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  1. There are quarterbacks half as good as Allen putting up much bigger numbers/points. Daboll has to take some heat for that.
  2. Very funny stuff. Gridiron Heights is great.
  3. This guy got it right. Josh needs to get into a rhythm. When it's run run pass he can't do that. They need to ramshackle Josh, and let him chuck it.
  4. Your post is really garbage. All the OP is saying is that this quarterback cannot win a Super Bowl. I love this kid but he is inaccurate. If your goal is to win 10 games and be a playoff team, then let's be really happy. By next year that will be old and the goal should be to win the Super Bowl. All Allen has shown is that he is good enough to give them another year. He has not shown that he is good enough to go all in
  5. Adam Schein is the new Berman- Bills love 💘.
  6. True but 47 games without 300 yards is a complete embarassment.
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