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  1. I have come to the conclusion you are seriously mental 31 and he is entering the prime of his career? Come on son
  2. Stephon Gilmore never sucked....and is in the prime of hsi career Its apples and oranges
  3. My question is why are we assuming Cam is healthy......HE looks shot as well
  4. Hey Bill.....here is a little exercise for you.....show me the name players that have gone to New England to get their careers going again. Then I will provide you a list of players where they went to New England and didnt..... Go ahead.....lets play
  5. Once again.....not the topic of the discussion
  6. .....and horrible Harry is back ----and quinton jefferson is a excellent versitle defender ----and Ed Oliver was one of the best run grad defenders on the team
  7. And the bills have upgraded their D line.....so?
  8. LMAO.....you think because they got cam they are all of sudden going to beat everyone else in the division....... Its friggen hilarious The bills need to worry about THEIR games......and if they are winning against AFC East teams and split with the pats....yes they will win the division YOU STILL have not explained what great offense is there in New England that is going to accomplish this
  9. I fully expect the bills to at least split with the pats and win the AFC East
  10. OK.....let me see if I understand your idiotic reasoning New England 7th ranked offense.....with a HOF accurate QB This year........no Tom Brady and a broken down Cam Newton Oh yeah.....those are totally going to add up To add to your idiotic arguement......it does not matter what the bills offense was ranked last year......we are talking about the patriots
  11. I am feeling pretty confident in that prediction Which do you think will happen first.....the media meltdown or the injury?
  12. Actually no.....for the most part players dont go to New England to revive their careers....I think you should look at that again
  13. Still waiting to hear about this "offense" New England has
  14. I predict Cam will be a disaster in New England
  15. He needs to secure the ball a little better.....but I dont see him throwing a ton of interceptions
  16. Another problem you have is there were some "experts" that picked Josh Allen as the hill to die on of who was going to bust when he was drafted. He has CERTAINLY not busted.....but to back track now while the right thing to do is just not in their creed.......they sit there like they HOPE that Josh Allen suddenly falls on this face The truth is....while not a top 10 QB yet has at this point shown that he is a gamer with all the tools who at the very least is a starting NFL Quarterback.
  17. It is easy to talk about it in hindsite....but if Knox actually catches that lateral the bills win and we are onto the 2nd round of the playoffs It is Josh Allen's willingness to go for it that actually makes him really really intriguing.......if he can just clean up some of the consistant stuff
  18. I dont recall him being screw up free....if I said something to that effect that is not what I meant. What I am saying is that Josh Allen literally takes nothing and turns it into something.....a lot.....he has game winning drives...he is a gamer.....he IS what you want at the QB postion if he can just not fumble the ball and hit a deep ball every now and then. We have seen enough attempts at QB role through here to know what a QB that is holding the team back looks like. Josh Allen aint that
  19. I wasnt aware that you had to be totally screw up free in order to be part of the solution. You do realize that ALL NFL QBs dont play it perfect right? Why should Josh be held to a higher standard?
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