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  1. You are selling his injury history short. He was named starter over Phillip Humber in December of 2017.........and promptly popped a hammy in Miami and his season was toast.........then missing the Jax playoff game. So he has finished 2 of his first 3 seasons on the shelf. And it's not just the 8 entirely missed games versus just 37 career starts..........it's also the portions of games missed and games he sometimes had to play at limited capacity. Maybe he learns how to stay healthier.........it happens.........see Eric Wood..........but if they extend him I think they need to assume at this point of his career that he will miss at minimum 1/4 of the snaps that you would want him to play because he has missed 18% of his starts plus the time in games where he was injured etc.. That kind of risk requires more than a 25% market adjustment because the odds are that the undersize player is going to get worn down even more with time.
  2. The Dodgers got collective tight butthole on that last play. They even caught a huge break when Arozarena's helmet fell off and tripped him up..........hilarious.😆
  3. Yes but not much. Late pick. Which Brown probably wouldn't do. His productivity is way down on a per snap basis........not just because he's not playing as many snaps per game. He doesn't like 50% of the snaps in Cinci.........that won't change here. The hope would be a change of scenery boosts him back up to last year's level but considering the depth of his statistical drop-off that's not worth a lot in trade.......and his remaining pay checks due would pretty much eat up what's left for cap space so subsequent moves would start to require altering other contracts. Said it before.......I'd try to elevate the offense back up........trying to fix the defense is a multi-body project. The offense just needs to replace John Brown's production, IMO. If the objective is to get that elusive division championship that might be the best bang for the buck. Should be options out there.
  4. Doubtful........Beane quietly and regrettably gave him $7M more in guaranteed 2020 and 2021 salary this winter. That's why he was so quick to take the opt out. That's all the money he was ever going to see from the Bills so why deal with the covid season at all?.........asking for a paycut basically told him he was one and done. All he has to do is show up for camp next summer......flop around and look old....get cut and pocket that $7M.
  5. De-activating them entirely gave Andy Reid hours to build the resolve to fight his nature and be patient with the run. Phillips has received mixed reviews this year but he has been their only hope at 1T as far as defending the run.
  6. As I have said before.........for those of you who miss super-Star watching RB's run past him while he absorbs the single team block.........getting him back next year is going to be like getting an extra first round pick!
  7. I never said they were in dire need of draft picks. They just don't have a good enough or young enough roster to part with much. The Ravens do. They do more with less and make moves that work.......which gives them flexibility to do things like trade draft picks to enhance their roster. One can always defend Beane by pointing out that some other teams make bad decisions............I don't contest that.........but the point isn't what the bottom of the league or even what the more efficient teams have or haven't done.........it's that Beane is making too many of his own mistakes. He's gotta' do better or the Bills will have to be an overachieving roster to remain a fringe contender.
  8. They have 7 picks and a conditional. That conditional 7th round pick and 4 of the others are 5th round or later. Again.........other teams didn't have the need the Bills had. Remember John Brown had a career year.........this year is more consistent with Brown's career, good one year, hurt the next.............he and Beasley aren't and weren't long time studs with just a few seasons over 700 yards combined out of 12 in the league. A player like Metcalf was a HUGE need for the Bills. Can't be understated. Arizona addressed WR early in the draft.........the Bills did not. Arizona also fleeced Houston for Hopkins..........dumping the Johnson salary on the Texans to boot. That was an epic steal. So while they may have failed passing on Metcalf they made up for it elsewhere. That's the kind of thing Beane isn't doing. He's making mistakes and then paying full price in real time to fix them.
  9. I'm pretty sure Beane said they were going to re-do his deal after this season.........I think they even tossed him a few extra bucks this summer. I don't suspect there will be a year 2 of Diggs in Buffalo without a VERY big re-negotiation. Edit: in early August the Bills announced that they bumped his pay by $3.3M this year and added $7.7M in guarantees so he basically got an $11M bump in "real dollars" for accepting the trade. They will likely be doing an extension after the season to get his money even more "right".
