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  1. So he was going to move with an 80,000 seat stadium that was 8 years old?
  2. What Bills jersey do you own that nobody else has or is pretty rare? I have a white Bryce Paup jersey. I also have a Kent Hull jersey he autographed for me at a Sabres game.
  3. In 1959 when the Bills were founded, Buffalo was the 14th largest city in the country. It was no huge largess putting a team there. People act like he did us a favor.
  4. Tape shows a player who is very raw, but also relentless. Not a bad quality for an edge rusher.
  5. I'm jumping off the Tre Edmunds train. Nick Bolton to replace him.
  6. I want Etienne but don't want to trade up to get him. He's probably a 5 year player.
  7. And the answer to this debate is... Nick Bolton. A natural middle linebacker with great instincts. ^Then trade Edmunds for a pick.
  8. Wow just wow. Excellent signing.
  9. Forget everything. We just signed Breida.
  10. So now I have watched film on Najee Harris, Etienne and Javonte Williams. Etienne is probably no. 1. Then, I like Williams better then Harris. While Harris is a little more powerful, Williams looks quicker, shiftier and more likely to bust one. At 225 lbs., he also has power. Harris highlights do not contain one fake out of a defender. Williams is also more of a second round target than round one, although getting him at 61 is probably unlikely. His pro day is March 29. Hopefully, he runs the 40.
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