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  1. The answer for this one is pretty simple Josh Allen - Young fresh talented backs for his running game to protect him - Offensive line returns intact....picked up D. WIlliams in the offseason which might be a real find - Stephon Diggs.....one of the top 10 WR's in the league....to go along with Smoke and Bease.....and got size at the pass catcher position in the offseason Josh literally has no excuses
  2. We were very much in that game...... Our defense made plays even though the Ravens scored points You could see the holes int he offense.....do we really want Devin S. and McKenzie attempting to catch down the field passes at critical situations We needed more size on the field at the pass catcher position Gore got shallacked in the red zone...at this point he really was done. I hope Moss can help us here 2 fumbles by Josh in this game (one we got back) cant do that against the good teams The blitzes that the ravens were throwing at us were being completely ignored by our offensive coordinator Despite all this......we had a chance to tie it on the final offensive play I know that everyone considers the ravens to be this elite team (and they are) but we despite all of our problems on offense had a chance to win this
  3. I think Devin is gonna be even better because the OL will return intact. My pick is John Brown.....because he isnt going to get the amount of passes thrown his way with a true number 1 on the field. If Brown can make the most out of his catches he could be our Peerless Price
  4. If over the course of their careers Mohommes ends up being the superior QB I am fine with it......good for him. All I care about is we get a franchise QB out of Josh Allen......because the team around Josh will be very good (including a defense)
  5. Sounds more like the opportunity for a divided locker room
  6. Cept its not.....if the "weakness" is QB that Josh Allen is one of our best playmakers.....therefore it is not a weakness.
  7. To be fair.....wouidnt you say that we are in fact going all in now? You would be hard pressed to find a noticable weakness on this team.....and it has both starters and depth
  8. Doesnt shock me.....Devin show a lot of promise but has not played a full slate of games yet....Moss has not yet stepped on the field. After this next year......these rankings will be very different imo
  9. You can expect Josh Allen's 2nd contract to be very expensive...... and We should be paying it I feel like this is really why Beane has been so frugal with the money while rebiulding the team (and just being smart) because the QB salary is going to be huge
  10. The Beavis name fits I think it is no so much the cap space as it is biulding a quality team AND how Beane was able to work with the cap space This team not only has quality starters it is DEEP........it could survive (except at maybe 2 positions) an injury to a starter And it is biult for sustained success for a number of years because of solid drafting, good work with the cap space, and key free agents that didnt break the bank. A far cry from how we used to do it.
  11. Yeah I know it’s early but I don’t really view Gabe Davis as a 3rd option slot guy i think This is our number 2 in the bullpen diggs is he number one not number 2 and his year but down the road
  12. I just love how we aggressively addressed this position......THREE wide receivers with 2 of them being drafted in a WR rich draft. Diggs was my guyu......wanted him on the bills for a while...he makes everything easier
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