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  1. The fact that Bates looks like a solid young center prospect has to be playing into this. They are prob going to move Ford to Guard at least for this year.
  2. You could see this coming a mile away Makes room for Bates who plays all 3 positions Teller is a good player...the Browns are getting someone they can work with
  3. "Oh my god....am I sleeping ON JOSH ALLEN" LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  4. At some point you need to bring the youth along on the team....and they already grabbed Kurt Colemen
  5. I have been saying this for a while..... It looks to me like Beane puts emphasis in his top picks in areas that are supposed to be "strengths" of that particular draft Josh Allen - In a supposid QB draft Olvier - in a supposid DL draft Next year is supposed to be a "receiver" draft It should be noted however....that Beane is not just doing well with his first picks...he HAS KILLED the last two drafts going all the way into the 7th rounds
  6. I pretty much agree with that as long as they are not making ***** up The team has sucked for years....fact The DEFENSE has not.....under Mcd we have been pretty good I find it interesting that when talking about the Patriots...nothing they do is every wrong or outdated When WE were dominant running the ball......we sucked now that the pats have worked their way around to playing great defense and are running the ball...they are great
  7. What is the most important defense metric?
  8. I am wondering how heated the room is going to get discussing Veshan Joseph LB I bet there are some that will want to try to sneak him on the practice squad...he has not done much in pre season
  9. Ask me again in about a week....the answer might be quite obvious
  10. And Johnson continues to move up the pecking order......first we trade away a DE......now another here.
  11. This is a very good topic of discussion It really speaks to what we want to do as a football team......do we want to be able to consistantly run the ball or become a high passing offensive attack.....I can see the arguements for both A couple of thoughts This offense immediately got better last year when we made a concerted effort to put more speed on the field......guys like McKenzie and Foster but Was it because guys who were not fast just were not very good? I think of the WR we brought in from Carolina that was an absolute travesty.....and then I look at a player like Duke Williams....is it not fair to lump them together there was a time what we thought "bigger was better" when it came to our wide outs. Also...I think of Kroft, Sweeney, Knox......these guys just feel better then what we had last year? I say keep BOTH McKenzie and Duke
  12. Absolutely correct Tre White is not going to be cheap I understand your opinion I really dont think we are putting our eggs in that basket though....we just extended hughes...already have Murphy on a contract.....and Shaq looks like he is playing for a contract That is three DE's right there not counting Johnson.....he is going to need playing time. Where does he get it with 3 vets in front of him?
  13. Just my opinion....but I was much higher on Mario WIlliams then I am on Clowney. I am not saying Clowney is not a good player...I just dont think he is an ELITE player.
  14. When you have a 7th rounder come in and make it so you have to keep in on the final roster because he wont clear waivers....you have struck gold in a few different ways He is on a cost effective contract....something Clowney would NOT be You have him for a number of years If you bring in Clowney....you are basically regulating the kid to the bench...he does not get better that way Personally I love this kid.....he bends to get around OT's....he has the height weight wingspan ratio that your looking for.....he will probably be Shaq's replace on this roster come this next year (and if Shaq shows out all the better....pay Shaq and be set at the DE position) We just extended Hughes....it only makes sense to be cost effective when you give a big contract to another player at a position IF you can......teams that win are the teams that draft well. I mean I really dont get it.....we have found a GM that looks to be hitting HOME RUNS on draft picks....but we want to pay a good player a ***** load of money at the same position....why? Lets develop and pay our OWN players and supplement with free agency. That to me sounds like a better plan IF we draft well.
  15. I like listening to him on the radio.....he knows his stuff
  16. I want to see how our SEVENTH rounder develops And We already have a pretty good defense So now Clowney is one of the best pass rusher's in football? His numbers dont say that.....AND.....the Texans would not be trying to trade him if he was
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