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  1. https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/cowboys-mock-draft-best-available-player-doesnt-work-nfl-jerry-jeudy
  2. I don't think they will bring in any more FA's until after the draft. Many teams will take someone at their position during the draft. Some teams will get a unexpected guy at their position who the thing dropped by 40 picks. The price to pay will be later after the draft because of less competition. There might also be good players dropped from somebody's roster during roster cut-downs because of draft picks.
  3. NFL Draft 2020: Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane not ruling out trading up in Round 2 https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2020/04/nfl-draft-2020-buffalo-bills-gm-brandon-beane-not-ruling-out-trading-up-in-round-2.html Beane says it himself, but some people know better what he is thinking. ... I notice that he uses WR as his example for how he plans to get one of several players at a key position. Well he "drafted" Diggs in the first round, so he is not going WR in round 2, so he is talking about a different position. ... Also notice that he is NOT saying that he is going to stay pat and draft the BPA at any position at that slot. He is targeting a specific position, where there are quality players and is not afraid of moving up to get one. .... But then that is what he (or the Bills management) has done the last 3 years, so it shouldn't be a surprise. I guess he is "reaching" and should be fired and be replaced by a BPA guy.
  4. Here are most of the potential draft trade ups from our 2nd round pick that we could do and some of the possible other RB drafting teams that are ahead of us. R2 ----> O spots = #54 R2 & R4 ----> +6 spots = #51 {{Pittsburg @ 49 maybe RB}} R2 & 2021 R3 ----> + 8 spots = #46 R2, R4 & R5 ----> +9 spots = #45 {{Tampa Bay @ #45 strong possible RB}} {{ Colts @ #44 maybe RB }} {{ Miami @ 39 maybe RB but will probably take Swift before this pick}} R2 & R3 ----> +16 spots = #38 R2, R3, R4 &R5 ----> +21 spots = #33 R2 & 2021 R2(?) ----> +23 spots = #31 Now that I look at other teams needing RB's, it looks like we would have to get ahead of Tampa Bay to move up, which would cost us our R3 pick. That is a bit steep and I don't see much value in moving up fewer spots than that. With the Bills having a much better record, it is obvious that you are starting from a lower spot and the picks you can add have a lower value. I guess I am starting to hope that the good supply of good second tier RB may lead some teams to wait and could allow one of the top 3 or 5 to drop to us around #54.
  5. Not really mad, just sorry for you because you get such joy out of trashing other people for mistakes even when they spent some time for the group of Bills supporters working up a post.
  6. I'm a Seton Hall alumni and a basketball fan. The Pirates did very well this year and didn't get a chance to show how far they could go in the tournament. The starting center was Gill a 7'2" shot blocker who really came on strong this year. Coach Willard told the story of watching the other teams center when Gill came out for a rest or for fouls. "Ike" came in and he also a good player and is 7'2" and about 30 pounds heavier. Willard said he liked seeing the other team's center expression. "Oh *****, I thought things would be easier and now I'm playing against King Kong's older bigger brother." .... That is what I want to see when our RB2 for the day comes on the field. NOT, "well we can tee off on them now." Capisci ?
  7. It is when your back can do it and does it a few times. "Safeties" have to peek in the backfield all the time. The LB zones for passes become different. IT makes the passing game better.
  8. cf: https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round
  9. Well, even a 6th rounder can have some value in horse trading. We got a 7th rounder back from Minni in the Diggs trade.