  10. Bottom line.........the Bills are both light on draft capital and promising young talent with long term team control..........and they are obviously going to be eating even more dead money this offseason the way some of these free agents are performing..........so they really gotta' be careful about trading picks now. The reason they are there is the inefficiency wrt personnel decisions. If you are offended by my use of "draft capital" in general then how about a more specific example I am sure you have never heard before: They had to trade so much for Diggs because they passed on DK Metcalf in round 2 in 2019........to trade up for Cody Ford. You hate to hear that talk I'm sure.......but that is a significant error that lead to the Bills having to spend even more draft capital to fill that void the following offseason.
  11. Shaq is basically back to who he was in 2017-2018. The Bills milked the most out of him last year by dangling the unrestricted free agency carrot in front of him.........I think some folks confused that improved production with him being an ascending talent. I don't think Beane has done a great job here but I can't really blame him for not wanting to pay top dollar for guys with suspect football character like Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson.
  12. I think it's fair to question the throwing in of extra assets. Diggs was on the block for a reason and in a great WR draft it's hard to think of anyone who would have paid more. I liked acquiring Diggs and if it took the extra picks then I am OK with it but you gotta' make up that inefficiency elsewhere. Beane doesn't. So don't be upset when your GM doesn't have the bullets to get other things done. It's very easy to be a 6-10 win team who can't beat the better teams in the NFL...........you can make a lot of mistakes and get there. Being a SB contending team you really gotta' be on the more efficient side wrt personnel. Beane has had 2 poor free agent hauls out of 3.......he's created record amounts of dead money and some truly bizarre ones(Spain is the latest). And he's made some fundamental errors on draft day wrt picks and trade-ups. There has just been too much inefficiency to get where they need to be. It's not all bad it's just not been particularly good, efficient or effective. And the narrative here has been just the opposite.
  13. For anyone wondering why I would criticize this dude for putting his work out there.........I present to you the highlighted #1. @Logic you are here fishing for approval and likes..........I am here for in depth discussions about my hobby...........which you don't provide with your hollow fluff and inexplicably ignorant(read:lacking knowledge or awareness) rebuttals. Your arrogance and then the subsequent cries for help(highlighted #2) are a sorry combination. If you are going to LAMP.........like opening a new thread about the woes of the defense when that discussion was already active(and more involved) in many other threads..........then just write better, more interesting and informative pieces and I won't call you out for spamming the board for thumbs.
  14. I really wouldn't be surprised if they play better later in the season. I know a lot of these guys are getting needles to be out there but the finish line is a long way away. They just look like one of those "dog days of summer" baseball teams out there and that has happened every season at some point with McDermott. It's at least a couple weeks earlier than normal but the injuries probably have a lot to do with that. The quicker and probably cheaper fix is on the offense. John Brown being gimpy has changed so much. They should be looking for a rental deep threat receiver and just let Brown go on IR for 4-6 weeks and get his legs right. When he comes back then they would just be stronger there.
  15. In fairness the Bills don't really have the draft capital or cache of young talent to part with much in trade for a rental. Beane has been a little careless with draft capital. For example........while the Cardinals were fleecing the Texans for Hopkins.........Beane threw in both a 2020 5th and a 2021 4th this year to get Diggs.......which is nearly the cost the Ravens are paying too rent Ngakoue. The Ravens personnel department is just much better than the Bills..........they are in position to make hay because they are more efficient with their opportunities.
  16. Then it's a veritable sister site to me now, brutha! I believe my initial post was a very fair critique of his work. If someone had done the same to me I guarantee you or @Chandler#81 wouldn't have been there to defend my honor. @SDS approved of this with Tim Graham........the explanation was that because Tim was considered a member he was fair game for direct critique. @Logic's response to my original critique was to get personal so I expanded and shed more light on the critique. Didn't get any more personal than that. Don't really care about his personal life, but if you want more info I think he created a little bio on our sister site. Keep the hot-takes coming @Logic.
