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  1. Cant keep up with the thread anymore lol just checking the last comment
  2. This my offer yesterday when I was posting on this....anything more and its a bad deal because there are no guarantee's he even signs with us McCoy....we have protected ourself here with Gore....drafting singletary....can keep Yeldon....and maybe even give our rugby player a chance Zay.....he might get cut anyway.....but our CFL player Duke can fill that void 4th round pick Anything more then that Miami can have him and watch him walk at the end of the year
  3. Singletary looking like the better pick by the day
  4. Your probably right I do appreciate the fact that Beane does try
  5. Because it isnt.....Shady is still Shady....Zay is still young but not workingout here Keep in mind.....Clowney is on a 1 year....
  6. Remember Clowney on the 1 year deal McCoy and Zay Jones straight up
  7. And there goes Miller on a cart Shady and Zay straight up
  8. Absolutely Josh Allen The Josh you saw in the 2 minute drill before halftime of the Lions game is the real Josh He just needs a little help....and he has some....was putting Smoke to work right there
  9. My problem was when they were analyzing the Josh Allen interception Not that it was not a bonehead move...it was....but just lack of understanding of the player You are talking about Josh Allen.....who has a special arm...even gets him in trouble at times....but one said "cant get the volicity on the ball to make that throw" wrong.....there is no throw Josh cant make.....he could be falling backwards and launch that ball a long ways.....it should have been more like "I know Josh has one of the strongest arms in the league....you just cant make that throw into triple coverage" Its nit picky.....but yeah
  10. I think we should keep both Roberts and McKenzie Put McCloud on the PS Trade Zay Jones for whatever we can get......he should be better then he is at this point....frankly I expected him to tear up this training camp and pre season.....he isnt Keep Duke.....who does not drop footballs
  11. Is the int that was called back because of the roughing considered one of the drive killing penalties? Or was there another play.
  12. Def not going to knock your analysis of Josh Allen.....I would just say that I wouldnt have put on the list of good or bad this week at all.....because there was a little bit of both We were running the ball....a lot...during his time in the game I felt a better receiver catches the ball that Zay Jones had knocked away by Slay....a better receiver fights for that ball Had a bad pass to cole...then he throws a perfect pass to cole that he fumbles In the drive before halftime he had some very good play Up and down
  13. "Josh cant do this....ever" And you say your fine and telling others to calm down? Re evaluate Elite
  14. I am thinking Lee Smith is a goner..... We have TEs that can block....and we need that spot for other positions on the team
  15. No Gunner is correct here.....he has had very limited negative plays and is bulldozer in the run....Spain is a decent player
  16. I was concerned when we lost Waddle as the swing OT......but I like Bates even more because he is exactly what is needed.......plays all the OL positions and doesnt suck. Pretty much the most you can ask for and young so can improve. When Spain went down and Boetgner went in that sent a chill down my spine for a second.....but Ike wont make this team......we have had OL injuries all offseason and I STILL feel good about this OL
  17. How quickly ppl forget what Allen's college experience was actually like..... No protection No NFL talent Hero ball all day every day every game What was the tag on Josh coming into the NFL? Huge upside Talented but Raw But ppl expect Tom Brady in year 2....folks that is NOT going to happen this year and that is ok....you are going to see a improved Josh Allen....you are going to see things he did not do last year....you are also going to see Josh have some bad habits from College like throwing a ball into coverage that he should not do....... Its coming along
  18. Rewatching on Tivo now We were making a concerted effort to run the ball....hardly passing Zay Zones doesnt get his head around.....he doesnt fight for the ball and lets Slay knock it away The Beasely throw was bad He throws a perfect laser to Beasely in the middle of the field that Beasely fumbles
  19. I tried to explain this last night in the chat....and was immed told how the throw was different because those guys were wide open He is going to make that throw fellas/and gals.....sometimes its gonna work...sometimes not There is NO throw he cannot make...and he knows it....I agree witht he 2nd and 4 bit someone else brought up if this was a real game would not want to see him make that throw in that down and distance.
  20. I see So when Sam Darnold turns the ball over multiple times (which he does) then nobody should be fawning over him.....ever Josh IS GOING to do this here and there.....and you know what....he does other things that are great.....a very good defense that backs him up..... We are fine....calm down
  21. How about when Lawson got one last week what is good for the goose..........
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