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  1. Wow just wow. Excellent signing.
  2. Forget everything. We just signed Breida.
  3. So now I have watched film on Najee Harris, Etienne and Javonte Williams. Etienne is probably no. 1. Then, I like Williams better then Harris. While Harris is a little more powerful, Williams looks quicker, shiftier and more likely to bust one. At 225 lbs., he also has power. Harris highlights do not contain one fake out of a defender. Williams is also more of a second round target than round one, although getting him at 61 is probably unlikely. His pro day is March 29. Hopefully, he runs the 40.
  4. Now the 1967 UCLA-USC game, OJ Simpson vs. Gary Beban. That was something!
  5. Watched the game too. Gross overreaction. It's the NFL. Gotta play well every week.
  6. I was aware of the stats that indicated going in that we were one of the worst tackling teams in the league. But it appeared really pronounced against K.C. Even when guys were in position to make plays, they didn't. The smallest running back in the league dragged 3-4 tacklers 5 yards. I used to believe all the hype about how well coached we were. Is it the players or the coaches? hard to think of any defender other than White and maybe Milano that we need to keep going forward.
  7. Many of us heard what was being said about Josh, "great athlete, huge, big arm, a little raw" and were reminded of E.J. Manuel. I did not want another E.J. I was wrong. I was actually heartened by Josh's wonderlich score and thought he could learn an NFL offense. Accuracy was the issue. He has greatly improved with the help of Jordan Palmer and the Bills coaching staff. The Josh Allen experience! Enjoy the ride.
  8. I rewatched the game and saw Kroft throw many key blocks both in line and in the backfield. I am confident he can do the job.
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