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  1. OK so hear me out LOL it was a good move and I’ll tell you why it showed that even though Benjamin was the wrong player the type of receiver was a correct fit as evidenced in Duke Williams Let’s get that type of player but better quality and better character for this team next year
  2. Ok so I am actually all for Gaines for a short amount of time dude is a baller just injury prone
  3. Come on Gregg this is a good topic don’t get it shut down
  4. Gunner who can we get next draft to fill this
  5. I say this because if your backup has to play any length of time you most certainly are doomed. I think with the starters and this defense Matt can make pull out 2 wins out of 3 games
  6. I had already said much earlier in the season that we should have just been rolling with Knox and Sweeney and that those were our TE's of the future....... Knox is a burner who can block and give big plays Sweeney is that blocking TE who can catch a ball inactivating Kroft and the human flag machine would have allowed us to keep Duke and Yeldon active
  7. No....that is how ppl are taking it. You can only play the teams on your schedule.....and the teams that have beaten us have been by about a touchdown We do need to score points
  8. Thank you for explaining to out....as I was always under the impression that he made a lot of money for his production. I guess my question is......does he give us anything that DE 7th round pick Johnson does not? I want very badly up upgrade this pass rush from our DE's
  9. I could see it if he wasnt making a contribution EVERY time he played this year The guys who are playing in front of him have been invisible Duke actually blocks for the run To me Foster and McKenzie are the same guy
  10. I still think Matt has a chance to stick I dont take a lot of stock in today's game because our OL was in shambles........and he provides that "mentor QB"that McDermott likes. But make no mistake.....if Josh goes down...we are doomed
  11. I mean.....fair enough but there has to be another guy on the team that can play gunner.......Duke had 100 yards today against the jets starters....he seems to make plays every game he has been active.......and the rest of our receiving core is a bunch of smurfs. I can think of at least 2 of our losses this year I think are wins if Duke plays.
  12. Can someone PLEASE explain why Duke WIlliams is not on the active roster every week over guys like Robert Foster?
  13. To me the Browns are the disaster team of the year So much hype Top QB drafted So much talent on that team implosion....this is why you have to look at the character of a QB when you draft them high.....are they a real leader and not just a highly productive college player
  14. And this is before we cut some high priced players which we probably should do
  15. There is absolutely no way of knowing if those fantasy picks would have turned into tre white odds say they dont
  16. Stop spending all the prime picks on D if you want the O to improve
  17. I really hope this draft just falls in a way that a WR is a no brainer....... We keep overlooking it.....and every year its an issue WE NEED A NUMBER ONE RECEIVER......Brown is a fine 2....we have NO size at the position.....its needed. I dont want to reach....but its a deep WR draft and there should be some excellent choices available
  18. In round two Really hoping this is the year we address pass catcher's in a big way
  19. It is not NEARLY that simple Tre WHite is a major part of our defense....which would be backing Mahommes up. KC wins by outscoring its opponents they do NOT have a good defense
  20. imo Josh Allen HAS developed into a franchise QB......he just is not on the level of Mohommes and may never be. Even if he does not reach that level I dont consider it a knock because you hae to compare Allen to the rest of the leagues quarterbacks and not just MP. Tre was always the player that put this over the top for me. Tre one of the very best corners in the league.....Allen is a young franchise quarterback.
  21. I dont know man.....Donald is of course awesome.....but dont we already have him in Ed Oliver (Who I expect to be even better in his 2nd year) Now.....Julio Jones? We DONT currently have that player on our team.....so yes....two if we can get theme.....speed and size with the ability to high point balls give me 2
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