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  1. I was iffy on this one as it was due to the injuries...... Meanwhile....our 7th rounder looks good
  2. I will never cheer a ACL injury....killed my sons college scholarship.
  3. Both have had stabs in the NFL....both have been unsuccessful I mean...anything can happen but I dont think the chances are high....on this team there is a very talented QB on offense and a D loaded with talent Not sure they would WANT to leave
  4. You mean other then the fact that McD kick's Gase ass in head to head?
  5. I want to see them fearful of letting Josh escape the pocket....and Josh show that progression to eat them up with his bazooka he has attached to his shoulder..... Threat of run to slow down the pass rush Only use it when you have to
  6. "instincts and accuracy" THE KID IS A TURNOVER MACHINE And this is coming from someone who LIKES Darnold.....but come on man...Allen is light years ahead of where you are are currently placing him
  7. Next year is supposed to be a strong draft for WR The year before last was supposed to be a strong draft for QB.....we took Josh Allen This year was supposed to be a strong draft for DL.....what did we do? We took a DT in Oliver A trend?
  8. Kyler Murray looking like a rookie qb imagine that
  9. I am curious on how you have this talk watching him on two series in pre season He literally had two bad throws in that time So....yeah I dont understand your take
  10. Troll is not a word I would immediately use unti its proven However...I do question your judgement......Darnold so far has been a turnover machine.....Josh Allen has been much better then expected for what was supposed to be a raw prospect. I think your wrong
  11. The jets defense is destroying the Falcons offensive line..... I just dont see it with this OL.....I am sure the jets will have their moments..... When we are on defense? Our DL is going to DESTROY the jets OL Have a little faith in your team folks
  12. I have no problem believing Sam Darnold is a good QB But his offensive line IS NOT
  13. Followed by a sack...... The Falcons are NOT good on defense....yet they shut down that 2nd series (all vanilla)
  14. Here is to hoping Shaq has a great season and the bills scramble to resign him
  15. QB is just so hard to determine from college to NFL I went with my son on a recruiting visit to Oregon after Mariotta was drafted...the nicest kid....everyone looked up to him...was sure that he was gonna do well I went to UCLA on business....talked to many students who know Rosen after he was drafted....most called him a entitled arrogant prick and didnt like him....just not many fans of him in the circle of studnets I talked to.....and he is also struggling.
  16. Really torn.....I like Ty. Maybe we get our pass rusher out of next year's draft.
  17. I dont know if he is or isnt good at teaching blocking to Sweeney I do know that Sweeney can block....you can see it when he is on the field
  18. I have come to the conclusion that you are a straight troll....... there....I said it
  19. I think he is a straight C but the rest of the article is bunk because there are players that are nowhere near the grade level they are giving them.......
  20. I just pooped and came back is he ours yet?
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