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  1. Dawkins is holding an aweful lot Spain might NOT be a one and done.....he is playing pretty well and even though we are rich at OG we might keep him....no reason to let talent get away RT is def a need...I thought Ngseki would be better
  2. His throw to Sweeney absolutely should have been a TD......he should have plucked that away from the defender In this game the long throws were bad.....the WR he was throwing to also has not business running that route
  3. Would much rather have him running those deep throws then Zay Jones That is all
  4. I like that Lee Smith is a take no ***** guy.....but he really hurt us today. I am not positive that he is really needed wihen Knox and Sweeney are really solid finds....Knox might actually be a special find
  5. He is high on turnover ratio vs TDs right now This is a good thing because we are 3 and 1 and that will even out over the course of the season...... If this team was losing games then of course Josh would be pointed at as one of the big reasons why.....but it isnt....because he is ALSO MAKING PLAYS
  6. Not into moral victories We get another crack at them later in the season
  7. So you think that Aggressive QBs dont throw interceptions? Well....we could always bring back Tyrod. We win the first 3 games BECAUSE he is aggressive
  8. And Nate would be correct What do good QBs have in common......guys who will fight for the ball
  9. He also WON those games.....had over 60 percent accuracy......made plays when it mattered......and had several touchdown passes DROPPED You think that a QB has to play perfect ball or they are suspect?
  10. He was not suspect in the first 3 games....stop making ***** up
  11. Can we please come to the realization that Zay Jones is nothing special.....bobbles everything he catches....is not a deep threat....and does not come up big in pressure moments? He blocks.....so does Duke Can we at least TRY to play Duke?
  12. This is impossible.....someone literally called both Edmunds and Allen busts during the game (neither is true of course)
  13. I will say this....it does not matter the down or distance I feel like Josh can convert it every time he touches the ball When was the last time we felt that way
  14. Yes def better in run blocking...but I am talking about pass protection. Run blocking is much easier for an offensive linemen.
  15. We so far have done enough to win and left many points on the field We will need all those points on Sunday
  16. We wont do that....our D is still our best unit
  17. I think SC actually has a point.....nobody wants him out.....I just dont want to be in week 10 eyeing a playoff spot and one of our playmakers not practicing cuz of a lingering hamstring. I think Devin is going to be a very good RB in this league
  18. I feel like I got totally screwed with Sunday Ticket this year I signed up for Choice....then later on I was looking at my monthly budget and downgraded my package. They didnt bother to tell me this would take away my NFL Sunday ticket....not a mention of it at all....then time for The season and they want to charge me full price for it.....I fought thorugh all the reps....including customer retention....nope....wouldnt discount it....I even offered to take my programming back up to choice to get the ticket for free...nope...woudlt give me the offer. I want it this year so I am paying full price for it....but not happy about it.
  19. You mean like every other NFL team in the league Look I think we have a chance.....but I am not hanging how I feel about this team on a game where the other team is DESTROYING teams right now......
  20. I live in California and you are wrong....lots of talk of Josh Allen all the way across the US map And he doesnt need to beat the team that is destroying everyone else to change that...... To me the holding onto the ball is him trying to get the big play with his cannon arm.....for better or worse. Lately he has been VERY efficent with his passes.....which is probably because of Cole Beaslely
  21. To me right now the offensive line improvement in pass protection is a mirage.....Josh Allen and his ability to move is making them look better then they are..... Which I expected at the beginining of the season...the OL has been almost entirely changed and need time to gel....but right now it is what it is
  22. "You wont have to look to find him"....."he will find you" "no....god would have mercy.....Rambo wont"
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