in Josh Allen's play is he is still having to move around to avoid being sacked the pass protection is not there yet......its going to take time. We are fine....
  6. To all you ppl saying no.....what choice do you have?
  7. Except when they were "inquiring" on Antonio Brown?
  8. Thank you very much for your opinion.....I know exactly where to file this
  9. What about this year? We have an extremely easy schedule....a championship caliber defense.....Why shouldnt we take a shot?
  10. PPL just forget the Sammy Watkins situation.....the feet thing really ended u making a difference and he didnt find his final landing spot immediately in KC If he could stay healthy he would still be here
  11. Sorry m man......I tried to get others to help get you into the thread! anyway...just smoke for now
  12. They probably wont let go of Theilen Take what you can get that is better then what you have
  13. Someone let Joe in Winslow know so he can follow the thread (Edit I have no idea if we are gonna trade for Diggs....but it is a dream of mine)
  14. Take whatever they are offering......and offer him fee wings for life, whatever soda he wants in the soda machine.....and 5 percent more in actual money
  15. Not to off track this but this is really why I would like to see the bills taking a shot to complete the offense.... This defense is championship caliber right now....the offense is a work in progress If made available improve the offense right now
  16. We did inquire about Antonio Brown....yes that worked out in our favor but It doesnt change the fact that the bills were lookign
  17. I think he is a playmaker At some point we need to start spending some of this money.....Beane even though he brought in all these players this year still spent a mild portion of our cap....we have even MORE cap going into next year. I realize we need to extend our own good players.....but we also need to think about the final pieces of what will be a Super Bowl team. Why is KC so good? Because they have TALENT
  18. So basically all we need is when he is running towards the sideline...unless a receiver is running WIDE open.....throw the ball away
  19. I think your son did make the right choice. My son tore his ACL his senior year and had a offer from San Diego State. He was crushed but rehabbed it and tried to walk on at Oregon....and was not successful...now he plays semi pro ball for a Oregon team and they have won 2 championships in a row he is a team captain and plays LB for them This is all great....and I am very proud of him and love that he loves the game....but now I have a beatuiful young grandaughter from him and I really want him to move on and close this chapter of his life. He is a hard worker and is good at everything he does but he is also very stubborn. I tell him now you have ppl counting on you and time to move on
  20. Impossible....I heard that Devin was a bad pick and Cody Ford should not have been drafted in the 2nd round...heard it right here
  21. My son plays Semi Pro......I coached and played in college. That is the closest I got.
  22. Trying to figure out what is going on with Ty...he looked really good last year
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