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  1. Every rep you give Clowney Takes a rep away from Esparza we might have to cut Murphy as it is
  2. Are you saying lawson or the dt we got from Miami was our best interior pass rush guy aj replaces everything we got from lawson but even if he didn’t free agent Jefferson will addison has a lot of sacks over the last 2 years olver was virtually unblockable by the end of the year
  3. Don’t believe him just watch the college tape yes plenty of football speed
  4. On a top 5 defense..... Look I think its important to note what type of DE's McD is looking for here and how that impacts the plan..... Love Hughes.....but look at the trend of the way McD is going with his ends.....our 2nd round pick this year? Daryl Williams from last year? these guys are mountains with huge wingspans. I say this right here right now....I think the vets we brought in and have will be solid this year.....and if Daryl Williams has been in a weightroom this offseason.....combined with AJ who was a 1st round talent....we are absolutely fine at DE. We focused on getting better with our INTERIOR pass rush.....allowing long wingspan edges to contain and work outside in. Until McD has shown that he DOESNT have a very good defense....I refuse to worry about this. Want to help our top 5 defense? Score more points (which it looks like they understand with this draft.)
  5. "we have bodies" Now THAT was a stupid comment......I invite you to look to see where our D was ranked last year and that does not happen without quality DL. We have already aggressively addressed this last year, in free agenc this year, and in the draft with our 2nd pick. You care too much about the name on the back of the jersey.
  6. I don’t either butbif we are having a winning season the trump ly ppl complaining qb will be the idiota
  7. I don’t even know much about Fromm and I still think your full of *****
  8. We have drafted an edge for the future who is gonna be behind vets for god sakes get a wr out of this draft
  9. The good news is we can use those late pick tomorrow in trade ups if we want
  10. He def looks the part.... I gotta be honest....when I look at AJ I see a young DE that could use some work in the weight room on his body (and this is not a knock on him...he is a naturally huge person who can get better under an NFL trainer)
  11. There were heavy resources (including a 2nd round pick) towards the OL last year.....seriously wondering where a OL would even make this team this year. Its not that they are all pro bowlers.....its that they are solid and the OL in the draft might not be as good? Dawkins - Franchise LT Spain - Didnt give up a sack last year Morse - The big money spend last year Jon F. - highly under rated Ty N./Ford/Williams the only real uncertainty Lots of solid backups.....lots of different position vers
  12. I mean if anything the ppl that dont want to pay RB's should be HAPPY with the way Beane does it A 3rd round guy is young on a cost controlled contract.....while other ppl are shelling out huge bucks for "franchise" running backs Beane is not doing that
  13. This is obviously a much better run organization nowadays as is evidenced in cap management, drafting, oh and......winning
  14. Both of our RB's have high touchdown production in college Our first round pick was a high touchdown production WR Our QB is a duel threat who gets into the end zone There is only one ball....what do you want?
  15. Then I guess it was a good thing we took both our backs in the 3rd round?
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