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  1. Yeah the fumbling thing (career wise) on Yeldon has been debunked I love his ability as a receiver
  2. Does Yeldon play special teams.....thought he should have been used more and was not expensive. I fully expect another back brought in
  3. I would like to think that the use of Foster was determined on how he was doing in practice....but I dont know because we kept hearing that Duke was being a beast in practice.
  4. I like both those receivers.....but I am wondering why you think they are better then Shenault who looks like a stud
  5. Expected: Trent Murphy ($8.95 cap hit / $1.75M dead cap) - Agreed Spencer Long ($4.1M cap hit / $700k dead cap) - I expect him to stick and possibly reworked.....the guy was solid every time he came in relief Surprise: Star Lotulelei ($10.1M cap hit / $7.8M dead cap) - I think he might actually stick.....but the cap hit might make him expendable Tyler Kroft ($6.4M cap hit / $1.6M dead cap) - God I hope he is gone Lee Smith ($3.25M cap hit / $1M dead cap) - Made way too much money for a one dimensional penatly machine Steven Hauschka ($3M cap hit / $1.25M dead cap) - i bet he sticks Pat Dimcarco ($2.35M cap hit / $500k dead cap) - we can have one of our TE's block for the run Andre Roberts ($2M cap hit / $500k dead cap) - Makes peanuts and he lowers my anxiety when he is back there catching the ball....improve what is in front of him blocking TJ Yeldon ($1.9M cap hit / $250K dead cap) - makes penauts.....was under used and should have been playing when Gore started slowing down In the end....a lot of cap space so probably a lot less cuts when you would think....if they happen I hope they happen because we got somebody better...not because of the money.
  6. He was absolutely not used enough this last season...... He even had a hamstring injury during the season....causing him to miss games
  7. The Robert Foster thing I will never understand...that guy looked like a breakout player the 2nd half of the year before
  8. My thinking is if they didnt want Waddle they would have released him with a injury settlement. He played pretty well for New England?
  9. I actually hope they retain Spencer Long.....for the money he is on he has played well as a backup OG. My spider sense says Spain will want to get paid....they will insert Ford into that starting spot....Long is retained and backs up the OG positions.....Ty. N. is the starting RT with Waddle backing him up and they draft a OL in the draft.
  10. This is jmo but I think it is working like this..... They are looking at how much Spain is actually going to cost if resigned They are waiting to see how free agency and the draft shake out at RT Personally......I think the RT for next year is Ty N. with Waddle bacing him up or else they would have just released Waddle instead of hanging onto him......so I am not convinced that Ford is auto going to RT And....I think if Ford starts at OG....he is going to be a pro bowler
  11. Still so young and just scratching the surface of his potential......love how these young guys are taking big steps forward year to year.
  12. You are entitled to your opinion now go pound sand
  13. You must have been one of the ones saying it by the way my post in no way was meant to make fun of his concussions if that is what your driving at
  14. I think there is a great opportunity here to get a couple of WR's good enough to start out of this draft...... Use free agency money to improve the pass rush.....draft 2 WR's....another RB.....a back up QB
  15. And the security of knowing you have a player that can actually catch the punt...not fumble it....and give the other team great FP
  16. They didnt specifically draft him to play RT They said he would "Start out at" RT
  17. I think Cody Ford is also going to be a very good player just maybe not at Right Tackle. If he ends up being a dominant OG....it was still a excellent pick
  18. He didnt cost that much He made me feel like the ball was not going to be fumbled......and it wasnt He can stay....IMPROVE the blocking in front of him
  19. Into the NFC huh.....less chance of Josh Allen making him look foolish?
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