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  1. Crab dip would be pretty good with some sharp cheddar.
  2. Didn’t Florio pick the Niners over the Bills? Always says nice things about the Bills but picks against them. Bills have handed him more L’s this season than he has broke stories over his entire career.
  3. Shouldn’t we save this conversation for late May?
  4. Remember that game vividly, had EMU for BIG points in my college bowl pool.
  5. So should I be free to walk around naked or drive drunk?
  6. Point is, I’ve seen a lot of information saying their website says they’re Marxists and the want to destroy the nuclear family concept yet I can’t find a word about any of that on the BLM website.
  7. I did go to their website. Didn’t see where it said that.
  8. Yeah it was ok. Loved the first courthouse scene and the end when the Bills score a TD (Trying to be vague and not spoil it for anyone).
  9. What about this movie Buffaloed thats on prime? Im probably going to rent it tonight just because it is based and Buffalo and involves the Bills.
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