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  1. Pre-concussion Edwards is underrated on this board.
  2. A little fear is not a bad thing. This thing is nasty.
  3. Daryle Lamonica at Ahavas Achim Synagogue Sports Night maybe 1965? There were about 100 people there. He told the following limerick: "There was a young man named Lamonica, who attended a church out in Wanakah. He turned sort of bluish, when he found the church jewish, when the members all yelled "Happy Chanukah!". Funny the things that stick in your head forever.
  4. I've been procrastinating over a $900 Tag Heuer for two years now.
  5. This is so annoying because he's right...he's right. Deep in our hearts we know he's right.
  6. Moss ran at thew combine with an injury. He later ran a 4.53 at his 'pro day'.
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