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  1. I went back and looked at something I picked up on during the game to reaffirm. Gore had excellent runs but he tired....and when he did they dint trot Yeldon out there....they ran Josh on designed runs....I FIRMLY believe that they dont do those runs if they had a fresh back that they felt could make plays......keeping Gore fresh....when Josh started throwing picks I firmly beleve Debol brings it back to the vest because our D was holding Brady and company in check. This is not a knock on Gore...he simply is not a 25 carry back any more AND Its Motor.....every time he touches the ball something good happens.
  2. ? Matt didnt start against the pats? To me its about Motor being ready.....we dont even lose that game if Devin plays imo
  3. Just sit him out this week and protect the franchise. THis is why you get the veteran QB who can come in and win 3 games a year for you but is not a starter. I believe Matt Barkely is that guy.
  4. Johnson appears to be getting an awefully lot of playing time early........normallly I would say it makes no sense to get rid of veteran players on such a good defense
  5. I honestly do not think the plan was ever for Gore to be "the back" I think they meant to platoon them from the start
  6. Its my personal opinion....strictly jmo that is Devin plays against the pats we dont lose that game Gore would have a long productive run.....then get winded and Josh would get a designed run (I frankly hate them unless its jet sweep inside the red zone) if Devin plays he comes in and take the next handoff and we run more in this game.....protecting Josh from trying to do to much. It does not matter.....we lost...but I think it bodes well for the future
  7. OK....so I just want to understand what you are saying We did not get rid of Shady because we wanted to run Gore more.....we got rid of Shady because we had a young back with the same elusive skill set as Shady and he was so good we needed to get him on the field. That is not the sign of a weakness that is a sign of a draft pick that was performed so well that it couldnt sit the bench.....and Devin has made HUGE plays for this offense in those first 3 games Gore is the HOF pass the torch mentor.....Devin the young "give you spark" back.....Yeldon is the "dont break glass unless of emergency" back I know that facts get lost quickly but lets not act like Devin was not making difference making plays for this team in the first 3 games.
  8. So you DID mean it..... OK.....then I say think about what your fuking saying.......those hits could easily end his season.....and if his season ends.....the team is screwed. What is up with fans on this board WANTING our franchise to take hits? Moronic
  9. I know you dont mean it this way....but there is no such thing as a blessing in disguize hit on our franchise QB
  10. I am sure you are referring to the Pats game and not in general when you say we "cant run the ball effectively" Devin S. would have really changed the scope of that game.
  11. I mean the game is over..... We will see what the future holds
  12. Re watch it.... He was being tackled by another defender and protecting himself from that tackle....this defender come in from the other side and lowers his head. The only think Josh did wrong was be a athletic running QB......which is part of his game so he isnt going to change it....he has already been staying in the pocket much more then last year (and actually experiencing growing pains from that)
  13. I actually love Marriotta the kid.....met him up at Oregon and like him but on Sunday.....I hope he throws 5 interceptions
  14. I am quite sure that is why Debol was over talking to him on the bench about "taking what the defense gives you" Its was a bad game for him its over Moving on
  15. It actually is moving the goalposts.....if you want to look at the numbers when Josh gets to those games played as those other QBs then you have a true barometer Anything other then that is just horse *****
  16. I actually disagree with this....totally ok with Matt as backup. He isnt as Mobile he does throw with much more anticipation at this point he makes up for physical limitations with smarts A backup QB.....good for about 3 games a year.
  17. No....his future with the team is really not up in their air....Josh Allen is the QB...thats it
  18. Maybe because we are actually winning games because of him?
  19. LOL yeah I understand that His overall numbers dont look bad either over 1000 yards last year? Should always be looking to improve. And lets face it past Brown and Cole.....a lot of just a guy's
  20. Yeah I am not sure I would agree with that.....we need to win now Super Bowl probably not but this is a playoff team
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