  10. Using BPA isn't losing. It's the smart play. It's their draft strategy and a major part of what has gotten this roster so good so fast. Sorry, but you seem to be living in the past and staying with a strategy that is not appropriate to a team that is in the top 10 or so. If a team is in the bottom eight, BPA is a good idea, because nearly every draft pick will make the roster and be an improvement. That is not where the Bills are at right now. What we need to get in the draft is not “best value from every pick” but to get players who can beat the opponent’s players on very good teams. You don’t seem to be able to understand that. So using lower round draft picks (who might not even make the team) to move up to get such superior players is what we need to do. If you have a good roster, you look for holes in the roster and look for places where you can put in a stud to replace a good player. Quality, not “cost effective 3rd teamers. .. If you still have lower draft picks left over- then take moon shots. Right now RB1b/RB1a is the best place to get the biggest improvement and a place where we can put in a player that other teams will have to account for. The top 5 are very very good and we even have a shot at one of the top 3. I think Beane anticipated this would likely happened and made his FA moves accordingly.
  11. Well, about cutting somebody you paid a roster bonus to. Maybe rather than cutting those guys, they might trade them away near the end of the preseason to other teams that find holes or injuries in their lineups. You could then (maybe) justify the roster bonus as an investment in getting a 4,5,6 draft pick next year. If they stockpile a bunch of these, they can use them as ammo to move up in the 1st three rounds to get targeted players- like they have been doing.
  12. BigBuff423 Veteran Members 760 2,867 posts Location:Central New York Report post Posted yesterday at 02:57 PM ROTER SPOTS FILLING UP This is why I don't believe the Bills have any true interest in Drafting more than a few players, just no room for them. The roster is in a condition that can cast off players that are just mediocre to players that are good to great to elite. Filling three or four spots via mid-high picks is more valuable to the Bills at this point than in years past when we all hoped they'd hit the lottery in Rounds 5-7 because they NEEDED good players from those rounds just to be able to fill a serviceable team. Now, we want a couple 2nds or 2nd, 3rd, and two 4ths in order to feel they've actually upgraded the team with quality depth players, not guys we're wishing on a rainbow will be just good enough to make the roster and not embarrass the team next year. My oh my what a good GM / Front Office and competent HC can do for a team. Bring...it....on. True - but really you don't spend vital, valuable Draft capital on players you believe will need to be cut down before the season - those spots are for UDFAs or FAs with low money numbers attached. You spend Draft picks on guys you truly believe will be long-term contributors and with the depth and quality they have at nearly every position, you take quality over quantity. In this year's Draft, that's three maybe four picks in Rounds 2 to 4....RB / WR / Edge / CB....that's it. And maybe not CB depending on how that room is perceived by the FO and HC.
  13. Sorry but you are wrong. You forget that the Bills DID move up at least twice in the last 3 drafts. Jones, Dawkins, Allen, Edmonds, Ford, Knox, obtained by move ups using 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks. (Diggs is essentially a "trade up" that gets a top WR by using draft picks)That is NOT taking BPA, it is moving up-you would call that reaching. You seem to confuse Beane getting the players he wants to improve the team, with "reaching". ... ... There IS no magic Big Board in the sky that always leads to heaven. You have to build a balanced team. .. Beane has coordenated the use of FA, trades and the draft.
  14. A thing to look at is what other teams might be doing with regard to RB and other needs. I think that at the following positions, there is a good number of 1st round/early 2nd round talent, but then a significant drop off after that. (OT, DE, LB, S QB & LB). Teams will use up their early picks taking those guys while the getting is good. This might let good RB's drop lower in the draft. At WR and RB, there are a good number of top talent and also good players available in the 3rd and 4th round. It might mean that teams with a mild need for WR & RB could wait to later rounds to get an okay to good JAG, and not use a higher pick for RB. It looks like the following teams will take a RB high. Miami (picks 5, 39,,, we can't complete and they have a lotof picks) = SWIFT gone? Tampa pikcs at 14 and 45 = Taylor gone? KC at #32 can take BPA and could use a RB upgrade. .... Others looking in the 3-4 round area are Colts, Texans, Steelers Jags(38) and Baltimore. Any of these might also move up. We might see the top 3 go and have Akens, Dobbins or E-H still around at #54 https://nfldraftlounge.com/5-teams-that-need-a-2020-running-back/
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