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  1. To all my fellow veterans.....I hope that you enjoy your day.....remember free meals at Applebees
  2. Definately noticing a slow down......he is being used in short yardage situations now and is doing just that......short yardage. I would not keep him past this year.....I want a back that has Gores size but has game breaking ability to go with Devin SIngletary's ultra productiveness of over 6 yards a carry but doesnt have home run speed...... I think we need to get a little younger there next year......
  3. I think part of the problem is that there is not a lot of run after catch...... I defend Allen.....but he does seem to be a hair slow on his throws right now....he makes up for that by throwing lazers.....which also causes drops...... But I think he can improve here.....as a matter of fact I am counting on it
  4. McD has a winning record as the HC of the Buffalo bills....this includes a season with a tear down and complete rebiuld.... 6 and 3 right now Got no problem with him other then I feel like he could have a better OC
  5. Why you would just come in here and complain that we beat a ***** team
  6. That is strictly your feeling.....just like every post you write is about Josh Allen
  7. I think Kevin Johnson is better right now..the problem is he is injury prone
  8. Defense of the teams qb is not crusading that is called fandom I realize you don’t know the difference No it really doesn’t
  9. Enough high priority assets on the d start working on the o
  10. That is not really the way it works you should see progress and you have
  11. I dont think they are a year away from playoffs....but they are a year away from being serious contenders. The thing is...I knew that at the beginning of the season......we dont score enough points....we commit too many penalties......we dont have enough PLAYMAKERS....we need more Devin Singletaries....our pass rush is not consistant enough.....our QB is still developing. Guys like Dawson Knox who got no training camp....etc etc THey ARE good enough to beat teams they should be beating.....as our record shows..... 80 million in cap space......another full compliment of draft picks
  12. You know....most of the time I really think your just full of *****.....but I have to give credit on the work to create this. NOBODY is at fault.....they just lost because they didnt play well enough on both sides of the ball. Its a team game. And As far as I know there is another game next Sunday.
  13. This is why you go through a rebiuld and clear 80 million going into next offseason..... Meanwhile....Brown and Beasely are getting balls to them just fine.....but they are actually NFL talent wide receivers Need a receiver just a notch better then Brown to pair with those two
  14. Well....your idea is assinine right now.....but in the future who knows? Yeah Josh has been good against Miami
  15. Really.....what growth do you speak of....certanly not from their defense. Oh wait...this is all about hte QB Excuse me.....his rating did drop a percentage point in a loss...... Miami coming up?
  16. Yes because it works McD has a winning record as a HC for the buffalo bills.....and the majority of those losses came in a complete rebiulding year (last year) the team is SIX AND THREE We are really talking about firing a HC witha SIX and THREE record
  17. Because continuing to recycle coaches has worked so well for us in the past.....just like trying to use retread quarterbacks. There is no way McD is getting fired....especially not this season
  18. The fumbles are concerning His accuracy is NOT poor.....he is over 60 percent for the season and has really improved his short game and become more consistant in the intermediate areas.....Long ball needs work One of the things that people dont like to talk about.....Josh Allen is transforming his game.....in games where he would have just ran with the ball he is sitting in the pocket and making his reads....transforming his game really AND he was raw coming in to begin with. People need to be patient because he has ALL the tools and for the most part plays his best ball when the game is on the line (a very important trait that most QBs do not have) Josh is a gamer......he needs work....you dont throw that away Passionate....that is a interesting obv
  19. and he is doing it.....not at the level we want yet but he was raw coming in.......CHIEF
  20. You gotta love idiots like Twist of Fate.....they make the most ridiculous posts in weeks where we win....that are simply not true....and in loss weekends he ramps it up Such a horrible fan
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