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  1. How can you determine ANYTHING from a breakdown where he didnt play a full game in pre season? I actually didnt think Ford struggled.....he had a couple of bad snaps but also some very good ones. I didnt think Oliver struggled at all.....I dont understand why it is so hard to understand that even a very good rookie is not going to win EVERY snap? This is not high school.....
  2. And the moral to this story is as it has been If the WR catches the ball.....the QB is awesome If the WR drops the ball......the QB is inaccurate, non clutch, indecisive (take your pick) Pass catchers need to help out our QB......for sure on the passes that hit them right in the hands....but even on ones that are not perfect.
  3. Its a combo of the two Most talented player that COULDNT stay healthy.....not the most talented player overall
  4. I was going to keep my mouth shut....but you had to add this like now you are rooting for it to prove a point...... Can you please stop with this?
  5. Not a big fan of this guy.....extremely critical of Josh Allen as well. I felt that Josh missed some throws in the first series but warmed up after that....should have came away with a TD to Zay Jones but Jones drops another one that hits him right in the hands..... On Ed Oliver....come on man....he isnt going to make a play on EVERY down....he was taking up blockers so that others could make plays....and getting good penetration....WTF does Cosell want?
  6. Maybe I am in the minority on this....but I DONT want to do this? I mean I guess it would depend on the compensation..... - I feel it would take a lot to get him - I like what Beane is doing with the draft picks
  7. This really makes too much sense on what to do.....not that it will go this way but - THe bills get an extra slot they WOULD NOT GET UNLESS they sign him to the PS - He has 2 HOF running backs, A highly drafted RB who is making plays, and a RB that plays good ST's as competition to make the team - He has LITERALLY never played American football before You practice squad him and develop him......the guys probably making the team are McCoy, Gore, Singltary, Perry
  8. I honestly would not take the jets defense for granted at all.....especially early. I cannot stand Greg Williams but one thing he knows how to do is get his teams to play dirty. Need to run the ball A LOT.....and put in good protections for Josh
  9. I actually don’t cheer players getting injured and Achilles injuries are super bad they can take careers
  10. So just one question has his spleen been removed yet?
  11. This is actually a good player not a star but excellent depth
  12. The question is if he can’t be pilfered by another team why would you 2 future hof guys singletary probably perry for sts
  13. I disagree with you and that’s fine Oh I smell a bet coming
  14. Ok so just so I understand the complaint all pro and super good og Nelson got tested by rookie dt Oliver in his ever nfl preseason action what is the problem again?
  15. I fully expect him to have some down games and hopefully more good then bad
  16. I hope he is a designate to return good player when healthy
  17. Word on the street at the time was we were swapping firsts But Lets say that is even true...that means no Cody Ford At this point I woudl even consider THAT a win because I love Ford
  18. So just to point this out.....if we would have gotten Antonio probably no Ed Oliver We did ok
  19. What i am wondering is if we are going to be arguing about it even if the bills are winning games...... You know...because some ppl are never happy?
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