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  1. I don't know if this was posted yet. Looks like he can block when motivated. https://3downnation.com/2018/10/21/b-c-lions-defensive-back-taunts-esks-player-gets-trucked-goes-viral/
  2. I wonder if our defensive ends will look much better when the defense has to double up on both Star and Oliver?
  3. There is something to be said for a defensive line rotation. The offensive line is a unit which works together and the whole is (if properly coached) more than the sum of the parts. They do tire by the 4th quarter and if the D-line is stronger, because they can go all out on every play, then there is value for the defense in that. Likewise, in the defensive backfield, the CB's and safeties are not substitued that often, if at all. Running a number of deep patterns on them, with different WR can create the same effect.
  4. At 230 pounds he sounds like a hybrid safety/LB who could play the mike LB in a cover 2,3 5-2 type formation. He would have pass defense responsibility in the medium middle zone. That could be a start and an easier learning experience and introduction to the pro game. Rest a 1st two down LB and put him in.
  5. No. We don't have enough to move our 3rd round pick up to the 2nd round. round 2 #40 500 points round 3 #74 225 points 4 #112 78 4 #131 41 5 #147 32 5 #151 31 Both our 4th and both our 5th add up to 175 points. To move our 3rd to the middle of the 2nd round takes 195 points. You could move up to the 18th pick in the 2nd round, but would miss out on probably all the players that people have been talking about in this thread Our top 4th round pick could move us up to the 28th pick in the 2nd round, but I don't know if there is somebody there we want.
  6. Nobody is mentioning that the TE position can be done by committee. Beane has said that he sees 3 types of tight ends. PASS BLOCKING, RUN BLOCKING and PASS CATCHING. Honestly, most of the time, the defense can guess what the most likely type of offensive play is coming from down and distance and the way the game is going. You can sub in the right style tight end to make your offensive play go better and the defense may or may not be able to counter. You can also sub in a type of TE and do something else and get an advantage that way. A pass catching tight end IS NOT NEEDED for "3rd and 15". That is where (have you ever heard?) 4 receiver sets are used. Look at who the Bills have on the roster right now. Fisher is a former 300pound OT converted to tight end (blocking, 280 6-6). Crom was a college wide receiver. Kraft was behind an all pro in Cinci and did okay in 2017 where he started 13 games. (42 receptions, 400 yards and 7 TD). It is not that they have nobody.
  7. No trade up in the first. Pick at #9 or even move down a few slots if there are a surplus of players that we figure are first tier. (e.g. if there 4 such players, we can move down 3 slots and still get one). We can go OT and then DT, or DT and then OL If Devin White is there, we take him in the first and than a 3 technique DT in the second. That is my plan.
  8. Notice that the ILB behind him is ranked (22) as an ILB. The nose tackle ties up two guys and keeps the LB "clean" to make tackles. He did his job.
  9. I rather Oliver, but I'm okay with it. But, gesh, we should be able to trade down one or two spots and pick up another 4th rounder. They could be used to move our 2nd up to the lower 1st or take a couple of flyers at offensive line, tight ends, one-trick pony EDGE players or the like.
  10. Oh boy. Does that come from Divine Revelation? Idea #1. On offense, keep your QB from being knocked on his keister. #2 give him a variety of WR to throw to. #3 get some experienced RB who can hurt the other team if they stack things to stop the pass. ... #4, 5 or 6 Get a TE who can take advantage of all the space that the above have created to break the other teams defense. We are not at that later stage yet. Capisci?
  11. Cookie was a legend in his own time. A real bad-ass from the era in War Memorial, where the games were like a fight at a steelworker's convention and ocasionally a football game broke out. Walking into the game with 2 six packs under you arm. Memories....
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