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  1. But in those very few instances we don’t score would it not be nice to help our defense and pin them deep? You are FAR too obsessed with this the ability to get to top speed quick is far more important
  2. Literally none just gotta make the meal on the field the groceries have been delivered
  3. Make no mistake about it if Allen were to falter we would be dreading another Qi high he won’t though
  4. He could be a practice squad stash for us as we have a lot of vets and n one year deals allowing him to get in a nfl weight room and add 10 pounds of muscle
  5. You win games by controlling the lines...mostly The bills understand that
  6. Dude.....DUDE.....DUUUUUUDE
  7. Agreed So this is the thing If you get 3 starters out of a draft you have had a good draft....if you get 4 out of a draft you have OUTSTANDING draft..... and There were not a lot of spots on thiis team to begin with Now onto some of your obvervatios - You dont have the most recording missed tackles and not be a player at RB.....its just that this guy does it be running through you and not arounnd you.....he appears to be able to pass protect, catch balls, and get tough yards......he is a PLATOON bask to Devin..... - We doubled down on wideout......in one of the best wr draft clases ever......literally FORTY draftable guys in this draft.....at least ONE of them is gonna pan out and both might Its fine....Beane crushed it
  8. I would be curious in a deeper dive in what positions are giving up those pressures and how they compare to the other teams. Our OG play is definately better (Spain didnt give up one sack) then previous years....the interesting thing is poor offensive line play is a problem for a LOT of teams.
  9. So maybe you would want to preface it with "ordinary for a starting offensive linemen?" By the way.....I actually think MORSE was the guy that would fit that description and that was the guy we paid huge money to
  10. I always love reading the different opinions on players and when I see Davis the words "not flashy" come up all he does is Get vertical Blocks Plays ST Catches the ball well High points well Extremely productive in college Tough I mean....ok if all these things means "not flashy" I WILL TAKE IT
  11. Between him and Ford I really like the way they get after ppl that take cheap shots at our QB
  12. Agreed By the way folks in no way am I saying we have a pro bowl offensive line....I think they are "good" and yes we should always look to improve just not bring in players that are not as good to replace players that are better then they are. For instance....I really dont want to lose Spencer Long (we might anyway to a trade or something) but why you say? Because the guy has positon flexibility AND played well for us in relief. These guys are on low cost contracts......and they will now have another year of playing together.
  13. Yeah....I was high on Duke last year but dropping it when we needed it the most was NOT a good look. and Its not the first time last year that a big physical receiver fighting for a ball in the end zone and coming down with it would have helped us. Maybe when its all said and done they will be calling Tee Higgins the lite version of him
  14. John F. is solid.....he has done NOTHING to give a reason of why he should be replaced. You know there is a chance that the position could get WORSE by replacing a player that didnt do anything wrong to lose his position. Replacing for the sake of replacing doesnt improve the position in itself.
  15. Why are ppl trying to replace Jon F. For christ sake
  16. This is the lowest we have drafted in a while because.....well now we are good Still found a way to improve the team especially offensively. Regarding the WR's....I think it is more then a big deal that we just didnt have any size to throw to in the red zone last year (Duke starts at 3 quarter mark of the year and immediately scores a touchdown) To me this is a extremely big deal
  17. Are you of the opinion that most WR's that can play are drafted high?
  18. So your basically it totally on where they were drafted......okkkkkay In what was the best wide receiver class in what.....a decade?
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