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  1. I personally think you would be happy if they were having a losing season as crazy as that sounds
  2. I was hopeful that Robert Foster would show something on Sunday because I like wide receivers to be both big and fast but the fact of the matter is you cannot take a player like McKenzie insert him just because he is small when he does so many different things for your team just keep Duke up for red zone play McKenzie and if we need speed and size play Roberts I think Robert Foster he’s going to be done as a bill
  3. I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from with that it looks to me like Gore is outperforming shady and super motor is giving what shady did
  4. So let Me see his ceiling is the best DT in the league and his floor is less than thatMe see his ceiling is the best DT in the league and his floor is less than that what exactly is the problem here he is being played outplayed buy a veteran who is Str8 Ballin and he is a rookie what exactly is the problem here he is being played outplayed buy a veteran who is Str8 Ballin and he is a rookie
  5. I am quite tired of defending the bills for beating teams they should be beating win in the past we would’ve found ways to lose to those teams
  6. Why do the same posters keep posting the same useless ***** after a win no less
  7. This is not how you evaluate a defense that is why they actually keep stats so that you can compare it to the rest of the league instead of calling others homers maybe you should do your fuking research if we were not having run fit problems right now we would be undefeated if you did a simple search you will see that we sit anywhere from 3 to 5 but def in the top 10 that is not average no matter how math chellenged you might be
  8. And yet has a winning coaching record with us when was the last time we actually had that
  9. Lol your predicting a loss to the imploding browns?
  10. Always liked roman remember when he engineered a top 10 offense with a lousy bills defense and Tyrod at qb?
  11. No why do you say this we stuff you got a hamster in your pocket? That’s fair i haven’t seen anything this year to really give josh an a game but I also understand just how raw he was coming into the league as long as he is coming along and as long as we are winning I’m good
  12. Its not like I am rooting against LJ either....I liked him before the draft and I am glad he is playing well I dont have to hate LJ to like OUR QB (that doesnt seem to go everybody)
  13. "miles below him" See this is what I am talking about right here dumbass comments like this....he is NOT "miles below him.....Josh Allen is actually changing his game so that he ISNT playing like him like compared to last year when he was.....you know when JOSH ALLEN was having the ridiclous run stats..... Jesus will the moronic comments ever stop
  14. Correct I seem to remember at the time that folks didnt WANT a unconventional QB anyway....it would be too much like Tyrod Taylor. How good he will be as a QB will depend on how healthy he can stay....I dont care what anyone says.....he is slight for a NFL QB that runs around....right now he is making it work good for him.
  15. You can only play the teams that the NFL puts in front of you What ppl just seem to forget....this is the same bills team that would find ways to LOSE today instead of win. The bills have now figured out how to win the games they should it is coming along......ppl are just impatient. Our offense has 10 NEW STARTERS......playing a 2nd year QB (who is improving) and we are finding ways to win games instead of lose them. Stay thirsty my friends
  16. I just think it is impossible to go undefeated in a season As hard as I try I really cannot hate on the Ravens.....a team that has a culture a lot like ours. And I liked their QB before the draft.....he fell into a great situation with a already quality team and Roman who is a crackerjack of a OC when it comes to the running game. Lets see how it plays out over the season. I am fine with my team Im going to sleep tonight happy they are 6 and 2 and probably making the playoffs after a full rebiuld with even more cap space next year.
  17. You continue to make moronic statements about the bills countless times.....so no it doesnt make you a cowboys fan.....just....well.....it is what it is
  18. No....Josh has taken plenty of hits...the difference is he has the BODY to take those hits
  19. Both athletic but different players Allen is decept fast for being a clydsdale of a QB.....LJ would be in a acme lung if he took a direct hit.....which he eventually will
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