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  1. Agree... Mahomes had the neck/head injury, the dislocated kneecap (last year?), now the toe surgery. We'll see if it affects his longevity. It was good to see Josh's development and patience to stay in the pocket, roll out or throw it away (and slide much more!)
  2. We need our high picks (Oliver, Ford, Edmunds, Phillips) to get better and draft athletes that we can coach up
  3. We played a really good qb today, and a talented team in all three phases. This wasn’t Tua or Cam or old Ben or Drew Lock. Good, disciplined, well coached team; and we played good enough to win
  4. Has there ever been a year that every play-off team from a conference has at least 11 wins... this should be a great play-off!!!
  5. Appreciate the perspectives. I think the turnover +/- is a good surrogate metric for aggressiveness and maybe violence. I agree that some players just have it, like some that have been mentioned. I would say that the Bills that play with violence are Milano and Hughes... maybe Oliver.
  6. I’m a three decade Bills fan, but I was also raised in Pittsburgh and always admired the way they play defense. Regardless of year, talent level, record; they play defense with a violence level that seems slightly above the rest of the league. They aren’t dirty, but they deliver hit/blows that sometimes other teams might not attempt. They also seem to always swarm to the ball carrier with consistently high intensity. It’s kind a a hardwired element of their approach. I appreciate watching it. With all of the sophistication in analytics, I wonder if/wish there was a w
  7. If we all expected to go deep into the play-offs this year (I did), I think we need to downgrade our expectations... based upon what we've seen on the field. Our current situation doesn't align with what Beane and the organization set as their expectations either, so, that kinda sucks. Hopefully, Beane and crew keep learning and improving, and we are actually positioned for a SB run next year.
  8. I'm always comparing our progress to teams that are currently competitive to win the Super Bowl, and it seems like we could become stuck in the "we're a play-off team with limiting flaws" I agree that Beane is better than previous regimes, top to bottom, and heck, by Buffalo standards, he might be great... however, I want us to make the next jump and I'm skeptical regarding his ability to get us there.
  9. We're 6-2 because we've played mostly lousy teams. We got pushed around by legitimate contenders, on both sides of the ball. At some point, we need more talent on defense.
  10. I'll join the "pile on" party this evening... Overall, Beane's drafting and FA handling are starting to show cracks... probable misses on high picks like Ford, Edmunds, Phillips, Joseph, maybe Knox. Many good FA adds like Feliciano, Morse, Beasley, Brown; but several misses or marginal upgrades like Klein, potentially Norman, Spain, Murphy (jury's out on this year's crop - Butler, Addison). Part of the results of the middle-of-the-pack GM performance is a linebacking group and dline that are bad, with terrible depth and few play makers/game changers on defense (other t
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