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  1. So just to point this out.....if we would have gotten Antonio probably no Ed Oliver We did ok
  2. What i am wondering is if we are going to be arguing about it even if the bills are winning games...... You know...because some ppl are never happy?
  3. I mean I would love to have both from a player....but if you asked me if I could get A RB that gets 5 yards every time he touched the ball A RB that gets stuffed at the LOS 2 out of every 3 times he touches a ball....but that 3rd run goes for a huge gain Give me the 5 yard guy Also....can we please keep in mind that guy actually pass protects? Do ppl understand how rare that is for a rookie RB?
  4. Beane does a lot of tinkering with the bottom end of his roster.....usually with DB's though
  5. When I moved into my apt I had an apt on either side of me.....one side had a hispanic family (with way too many to live in that apt) with a "man of the house" that seemed to always be home He seemed very to himself and unapproachable....I left him alone as i am a bit of a introvert myself....if he didnt want to be friendly that was his right....no reason to push it. Still...there was always something wierd about him like he seemed to always be intentionally avoiding me. My girlfriend stays with me when she is not working.....stays at my apt when im working on some days....has a key...one day she mentions to me that she is uncomfortable about "the guy living in the next door apt" I ask questions....she says just wierd vibe but doesnt give me specifics. Some time passes I come home from work...my GF tells me that "man next door" waited until I left for work then came to the door and knocked for "no apparent reason and was for some reason acting very friendly.....I told him I was busy but he kept hanging around the door eventually told him to go away and shut the door" GF goes to work....I go over to have a talk to my friendly when he wants to be neighbor....refuses to answer the door....well I am pretty stubborn so I just wait for the next time for him to try to walk outside to his car. I keep it civil....but let him know that this was my apt and if he needed something he can wait until I am there.....I also point out to him that he has been pretty unfriendly since I moved in so I am maybe I have him wrong since he wants to be friendly with my gf...this where I realize this guy is a real worm and cant handle confrontation.....just wants to deny everything and get away from me. Some time goes on without incident. Now I am at my job (about 10 min away from my apt) and I get the call from my gf that she is literally trying to walk into my apt but wierdo is standing in front of his apt and now she is actually scared. You guessed it I drive home.....catch him doing this ***** and he runs into his house. GF is not uncomfortable staying at my apt without me which pisses me off even more. Im not going to go through a door of someone elses apt....this gives them the excuse to shoot me and get away with it....So I just wait until his wife comes home.....then I come out....when I come out the wife calls her husband...the husband comes out (reluctantly) and I explain the whole situation....wife blows up because of course there is a past of acting like this to other women....she starts crying and of course goes in the house because of course some ppl are just not smart enough to leave bad situations. This is where I have the talk....I explain to him (just between the two of us) that if he does pretty much anything i dont like he better have a gun in his hand when he does it because I wont live with a threat next door. He is trying to slink away from me denying everything I let him go because well....im just not that person anymore. Some time goes on.....I have to go to my gf's house to see her because she wont come to my place during that time....then one day I come home with 2 police cars in front of our apartments.....and wierdo husband next door is being led out in hand cuffs to one of the cars....wife is crying and taking up for him the whole way. Later on I get the story from the land lord......as you might have guessed wierd husband next door is a convicted felon....for what?......you guessed it.....sexual prediter.....something to do with the neighbors across the street and their teenage daughter have brought the police out this day and the father called the cops. That apartment is vacant now and has been for some time...My GF is back and staying there when not working which I like. Hoping the next ppl that move in dont have issues.
  6. I think what we are going to see this year is more short throws to guys like Beasley....the type of stuff that helps other qbs beef up their percentages. The longer the pass....the percentage of completion rate goes down for ALL quarterbacks.....
  7. And if that be the case....why rock the boat and just re sign Spain? I dont mind having one too many good OL
  8. Maybe the future plan is not to have a "the guy" running back I mean.....its easy this year...but probably Shady's last year.....Who knows with Gore The rugby is very interesting....but inexperienced....maybe they go to more a 2 back slit carry system next year?
  9. I dont think there is a chance in hell that he makes it to the PS....would be shocked...if we cut him...I think we lose him. Good OL just too hard to find. So the question becomes who do we keep......does the fact that Ford being able to play OG and OT allow us to keep one extra? Does a guy like Spencer Long go?
  10. Sometimes it is the trade/transaction that is not made Could you imagine giving up a huge portion of our new found salary cap to AB and this happen if he was with us?
  11. I dont see him getting cut either....my concern now is playing time The more speed on the field the better
  12. I would not say Foster had a good season....but if you look at the 2nd half of season stats and compared them with the rest of the league....Foster was doing VERY well compared to other NFL recievers. My problem with this is that should be a starting point for him to take him into this season take ANOTHER step....which so far he is not doing. I dont want a Foster/Zay Jones comparison.....I want ppl to look at Foster as a legit number 1 guy because he has that ability He needs to show it
  13. I think it is also important to note that with so many new pieces...they are not even as good as they will be by say...mid season. takes time to gel
  14. So what is everybody thinking....what OL end up getting cut? Do we keep Teller over a guy like....Spencer Long?
  15. Are you thinking of over Spain? I actually really like Spain I mean...its a GOOD problem to have. You can actually even make some trades for draft picks when you get into these situations.
  16. Teller was my guy from last year...... I dont know if he is a cut....but we are going to be putting talented guys on the street this year that are going to be quickly on other teams......Beane has really done his job
  17. I just really feel that Josh is a different cat then the NFL is used to seeing Can make EVERY throw....huge arm Huge physical specimen but also a freakishly good running QB I am wondering if Josh is not more like John Elway
  18. I think your missing the point ALL qbs.....and I dont care which one you point to.....Brady...Manning...Rivers....whoever...they ALL throw bad passes. The difference is that THEIR recievers make plays for them....so the bad passes get forgotten.....and ppl just look to the box score. Wanna know what I liked from last night? Put Cole Beasely to work....used a short gain receiver which he did not do a lot last year....didnt immediately take off and run....and didnt take hits. Its called progression.
  19. This guy has to be a PS guy at least right? Edit....just saw we get to keep him for free on the PS Maybe that is the plan? Pairing him up with Singletary?
  20. Lets put it this way We are going to be having some special teams players this year while they get their feet wet that in other years would have been starting for us.
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