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  1. Just make sure they both are really healthy..... Love singletary....but hamstrings can linger We have Ford if Jon F. cant go
  2. I just dont understand this line of thinking......they cant be on the field together because they have similar strengths? Allen does very well with these type of players.....it gives him a extra option on any given play
  3. also nothing wrong with doubling down here Throw them a draft pick for Diggs AND draft another WR Lets create the rams offense to go along with our awesome defense
  4. That would be a yes....Diggs is a player
  5. When you look at the fact that the Eagles were able to keep him happy all this time....you have to wonder if we were just screwing it up. I dont feel as badly about it as others because I love Eric Wood......
  6. Really hoping we go heavy offense this next year with a defense that appears to be stacked. I will say this....love what they did with the TE position this year
  7. They specifically said that he would start out at RT.......but we can already see that he is a excellent OG The problem here is that Beane did his job to well and found too many players good at a NFL postition......if you can call that a problem
  8. If you think Ford has not justified his draft status you need to hit the pause button and think about it for a few minutes Sir If he never becomes a great RT and ends up being a very good OG then totally the pick is still justified
  9. He was hyped up as Aaron Donald....who was more polished coming out of college I think the drill on Oliver is that he actually need to work on his pass rush moves and was doing what he was doing in college mostly on his athletism....so....like Josh Allen.....small school prospect with elite athletism I expect Oliver to get better as he goes along....and he is pretty good right now.....Aaron Donald is the BEST DT IN FOOTBALL......The DT the jets took is not even toughing eitehr one of them just food for thought
  10. You do not win games with bad pass rush.....you are not a top 5 defense with bad pass rush No offense Joe but you are holding onto a bone you should let go....or at least be a little more open to what is actually happening on the field
  11. There are going to be some decisions to make after this season especially with Spain on a one year deal....personally I would like to keep ALL of them nothing wrong with having too many good players.....we need stability at RT.
  12. Because pressures count as much as hits? How many QBs have actually been able to step up into a pocket against us this year?
  13. Cannot have a RB on the field that doesnt hang onto the ball......PLEASE deactivate Yeldon and bring in Murphy
  14. If the team was suffering because of Edmunds....I could see the teeth gashing over him Our defense is literally the best in the league right now....if not top 5
  15. I was actually a Jackson fan first before the draft but Josh was right there and his family lives right down the way from mine on a farm (or at least did) Was good with either one......and was totally on board with the aggressive moves to go get him.
  16. Never understood the anger towards the organization over Cog.....
  17. It should not need to come to that.....but I degress Meanwhile.....WAY TO EARLY TO BE CROWNING GIANTS QB ASS
  18. We should have had at least 10 more points then we did....possibly 14 more points Yeldon fumbling that ball within FG range (or possibly scoring a TD sucked) Allen put that ball on TE's in the end zone.....twice....both of the throws catchable for TDs
  19. Keep their offense off the field Score touchdowns Convert 3rd downs Dont turn the ball over
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