  17. Were those guys excellent playmakers last year? Not really. Their losses are overrated. Last year the defense was remarkably healthy and had as easy of a schedule as they've had to face in probably 40 years........and still they had stretches where they got tattooed by opposing offenses. This year the sledding is a lot tougher and the injuries have really taken a toll as well. I agree with your take about the needing playmakers though. They don't have that and really haven't had them in some time so when they are banged up or are making assignment mistakes the lack of that guy or two who can cover up for those issues is glaring.
  18. It's a problem. And I think if you look back on the worst stretches of Bills defense in the past 4 seasons, unfortunately Jerry Hughes going off script is a common theme. Hughes is hurt by a lack of interior pass rush this year.........some of that was having Jordan Phillips just diving thru gaps like a massive Kyle Williams and some of it is the blitzing LB's not being able to do so this year.........but he's just playing way too out of control. They had a nice plan using Addison as a spy a few times and he did a good job of cutting off Mahomes scrambles........I think the near Josh Norman interception was one such play........but in general there have been way too many plays with lack of contain.
  19. 1) I bluntly critiqued your work. You fancy yourself an article writing journalist published on an outside media outlet. Journalist articles get critiqued here. Nothing I said was "childish". Your work is just not good and I pointed it out. It reads like a middle school essay assignment and is not informative, not thought provoking and not entertaining. Last year you tried to do 10K word essays after the games called "extra points" or something that read like a play-by-play of the game..........and when nobody responded you would self-bump the thread. That's just bizarre. If you are just fishing for attention on this site that's not a crime but if you are directing traffic off-site the quality of your content is most definitely fair game. 2)Just post it here then. Why are you asking people to go off-site when all of the inspiring content is right there? I can guarantee you that @SDS doesn't want you directing traffic off site like that. I mean Bleacher Report was banned here for years and at least the content there was entertaining. 3) You have posted 1/3 as much as me because I have been here over 20 years and you are a recent addition to the forum. "Logic". This is what I mean about you lacking self-awareness. You don't know that you are illogical and often can't come to even common sense conclusions. You think you are a lot more interesting than you are. People read a sophomoric article like that and they think "bless his heart, he's tryin'" like maybe you are just not too bright.......meanwhile you are convinced that you are killing it. It's quite comical. If you feel a need to expand on it or ask me more about my personal life.........just go to PM's. If you want to be a journalist.......get a thicker skin.
  20. They've been a VERY poor tackling team that is also sometimes just atrocious against the run for 4 seasons now. In general it has worked.
  21. I know it's probably very hard for you to believe........but honest........it's just plain boring writing. What's more is the poor taste directing people off-forum to some knock-off fan site that you post on. You are just laughably self-unaware. But at least you are consistent.
  22. I would compare the possibility of Watt coming to the Bills to when the Trent Edwards-lead Bills were trying to get Tony Gonzalez from KC. We were pretty bent about TG re-buffing the Bills interest........... but turned out that Matty Ice and squad was in-fact much > Dickie J and ol' Trend Downwards. On the surface any objective observer is going to put 5-7 teams clearly ahead of the Bills wrt SB chances. Trading for a player with much less control is more likely.
  23. I'd say this article is the very definition of bloviation. Who is your audience? Fans who didn't watch Bills games this season? It's just your specialty....... "look at me" self indulgence. If nothing else try to remember that brevity is the soul of wit.
  24. It's a disheartening style for the fanbase and you have to think the players feel the same way. Those are the games where guys like Hyde and Poyer and White go home and tell their families that the front office just didn't push the right buttons with the personnel decisions in front of them. The defensive backs in this defense have been making far too many tackles the past 4 years. It's gotta' be discouraging for them to be this far into a regime and not be better at pressuring the passer or stopping the run.
  25. The HC who put together a humiliating play-not-to-lose gameplan...........was going to play for overtime options? C'mon now. They spent the whole night stopping punches with their face and were simply hoping their exhausted D(15+ minute TOP disparity) could get a turnover and hopefully the Bills offense playing 4 down football could score a TD in the closing seconds and escape with a one point win.
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