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  1. Our biggest needs are at DT/DE/S/WR. We're a top 5 scoring offense with more weapons than last year (including Kincaid/Shakir/Cook continuing to improve). I don't want to "run back" the same defensive line (minus Floyd) and would prefer we went BPA at 28, looking for DE/WR/DT/S... in that order.
  2. Good start for Beane. Nice job with restructures, extensions, pay cuts. Excited to see what we do with all the draft capital. If Von comes back to close to his previous play levels, it will go a long way. Still think we target some edge rusher with high level physical traits in the draft and maybe another vet. Agree that a vet safety is on Beane’s to-do. Again, I think it’s going to be fascinating to see how Beane manages the draft! Hopefully a massive infusion of potential coming our way
  3. Appreciate you getting on just to be a smart a&@, Kirby. Right or wrong, my premise was that Beane knows each player’s value, which positions have a potential surplus, cap implications, etc. We have good, young linebackers on their rookie contracts. And holes elsewhere. It’s about managing scarce resources to field the best team. This was merely a “what if”.
  4. With the emergence of Bernard, Dodson, Williams and Spector; and considering other holes to fill and limited cap space, does it make any sense to consider seeking a high pick for Milano? I love Milano’s playing style and impact, it’s just interesting to think about what he could fetch in a trade/shedding his cap hit, and using a high pick in a loaded draft.
  5. When do we find out the official salary cap amount for 2024? When we say we’re 51M over, is that assuming a new cap figure, or last year’s? The cap went up 20M from ‘22 to ‘23 and they anticipate another similar jump this year. Should make our outlook much better.
  6. Makes it even more puzzling to understand why they can't get top end production out of someone with Elam's elite athletic traits
  7. Does anyone have any actual intel (not opinions) for why Elam is pushed down the depth chart and now behind 6th and 7th round CB's? Is it mental, adjusting to new techniques, schemes, ???. McDermott and crew have typically been really good at getting the best out of DB's. This one's a head scratcher.
  8. What’s worse, using 3rd round picks on undersized LBs or wasting second round picks on edge rushers (Basham, Epanesa)
  9. Agree, without Allen, this leadership group is gone. This sucks, big time, because I'm not sure they have the ability or resources to get us over the hump.
  10. I worry about Beane's ability to build a roster. Oline was middle of the pack to below average. Saffold, Brown were disappointing and I'm starting to think we overpaid for Bates. Burrow, Hurts, Purdy have an amazing group of skill players, we have Diggs and a bunch of JAGs (or not used properly). Invested heavily in Dline (Oliver, Rousseau, Basham, Epenesa, Miller)... Rousseau might turn into a playmaker and hopefully Von returns to form. However, not close to good ROI on this.
  11. Agree… great that Chiefs didn’t get him and hopefully he plays for Niners Sunday against them.
  12. They might get an OBJ at 90% in January... while we get a hopefully all pro CB back at 100% in November. I'll take it. I'd still like them to see if a high end interior OL becomes available before the deadline.
  13. I thought it was a good/sincere question by tho OP. Why the need to be a smart ass?
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