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  1. I will be too busy watching Duke's fine play against a strong Titan defense to care
  2. First let me say I am not opposed at taking a shot at Green.....he has been one of the best WR's in the league.....AT THE RIGHT PRICE but I totally understand the naysayers point of view as well....he does get hurt a lot
  3. I of course am thrilled with the cap management Beane has done.....with even more coming next year. A lot of ppl blasted Beane for not spending it....I hope some get it now.....we have gone through a entire clean rebiuld....we had a dead cap year which sucked (last year) and now the slate is clean....we have SEVERAL players on our OWN team that are worthy of big contracts...they are young...they are improving And it also explains why we are not spending a huge chunk on one player yet......because to keep OUR good players that is where it is going to go. It is also going to be important that Beane continue his wizard ways when it comes to drafting......two EXCELLENT drafts so far
  4. Want to know where a vast amount of our cap space is going to go? Our own players
  5. I would say that Zay showed a "little bit" of improvement....not near what you would like to see from a year 3 guy
  6. Actually....I would call that crusading Its hard to call you a troll Gunner when your right most of the time Going onto another teams board....telling them that THEY are going to have a losing season....and predicting your team is going to go undefeated is flat trolling.....no way around that
  7. I look back at those deep throws to Zay from Josh...... I could totally be wrong...but did Josh trust Zay to actually fight for that ball if it was contested? Yes...they could have been just poor throws...but why do deep balls to Robert Foster get thrown on the money and the ones to Zay have to be 5 yards out in front of him Something just does not add up there
  8. Still very young to.....only going to get better Beane is killing it
  9. Chiefs insane offense.....lame defense Bills....insane defense....so so offense Whoops Zero
  10. The fact that we got anything for him is pretty amazing. I thought he was going to get cut. This is in the DE Johnson or TE Sweeney range from this last draft
  11. Lol to hear ppl talk of the roster difference at the beginning of the season josh Allen is just better
  12. And there you have it good luck to z Jones just was not going to work out here duke pushed him right off the team
  13. Every time I see hamstring I think of Singletary and Knox and cringe
  14. We have a good team We actually dont know how good it really is.....
  15. Jordon Phillips - UFA - Absolfriggenlutely Spencer Long - Club Option - I think we have Ford and he is a OG.....not sure I bring him back Lorenzo Alexander - UFA - He is going to retire Kevin Johnson - UFA - Yes Shaq Lawson - UFA - If he is not asking for a insane amount of money....I want to see the progression of Johnson continue Quinten Spain - UFA - To me he is a yes...I dont care if we have too many good OGs Frank Gore - UFA - WOuld love to have him back LaAdrian Waddle - UFA - Have not seen enough of him to know Julian Stanford - UFA - Meh Maurice Alexander - UFA - Meh Kurt Coleman - UFA - If the price is right .....yes Dean Marlow - RFA - Meh Isaiah McKenzie - RFA - if the price is right...yes Jason Croom - EFRA - Not a chance Levi Wallace - EFRA - Absofriggenlutely Robert Foster - EFRA - At the right price...yes
  16. I dont know if the offense will ever be as good as our defense.....but one can hope
  17. Given that we literally were playing reserves out of position players at 3 different positions on the OL......what they and Gore did was nothing short of special Just took the Titans heart
  18. We have all this cap space.....but I really get this feeling most of it is going to go to re signing our own guys The team has talent now.....in some positions talent AND depth and Beane is kiling it on draft picks Wrap up our current players.....get some offensive playmakers this next draft
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