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  1. Just not getting why anyone would think these 2 WR's would not make this team......past the top 3 our WR's are JAGS
  2. PPl need to understand that often times it takes a year for WR's to develop which is why drafting them this year was so important...... To me its like our TE situaiton....we drafted TWO tight ends last year in Knox and Sweeney Also liike our LB situation......we addressed it with a vet....IR'd Joseph (which is like getting a extra pick) and I imagine they are high on Dawson You have to give those guys a chance to develop while there are veterans in front of them to play.....then as the season progresses and they start earning theri reps The guys I expect to see the most time this year Esparza (in a rotation) Moss (in a rotation) Possibly Bass
  3. Chandler really good at this by the way (helping ppl with resetting their passward) Never got a chance to thank you Chandler
  4. I think its going to be extremely tough for him to make the team now Singletary/Moss are going to get the majority of the work Probably keep Yeldon because he is actually a excellent pass catcher
  5. Lets be real.....there is a reason WHY Fromm coming from a big school and championship games fell to the 5th round And Lets be real....that is great for us
  6. Feeling very good about this draft over all But one of the things I was worried about going into this draft is that one of two things was going to happen - The bills were not going to take a WR after the first 3 to 4 were off the board......especially given that we had basically made our 1st and a later pick pick into Diggs...then we took a DE (even though AJ is a promising one) I was REALLY nervous we were going to call it a day on WR or - I thought Beane....in his past history of trading up....was going to use late draft capital to move up and get guys he likes....no Beane has been a pretty darn good drafter even when he did this.......but this was a epic WR class where I was hearing like 40 WR's could be draftable guys.....our WR core did not have good size in its starting group.......and sometimes it takes a year for a WR to develop anyway. but....much to my happiness......we DOUBLED DOWN on wide receiver.......and not only did we double down....we doubled down on BIG receivers.
  7. I am a die hard Allen fan and am not threatened by the pick I actually love the pick why? Because we didn’t have to give up a premium pick to get him those picks should imo go to HELPING allen best of all worlds here
  8. Those that gave us a c grade lost any cred they had its not an a because they haven’t plays yet but come on
  9. When you get your roster to the point where 7th rounders have a hard time making it you do this im all for it
  10. It’s also a matter of not knowing what other teams are going to do with their picks you can only control what happens whe. You are on the clock
  11. Now pay attn all you wanna be lampers this is what it is supposed to look like
  12. Our 1st rounder and nearly every pick was offense
  13. There is only one football for Christ sake They are accumulating talent but ate they building a team
  14. I don’t even know where the weak arm thing is coming from honestly i mean it’s not a cannon
  15. All I know is we have guys that can high point a ball and catch it now
  16. PPL think we dont have backup LB's but we do.....we got Joseph and Dodson last year
  17. I am going with B plus right now only because we need to see it on the field first
  18. He says he models his game after JJ Watt I wonder how close he can get
  19. Every rep you give Clowney Takes a rep away from Esparza we might have to cut Murphy as it is
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