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  1. Did he even give up a sack all year? I am not even saying he is going to be back because I think he is gonna want to get paid and Ford would fit in nicely into that spot......but Spain was not bad for us this year.......Ford (and that is my boy) was worse.
  2. Spain was the weakest link on the line? .........
  3. Or a player with similar qualities.....does he exsist in the draft?
  4. I would like to see them improve the backup spot....I thought we did pretty well with injuries this year and that is not going to happen every year
  5. I would love to see Marriota here....he is a good kid and easy to root for
  6. This all really depends on what the bills do in the offseason..... If they aggressively address some positions and continue to add pieces of depth over the course of the team.....10 wins next year and this time a real shot at the AFC EAST If they stand pat on what they got? I dont know
  7. There were some throws in the game Josh Allen made that had someone just MADE A PLAY then we win.....simple as that This was one of them That is why we need more playmakers
  8. Bobby....he was hardly active because of Kroft and Lee
  9. Right so now you have to go to what parts of the body are more important for different positional places..... Bad hands on a DE is a BAD thing because of the hand fighting they have to do to gain position on their pass rush......I could see this being a big deal because its not like his game is power....his game is SPEED which means quick twitch hand fighting.
  10. So what do we do with Sweeney who actually made plays when active?
  11. I realize Knox has had some whiffs.....but I would still put him as a much better blocker then Ebron. but offensively your point is well taken
  12. A lot to chew on there......I really dont want to see Lee Smith back.......Robert Foster needs to come back REALLY cheap because I have lost all faith in him as a player in this offense. Based on these players I would think WR and RB would have to be big time needs in the draft. I really wish Andre Roberts was more then just the ace on special teams returns at this point......I am wondering why he is not a better offensive player.
  13. Honestly I would just like to know what the actual plan was to handle blitz packages Josh Allen had thrown on him in the 2nd half.....it looked like the protections were PISS poor and there was not outlet receiver to at least toss the ball to for no gain or short yardage. Myself? I would ran the CRAP out of that ball in the 2nd half of that game to keep the Texans from pinning their ears back...but that is just me.
  14. Which is top 5? And what do you do with Knox if you do this? I am not against signing a veteran.....and I like what Beane did at the OG psotiion (signing Spain and Jon F. and still drafting Ford who could have started at those positions doubling down) I just dont want to dismiss drafted players because they are on cost controlled contracts and Knox is obviously talented.
  15. Knox is the legit TE......I know he has had some drops but not enough to make me think free agency gives us a legit better player (I am not against bringing in a solid vet that actually makes offensive plays I just dont want those reps being taken away from Knox) Meanwhile....EVERY time we have allowed Sweeney to play he has had receptions. To me this is WHY we are are so good on salary cap space.....Beane has found a way to draft well and not put huge salaries at these positions why not take advantage of this?
  16. The roster is already packed with a lot of talent....to me it does not make sense to try to fill the roster with low salaries/project guys I would like to not do to much trading up and would like to see us have a nice boring draft where we pick at our positions.....Beane has been a ninja at finding late round guys that actually make contributions (Sweeney and Johnson should both have bigger roles this next season and were excellent picks for where they were drafted) This is a great draft for us because it is deep in positions that we need.......imagine coming out of this draft with TWO good wide receivers?
  17. I feel like we aere good here. Cut the dead weight guys....bring Sweeney up.....cut the worthless higher paid guys.....Knox is the primary....Sweeney is frankly better then Kroft.....maybe draft a TE late that also plays great special teams? WR is where it is at......Duke Williams is the only size we have at that position
  18. I really dontt think DS was considered a 5th round pick at the time of the draft.....it seemed to me he got drafted right around where predicted (a good thing for us)
  19. Or some of us "older guys" have faith and hope because there is reason to have it.....
  20. I actually could have gone a little MORE conservative in this game WHen we went up by 16.....we stopped running the ball....DS was having a great game and ALL WE NEEDED TO DO WAS just keep getting first downs and run clock......the defense of the Texans did not score...which means that their offense scored all those comeback points....... A running game in the 2nd half of this game would have gotten us a win
  21. The problem with this is as soon as corners start holding Brown with no call....that number 1 aura goes away very quickly. We need big phsyical recievers that can fight through holds to go along with smoke
  22. They fell one expectation short on my list.....but that is ok My prediction at the beginning of the season.....10 and 6 record, make the playoffs on a wildcard, win the wildcard, lose to a more rounded team We lost in overtime in a very winnable game that if some bounces had fell our way.....we would still be playing this week I dont want to make predictions for next year till I see what the offseason shakes out but we know our schedule will be tougher next year so We need to continue to add pieces on offense, a speed/size/strength combo wide out that high points balls....Josh Allens passes all seem to have a high trajectory because his receivers are all short and they reach up for the ball.....GET SOME SIZE in the receiving core but not jags.....get guys who can separate and catch and will fight for balls and will do something with it when they have it Figure out RT.....if its Ty ok...Ford is probalby not the guy....but figure it out....and have a backup to our starter that can come in and not get our QB killed. Allen is working with Palmer in the offeseason on proper footwork for deep passes (which were available to us all season and actually woudl have won some games that we lost) Devin S. is a starting back....but he is not a 25 carry a game back.....we need a quality guy who brings a different dimension to him to back up DS and not fade as the season wears on the way Frank Gore did......DS wears them down......the relief comes in and has a break away play because of the change up in speed in the backs Lorax is going to need to be replaced.....I dont know if that guy is on the team right now...Lorax lost steam as the season went on....still one of my favorite players though Whatever we DO.....we cannot sit pat and think we can accomplish the same thing next year.......the progression to improve both starters and backs needs to continue.......I think next year we contend.
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