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  1. Also interesting is where they place the Bills. Anywhere from the 6th best team to the 20th best team. Not a lot of faith there.
  2. This is so so simple. Washington DC is "the swamp". Name the team the alligators and be done with it.
  3. Well, it is like that girl in high school. Somebody gotta be first. That is just politics trying to show he was prepared for the Wuhan virus, had plenty of ventalators and didn't send virus sick people into old folks homes.
  4. Kap. was benched when he threw 6 TD's and 5 interceptions in his last 6 games. He was replaced by Gabbard, who is now on hims 6th team. He was in a good spot when he started as the first effective run/pass guy. Defenses learned what schemes to use and different profile defensive players to put in. He is a 3rd string now, at best.
  5. Of course, maybe it isn't in the game plan because the running backs are not TT in catching that pass and turning it into a worthwhile gain.
  6. Back in 1973? we were in South Carolina and went to see a Bills game in Atlanta. After the game was over, my wife and I were hanging around watching the last players going off the field and were near a black family with a couple of older women. Robert James (who was an all pro CB) brought OJ over to introduce him to his family. We got all excited and were jumping up and down at getting close to those guys. One of the ladies, identified herself as Jame's aunt(?) and I got all excited and told her that James was an all-pro and she was happy we knew that. "Gaming" it a little, I got all excited to my wife about "here comes Robert James" and " oh there's OJ too" . I think I made her day. OJ was polite to all the introductions and paid respect to the family. James got a knee imjury some time soon after that and never came back from it.
  7. Folks, rugby IS an open field running game. Because you can't block, they lateral the ball 4-5 times a minute at least. They learn how NOT to fumble the ball. They can not tackle low, so the defenders try to whack the ball out. When a rugby player gets trapped, they kick the ball downfield a long distance to gain field position and the other team has to track the ball, catch it cleanly and return. I would guess this happens 30-50 times a game. Rugby is an excellent training ground for kick returns.
  8. Exactly. Timing, space are the same in rugby and football. The fellow seems to have some natural physical gifts.
  9. To be fair, since 16% or so of the US population is black, we should insist that 85% of the players be "white". Racism is racism. Let's call it what it is. ....and how is this different from the rest of life?
  10. With the comp picks after the3rd round, the 4th round started with pick 107 and the Bills pick was at 128.
  11. Here are two mock drats from https://walterfootball.com/draft2021_2.php who usually diss's the Bills. They have us falling short of getting into the AFC championship game. They have us getting center of the offensive line studs in the first round AND an interesting combo RB/WR. I like this idea. Someone who can run the ball put also can line up wide and outrun a linebacker or get single coverage or force a single coverage on one or both wideouts. An extra 20 pages in the offensive playbook. ========================================= Buffalo Bills: Deonte Brown, G, Alabama The Bills struggled when battling tough pass rushes last year, so they'll need to improve their offensive line. Deonte Brown's strength is blasting open huge holes for his running backs, but he's also a solid pass protector. Buffalo Bills: Rondale Moore, RB/WR, Purdue The Bills don't really have any needs, so they can afford to use a second-round pick on a versatile weapon. Rondale Moore is a very intriguing weapon. He accumulated 1,367 yards as a freshman by both running and receiving. Some NFL team is going to figure out a great way to use the extremely talented 175-pounder. ============================================================= 27. Buffalo Bills: Trey Hill, C, Georgia The Bills grab an upgrade at center. Hill was phenomenal for Georgia in 2019. He is a tough run blocker and shows the ability to handle pass-rushing defensive tackles one on one. Taking on a future top-10 pick in Auburn's Derrick Brown, Hill was very impressive, and team sources have said Hill was impossible not to notice while they scouted Andrew Thomas and Solomon Kindley. They feel Hill could be an early-rounder and the top center in his draft class. The 6-foot-4, 330-pounder is big for the position and moves well for a big blocker. He could also move to guard in the NFL.
  12. (As I said before the dual WR/RB may be the coming thing,, but) What I want to see is if this kid could do the things that T.Thomas used to do. The Bills hike the ball to Kelly in the shotgun. 3 WR and a TE. The OLine sets up in pass blocking and the waltz partners push around while Jimbo drops back and looks downfield. TT helps block somebody and the saunders a few yards deeper than the LOS. He talks to the linebacker: "Hey, do you guys have submarine sandwiches in the locker room at halftime?" "Shut up, I'm busy now" is the reply" from the linebacker. Kelly lobs a 6 yard pass and TT takes it 23 yards for much more. That is what I want to see from Moss this coming year.
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