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  1. Absolute no doubt about it. Efe Obada is going to make a huge impact as a pass rusher opposite Hughes on obvious passing downs. The two rookies will be going to school and learning the pro game and will see reps on the inside. Epenesa will be the 1st and 2nd down improving DE. We will be able to trade one of these guys in the offseason for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  2. What about beer? Is Simon Pure still around?
  3. It is nice to have someone who might have a real high ceiling. I wish we knew more. I wish we had a preseason last year and could have the data that we need. Not the coaches, that we fans need. We are arguing in a vacumn. We will get the data and this settled once we see how things perform in the preseason. ONE POINT is that we have a good coaching staff and THEY are keeping this guy around. We did NOT draft a RB, nor did we spend much to get two more candidates. We don't know, lets hope for the best. There is a chance that in a year, we may be glad that the lack of a pre season last ye
  4. That guy with the hoodie sweatshirt usual beat us with a collection of one trick ponies playing their role.
  5. Let us realize that he has a lot of experience playing an open field tackling game like football,, AND 2+ years of NFL coaching. Somehow people get ga ga over an American who didn't play 4 years of HS football (maybe was a basketball player) and had one year of HS football & one year of college football and came out early. NO PROBLEM with that.?? ................ ..............I question whether a running back has to "all the receiving routes". Gheesh! he is not going to be a #1 or #2 wide out lining up outside the numbers! A wheel, a screen, a hitch, a hitch and go and a simple
  6. ?? Investing FA money on an inferior player is "penny wise and pound foolish". Don't be to sure about that "they know everything". There was an article about singletary's work this offseason and he was trying to change his running style to make sharper cuts down field when running a sweep/off tackle play and several other basics that have been keeping his run down in yardage.
  7. Gee, when I was working, I lived in the city where I was working.
  8. I don't think that is the best use of that trade. I rather a 2/3/high 4 draft pick. These will be more valuable than normal because of the bigger number of college players who stayed in college and because of the better ability to scout them. The Bills (a result of doing good) have a lower drafting position and need to take more "long shots" on high ceiling guys. We need more day 2 crap shots.
  9. Putting 4 defensive ends- including a couple of bigger ones in on the pass rush is the coming wave that they Bills seem to be preparing for. 4 fast guys, trying to penetrate (with some option of a blitzing LB) means that with 5 OL (6 if the TE or FB blocks) means that there is usually 1 double team but 3(4?) 1 on 1 against a speed rusher.... and the OL has to worry about picking up a blitzing LB or safety. I THINK that we will see this next year as an answer to the "mobile" QB, who lives on the ability to do a little footwork and a 5 yard sprint to get away from a 300 pound DT who broke thr
  10. Really? But not differently for different distance objects. I just have a Phd degree in physical chemistry and ran a DUV lithography lens study for photolithography. No degree in optics, but spent a lot of time with really weird and wonderful people who were world class experts in the field and picked theri brains. Please stop. End of replying to this.
  11. No. I have a bit of experience in optics. I would love to see some ray tracing that had high magnification for short distances, low magnification for middle distances and then high magnification for longer distances.
  12. Either Addison gets traded for a third round pick or Hughes gets traded for a late second round pick. This gets a second day draft pick and saves money to help pay Allen. We have to start shedding the older, expensive, stop gap defensive linemen AND also have to get playing time for the new wave. The fast rush package is Obada // Rousseau // Basham // (Hughes or Addison) ..... ..... Epanesa fills in at DE on ocassion but takes a rest. Johnson is the 6th defensive tackle. This gives us the following heights in the pass rush: 6' 6" // 6' 7" // 6' 4" // 6'2" or
  13. Photo shopped. Optics do not have different magnification for different distances. Let's not be clowns.
  14. Defensive end on pass rushing does not require a lot of training. "See the guy who gets the ball from the center? He said you mommy was fat!"
  15. Bates, Ford or Hart might be in play here. I could see a trade of any of them for a 4th round pick 2021
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