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  1. Lol to hear ppl talk of the roster difference at the beginning of the season josh Allen is just better
  2. And there you have it good luck to z Jones just was not going to work out here duke pushed him right off the team
  3. Every time I see hamstring I think of Singletary and Knox and cringe
  4. We have a good team We actually dont know how good it really is.....
  5. Jordon Phillips - UFA - Absolfriggenlutely Spencer Long - Club Option - I think we have Ford and he is a OG.....not sure I bring him back Lorenzo Alexander - UFA - He is going to retire Kevin Johnson - UFA - Yes Shaq Lawson - UFA - If he is not asking for a insane amount of money....I want to see the progression of Johnson continue Quinten Spain - UFA - To me he is a yes...I dont care if we have too many good OGs Frank Gore - UFA - WOuld love to have him back LaAdrian Waddle - UFA - Have not seen enough of him to know Julian Stanford - UFA - Meh Maurice Alexander - UFA - Meh Kurt Coleman - UFA - If the price is right .....yes Dean Marlow - RFA - Meh Isaiah McKenzie - RFA - if the price is right...yes Jason Croom - EFRA - Not a chance Levi Wallace - EFRA - Absofriggenlutely Robert Foster - EFRA - At the right price...yes
  6. Given that we literally were playing reserves out of position players at 3 different positions on the OL......what they and Gore did was nothing short of special Just took the Titans heart
  7. We have all this cap space.....but I really get this feeling most of it is going to go to re signing our own guys The team has talent now.....in some positions talent AND depth and Beane is kiling it on draft picks Wrap up our current players.....get some offensive playmakers this next draft
  8. unfortunately yes serious Its a busy time for me and trying to squeeze my teams football in
  9. I dont want to put too much pressure on him here....... If he can provide us a red zone threat and block for the run then he already is a success It doesnt take away the need for the team to continue to search for a true number 1
  10. The WR he is namely missing those shots with is Zay Jones I just dont think they have a chemistry with that pass.....I dont know what it is...we know he can throw it because he was throwing it to Robert Foster last year. Speaking of which....Robert Foster needs to play.....Zay Jones needs to sit or be traded. I always like the thought of another draft pick in Beans hands because he knows what to do with them. Duke WIlliams should be a red zone target specialist.
  11. Even the good GM's are not going to get them all right I am at agreement with this....finally I still think Cody Ford is a good player....but much like ou cant move Dawkins to RT I also do not think Cody is a RT in the nfl now....I do think he is a starting guard and we are going to be fine in the interior of our OL because of the depth moving Cody to OG creates Bates is a swiss army knife....he might not be elite and any specific position but he looks like he is decent at 3 different positions.....the definition of "swing"
  12. There are things we could do to make this team better We actually dont know that.....we are what our record says we are
  13. That will work against the bad and decent teams......against the elite teams I think we are gonna have to score points
  14. This team has been what 5 and 0 and missed the playoffs? One game at a time.....it feels good though Our monster middle linebacker had his hands on a interception that would have won the game for us and dropped it against the pats..... I think these type of turnovers will come in bunches
  15. I think he was prob close to playing in this game...and took a calculated gamble they could win without him Coming off the bye Devin should be 100 percent....which will be huge
  16. Just to add....we are four and one and going into our bye....just in time to lick some wounds on some much needed players Namely Devin Singletary.....who we need. What is getting lost in Gore's fine play is that he really is not a 25 carry back any more...you platoon him with a dynamic player like Devin and you see a fresher Gore and less designed Josh Allen plays....which at this point I would like to see much less of
  17. Can you please hang onto Gase for a few more years
  18. Got to thinking about this after the game There were a lot of for's and against on Duke Williams prior to his game today (and yes its one game...just throwing that out there) I wonder just how much of the "against" came from fears of the experiment with Kelvin.......they are both big physical guys....they are both not burners To me this just goes to show you how you really cannot stereo type players I think back to all the times Kelvin had a ball right there to make a play.....and how many times he just didnt make it....I feel like if you gave Duke those same opportunities he WOULD make most of them because he simply catches the ball Thoughts?
  19. So many dumb throws He does have some....how many do YOU think he has?
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