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  1. I swear to christ I have never wanted a team to flop as bad as the raiders Just watched the last episode of hard knocks.....did Gruden REALLY not meet personally with the players he cut? That has to be one of the most fake ass people I have ever seen. I hope Keelan Doss comes back and catches 5 touchdeowns against that team
  2. I realize that Bates will probably be an inactive a lot of this season.....but he frankly has really shown me something especially at center. If he is only backing up at center I hope he is inactive every game but I am going over the pre season games....the kid can play....I wonder if he is not a future left guard if Spain is only a one year rental.
  3. That is a bit of a loaded question. Yes he was productive for us..... Did his salary stop us from bringing in some other players that could help us even more? I dont know. I really just want to err on the side of mucho respect to what Shady gave....regardless of the contract. At the end of the day I would MUCH rather draft running backs and have them on cost control contracts. Look at how much work Beane has done and we STILL have over 90 million in next year's cap. If Singletary works out....we are that much closer.
  4. I just remember how much we missed Robert Woods blocking when he was no longer here...... Im not saying Duke is Robert Woods...because I REALLY liked Robert Woods....only that they are both physical players
  5. obviously very important AFC game AFC east game
  6. What I am voicing is I believe that IN THIS PARTICULAR defense......a pass coverage linebacker is ultra important. You may agree or not...that is my opinion...:)
  7. Sir....please Edmunds looks outstanding in his 2nd year at OLB and totally fits what McD wants from his middle backer.....WHY would we do this? We should just figure out who is gonna be the replacement at olb
  8. After we just got done using a 3rd round pick on a running back? Our RB's are now on cost controlled contracts to include a future HOF'r Why would we do this?
  9. Yeah I think this is the last year for him......I was hoping we would see more from Vason Joseph but it looks like we stashed him
  10. Lorax? Or Maurice Alexander? I think Lorax is retiring after this year?
  11. For those that follow this better then me....how long before we start having to worry about contract for Josh Allen? This is gonna eat up a ton of cap
  12. Over 90 million dollars Beane making trades and drafting like a wizard How should we spend the money?
  13. LOL I dont think Johnson is Clowney I think he could end up being better......and on a rookie cost controlled contract
  14. And this does not include the 3 trades we did.....one for a player still on the team in bates and the other two for draft picks
  15. If tread well has all these things why can’t he get separation?
  16. I think you are wrong here shady always will consider himself THE back on the team and there is nothing wrong with that except the bills decided they were gonna use devin it can create problems in the locker room
  17. Devin has excellent feet....he will never have the top end speed that Shady has (had....if you ask me he is llosing a step there) but he does get to top end speee in an instant..... We really need to remind ourselves that we had what Shady is...not was...and there comes a time when you have to cut bate with thee guys before they start losing a step. You ask me...you robably get more out of Gore in this veteran capacity then Shady becaus Gore knows what he is at this point....you wont see juke moves out of Frank Gore....he is a one cut plow runner.....Shady still does this jitterbug through the line thing....we saw him not be able to get to the corner in pre season games....we saw him cut back and get chased down by defenders Singetary.....he does that jump cut move with the best of them....he is elusive...he pass protects....and now we know he can catch. He is also much younger and on a rookie controlled 3rd round pick contract. I love Shady and I wish him luck when he is not playing us....but he just signed for 3 million a year (and he gets some money from us still I think) and he was making NINE MILLION which is ridiculous for a running back of his age. We did him a solid but cutting him instead of getting a 7th rounder or whatever and trading him so he could go where he wants. We parted ways with mutual respect. We are fine.
  18. Oh for sure no doubt its early something might happen later
  19. I don’t know doc i never saw a player retire at halftime before last year
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