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  1. Beane has us in a nice spot At this point I would really like to see Ford moved inside so ok with Spain moving on......resign Long who frankly was better then advertised when he played. Bring back Waddle....to back up Ty N. I am one of those that believe Shaq will NOT get lazy on a new contract and should be brought back. We should either get another edge rusher in free agency or high in draft to go with them at that positon.....love Johnson pick from this last year. Love the idea of bringing back corner Johnson. Phillips at DT is going to be tricky.....we are actually getting really filled up at that position. If Jordan Phillips cant play Star's spot I would not want to sink to omuch money nto that spot.....Ed Oliver....Horrible Harry.....Corey Liguet.....all quality players.
  2. It isnt A LITTLE.....for christ sake LOOK IT UP I am not saying dont draft a QB under any circumstances......but those high picks need to be used to help our CURRENT qb
  3. There is NOTHING to indicate that Josh Allen is going to show regression.....all arrows are pointing up This whole topic is frankily stupid
  4. Exactly.....give me a player that will actually CATCH those end zone passes Josh is throwing.......
  5. It IS good enough And if you abandon a QB that you draft and is getting better year to year in every category....then you deserve the decades of failure that this team has endured. We have a QB with talent.....give him what he needs to succeed and stop hitting the ***** reset button on this team
  6. Shenault and frankly he seems like he fits the scheme of what our OC wants to do. Give me someone who will go fight for a ball.....and have the speed to do something with it when he has it
  7. Daryl Johnson intrigues the hell out of me......he fell off a bit at the end of the season but a REALLY good 7th round pick. Has all the physical tools and made some plays
  8. I am not going to worry about anything regarding him till there is actually something to worry about. increase in all productivity from year 1 to year 2.....NO signs of regression. I expect a similar jump in year 3
  9. I dont know....I just know that he does meet up with the same off season coaches to work on technique every year.
  10. That is just wrong......ppl have no problem with evaluating the QB.....but need to understand what BAD QB play actually looks like. Josh Allen was extremely raw coming into the league......is not close to his ceiling....and is improving year to year. You throw a QB like that away.....you deserve the losing season you get every year from doing that.
  11. Twist.....why are you so dense on this? He IMPROVED IN NEARLY EVERY CATEGORY ACROSS THE BOARD.
  12. Cody Ford was not a bad edition.....neither were Smoke and Bease. You can only do so much in a off season. If Spain walks because he wants a mint you will be thank ful we have Cody Ford
  13. If the bills stand pant and dont try to improve this offense........we are going to have more losses then we did this year....book it. I see the D being right around where it is the last two years.....in order to take the next step we HAVE to put up more points
  14. Sammy Watkins is a incredibly talented WR who is just not a legit 1
  15. I would like to keep him......but something tells me backing up the brinks truck for him when we just used a high first round pick on a player better then him isnt the Beane way. If he wants to stay I def want him......for the right price
  16. Yes when talking crap folks should make sure their game is correct. I feel perfectly comfortable saying the guy is an idiot for calling Buffalo "losers" when they have made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years.
  17. It actually is not that simple.....you put a back qb on the field and within 3 games they are LOSING games for you You know what Josh Allen does at his young age? Pick up his play in the 4th quarter. Josh Allen is here to stay.....dont like it...too bad
  18. So it looks like another year of our current OC Get him the rest of the pieces he needs to put a 28 point a game team on the field
  19. So I actually agree with Bobby on this...... My thing is if I cant cut Star (who is WAY overpaid) and put him in Star's spot at his size....then what is the point. Oliver is going to be the star of the DT's......Horrible Harry will be coming back......I would rather have Shaq
  20. It sure the hell isnt a qb what the hell is wrong with you
  21. Hey jerry the next time you buy a ticket have the guts to go on the roller coaster
  22. There is no reason to make excuses for josh allen he is a young qb that is improving every year
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