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  1. I agree. You forgot that he opted out last year.
  2. Folks, time for a little physics lesson here. The laws of gravity are real but most people, and that includes physics students, do not really comprehend them. Skipping the equations and the simple differential equations, a summary is this. The distance that an object drops depends upon the square of the time that it is in the gravitation field. That is time (sec) X time(sec). .... There is a "free fall calculator" ( https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/free-fall ) that can do these calculations for you. ... (These are for a small object without wind resistance to forward motion, or the football "sailing" and floating down slower than a little piece of lead). Anyway lets compare how far the object sinks (arcs) if it travels the same forward distance in different times- that is it is thrown faster or slower. 1.5 second to get there ====== drops 36' 1.0 seconds ==============drops 16' 0.75 seconds=============drops 9' The drop is from the highest spot the ball rose to compared to where it was caught. The ball always is thrown upwards to start. Allen throws a fast ball, it doesn't spend much time in the air and doesn't get real high and doesn't have much drop. A good thing is that in windy conditions, a side wind or wind from behind or against, does not have much time to change where the ball is going. That is a good thing. Especially in Buffalo. The fastball is not in the air very long, which does not give much time for the defensive back to react to the ball and knock it down. That is a good thing. If a linebacker is between the QB and WR, they can knock down/catch the pass IF they are not in the right spot. If they are NOT in the right spot, then hey have little time to recover and get in the way. So the QB can sling it fast and "thread" it between DB's OR float it over the LB heads with arc but give the DB more time to break on the ball. On the long balls, a weak arm QB, will throw a rainbow that can drop down over the DB and this is good if the DB is beat by speed and running directly away from the QB. Another way to work is for the WR to be running across the field and then a slow arcing ball is a bad thing because the DB can recover. A fast pass can go to the WR easier. Notice how many passes Allen throws that way. I disagree that Allen will never be a good long ball passer. He has enough "touch" to throw the sideline fade and can throw the rainbow to the WR running directly away from him to a burner WR. For many QB that is their only long ball. He does not do that many of those plays but rather uses deep breaks to achieve the same thing.
  3. Maybe it is time for Trubinsky to play the second half
  4. Is that team in DC called the WFT or the WTF?
  5. Well, the negative nancies should realize that these days, other teams are pouching our PS players rather than the other way around. Eagles power ranking is 21st but still,,,,,
  6. Gee,,,, Do you think that he missed the tackle on the fish QB early in the game? Asking for a friend. ...and he can use that to chase down the mobile QB's dancing around the pocket. Maybe not get them, but he will take a second or two off their time to survey downfield.
  7. I remember having a friend from the wrong side of the tracks in college. We called him "durão" and some thought him a wimp because he never got into any fights. If I still had a picture of him, you would realize why he didn't get into any fights. People found it easier to to elsewhere for that sort of things. (downneck newark) Edmunds covers the center well, he covers holes well and is long enough and mobile enough to make it hard to plan successful passes over the LB in the middle of the field. That steers the opponent's play book into other approaches, and cuts down their options and allows our other players to "cheat" and cover other attacks better. I really can not understand these posters di;ssing Edmunds. "Currently, players are voted into the Pro Bowl by the coaches, the players themselves, and the fans." . The other team's coaches are to be trusted. The players (31/32 from other teams) are to be trusted. Buffalo is a smaller city and has fewer people to vote for a homer. Maybe that is a truer evaluation of him?
  8. They canceled one game upon your request. I fixed the error. My fingers did the typing without any help from my brain. 21 years of a 16 game season.
  9. Yes this is very early, but there have been surprises about the strengths of many teams so for this season. Here is how one SWAG on the power rankings of our opponents goes. An "X" is for a game yet to be played, An "L" is a game already lost. A "W" is a game already won. ...X... X.................... BILLS..................WX.L..XX.X.......X.......X.........X.......X................X.............X........X...X .01 .02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 If we lose all higher ranked teams and beat all lower ranked teams, we will be going 14-3. If we win one of the two top team games (1-1) ,,, go 50:50 on teams in the top half of the league(3-3-) ... and beat all the bottom half teams,,(8-0), then we go 13-4. Any thoughts about counting chickens before they are hatched? https://fansided.com/2021/09/20/2021-nfl-power-rankings-week-3-buccaneers-chiefs-raiders-cardinals/10/
  10. Our DE's are Addison & Hughes ......................... Both of these fellows will not be on the team next year (one might be that is) and one might be traded during this season if the rookies develop . Epnesea & Rosseau.........................These are the starting defensive ends by the second half of this season and will be next year's starters Basham & Obada(resign)................These are next year's rotational defensive ends. They will be used on occasion as interior D-linemen on passing downs against mobile QB's Brian Cox & Mike Love & XXX........These are development prospects that might bounce up from the practice squad to cover for injuries. We will probably go with 5 roster DE's next year. They will not keep expensive veterans because $$ will be need to keep other core players and for upgrades at CB, OL and LB.
  11. Yes, we can be sure he is rested and fully healed. A luxury, He is just the thing to help chase down those shifting running quarterbacks. He will take away that extra whole second that they have to set and throw after scrambling.
  12. Sometimes teams will try to take away the other team's best weapons and leave themselves up to being sliced up by what they didn't defend. Sometimes they do that strategy and lose 35-0. Just a thought.
  13. The professional people on the Bills have a lot of faith in him. The never-played-football people need to realize that they are not professionals
  14. 35 to nothing.... and all the delicate nasty nancies are leaking into their panties. What did you want 85 to minus 13?
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