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  1. Wait.....is somebody trying to create some drama? The bills were in on Josh Allen from the beginning......there IMHO was NO other QB that they wanted or ranked as highly.....and they were right to do so. I am happy for Lamar Jackson and I liked him before the draft.......but were good.
  2. And honestly....Jackson does not have the physical body to hold up under that kind of punishment over time. So far.....his athletism has saved him.
  3. This is the way I think its going to play out Spain is going to want a huge contract......one of the reasons he was even available to us was because he was waiting for money that never materialized and it didnt happen. He has been solid this year.....on a team going to the playoffs......and when the season is over he is going to be looking for one again. Ford is waiting in the wings as a starting guard....and we have a insane amount of depth at the position. Ford to LT.....Jon F. gets extended at RT.......we keep the ex Jet C/G and the guy we traded for as depth......we find another RT.
  4. I want to put a bet on the spread cover.....anybody know of any decent on line betting sites?
  5. Cannot see it happening either....McD and Beane biult this successful thing we have in Buffalo.....McD IS Buffalo
  6. It was kinda sarcasm.....I should have been more clear.
  7. Its the upcoming generation of QBs Notice how a lot of Josh Allen's highlights are PASSING the ball?
  8. All I know is that Ed was the right pick. And we got him without moving up.....allowing us to get Cody. A game changer
  9. Im actually liking Knox and Sweeney We need a big fast wr that can catch
  10. You have seen teams stop Lamar too
  11. I understand the premise of this My whole thing is I dont want ppl feeling like this was a dissapointing year if we dont win the East. a 10 to 11 win season this year is a GREAT accomplishment........getting to the playoffs would be a great accomplishment......... Just one year removed from a rebiulding year where we drafted in the top 10........a losing season........offloading huge cap contracts...... This was the first year we could actually spend big money to get actual talent and we have a lot of young drafted players.....all who will be even better NEXT year. I dont want to hear that this was a failing year if we dont win the East.......
  12. Major Bobby is a good dude (and a fellow military) I welcome him to come back in and adjust his post.
  13. Make the playoffs and my expectations for this year are met. I know its nice to talk about winning the East but all I wanted to do this year was make the playoffs AND win a game....I never expected to make the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl with our offense such a work in progress. I of course would be thrilled if we did more then that.....but I expect this team to fine tune going into the following year and make a serious push that year.
  14. We need a WR that does what Robert Foster does every great while as a NORM
  15. Can some point to a good on line site to place a bet
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