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  1. It will be hard to do without him getting a high quality WR opposite John Brown. This WR corps is not hard to cover well enough to make Allen struggle. I would hope that Beane saw all he needed in the first half to officially KNOW how badly this team needs an elite playmaking outside WR.
  2. No doubt Allen can do better..........he really struggled in the first half. But from my perspective above on the 50 yard line it's been pretty concerning how little separation this WR corps gets and how relatively small they are as targets. They really have a lot on the inexperienced Allen's shoulders running a complicated offense let alone doing it without a stud WR. 5 years from now he might not need a true stud #1..........but right now it would be by far the best thing this team could do for itself.
  3. As @Nextmanup said Curly Wurly is the same as Marathon.........I have had them and noticed no difference to what I remembered with Marathon. I think I just grabbed them at World Market aka Cost Plus(I believe) but I'm sure it's easy to buy that stuff online now. Marathon was my favorite bar as a kid but eating milk duds at movies for years it's not like haven't had access to a simple chocolate and caramel combo. I always preferred pom moms to mild duds fwiw.
  4. Generally open guys on most plays? Not by normal NFL standards. This WR corps is poor. John Brown and a bunch of JAG's. They desperately need a playmaker that their erratic young QB can ALSO throw a contested ball to and win from time to time. The need to "gadget" their way to 12 play drives to score a TD is not going to work in the playoffs and that's what they need to be thinking about.
  5. I think the point of the OP is that they don't have to be near some kind of peak as a team.............they have an easy schedule and a very good defense and the AFC(and NFL on the whole) is full of flawed teams...........the Bills could have a better team 2 seasons from now and get taken down by a tough schedule..........or a dominant team could emerge. The point about improvement not being linear is basically lost on this board where many members haven't really followed the NFL itself closely since the 90's and still remember the days of teams having to earn their dues with multiple playoff trips to reach a SB. Just two years ago the Eagles won the SB a season after having a losing record the season before. The Rams were only 2 seasons removed from being terrible under Jeff Fisher when they made the SB under McVay.
  6. Yes they should have taken Metcalf. His skillset would have been a perfect fit with Allen. He leads the NFL in ypc and passes thrown to him average 19 air yards......which is A LOT.......for folks who doe-no. Cody Ford is a guard. You REALLY gotta' be good at an interior position like guard to be worthy of a first or second round pick. Those rounds are where you need to get your edge talent(if you aren't drafting a QB)...........you can get good guards in free agency.
  7. The draft pick compensation would be the concern for sure............not the salary cap hit. I'd take him just as a rental but it would be also a chance to try out the likely top free agent offensive weapon and see if he is a fit and allow him to get comfortable in Buffalo. It would also keep him away from the Patriots. That doesn't sound like much of a reason until you remember Corey Dillon going from injured and seemingly in decline for the Bengals to a 1600 yard season with the Pats. I understand what you are saying about your perception of McBeane's personnel moves.........they've drafted well..........but I think it's just as easy to draw comparisons between what they have been trying to do and what the Patriots do. I really don't know if McBeane is actually a draft pick hugger or if that was a function of drafting relatively high(or needing to in the case of trading up for Allen).
  8. There is no question that there are more kickers that can kick the ball long. And though there has suddenly became a lot of suspect kicking situations field goal % had been rising during the past couple decades. 50 yards used to be a very long kick...........now it's a disappointment if missed.
  9. I would guess it would be an 8 game rental........which would cost the Bills just under $6M in salary(his base for the entire year is $11.9M)...........which is basically what they saved cutting LeSean McCoy.
  10. That. And additionally the benefit of the doubt should not be given on such a play...........kickoff coverage aren't supposed to have to defend forward passes.........if it's not CLEARLY a lateral it should be assumed a forward pass by officiating. All that said..........you let a game come down to one score you are vulnerable to bad bounces or judgement calls..........so you better run a tight ship if you are a team that plays on the edge like that. HC Wade Phillips and "attention to detail" were never synonymous. One key difference we've seen between McDermott and Wade is that McD hasn't gone into denial when he's made mistakes.......Wade was obstinate about some pretty dumb things.......like not devoting practice time to special teams despite struggling during the season and then not being willing to admit he made a mistake firing DeHaven and hiring his bro pump-it-up Ronnie Jones. Had to laugh when he wore a headset in Dallas when he got that job. I guess knowing what plays your coordinators are calling is actually relevant to the position of HC.
  11. Well he also sometimes offers interesting but implausible solutions to the questions and concerns of others..........he can work the bar too.
  12. It sounds cliche but one of the keys to NE continued success is embracing change. They keep some players in UFA but rarely the most coveted ones and they excel at plugging in new players. They turn it into an advantage.........new players come in motivated and ready to buy in. Complacency is unnatural in an environment like they have created. Great QB, great coaching and dominating change are how they do it. Trying to stack and maintain talent nowadays the way the Bills did in the late 80's and 90's is complicated and problematic and I think a large portion of the Bills fanbase has been relatively disengaged from the NFL since those days and still think there can be another era with a dozen guys playing 8-10 years for the team. It's not happening like that again. Not even CLOSE. Doesn't mean they can't sustain winning but it's not going to happen by being patient and stacking and retaining draft picks until the salary cap won't allow it.
  13. Funny how it works.........starting your post with "Funny" isn't funny anymore.
  14. The Eagles traded draft picks for Alshon Jeffrey, Michael Bennett and Ronald Darby. They definitely put their chips all in and they were a team with a losing record the season before they won the SB. I don't think the Rams would change the approach they took it got them to the SB. Like Beane they went heavy on adding vets to fix the OL and age and contracts have caught up with them but they just need a little re-tooling to get back near the top. Their biggest issue is Gurley's failing knee after they tied up a fortune in him. What it comes down to is the approach of propping up young QB's with talent and getting a shot at the SB in the process WORKS. A new CBA isn't going to change the % of salary cap that QB's get. The system works.........teams with big dollar QB's still make the playoffs A LOT. The most important player on teams in all sports usually get paid crazy money. The players association sure isn't going to concede ANYTHING to re-distribute wealth and the owners aren't going to increase the % of the pie they pay to address an issue that's not really an issue.
  15. It's even less amazing when you consider that the new players are seasoned vets..........Brown, Beasley, Gore, Morse, Feliciano, Long...........it's not like they are trying to build a team around young players on offense. Cody Ford is the one rookie who has played a lot and he's struggled. The story is vets playing like vets around a young QB who.....as you said is going thru growing pains. That said the reason they can't score is because they lack big time matchup winners on offense. I've heard people lament that they are moving the ball but not scoring...........but that's what most defenses try to make you do.
  16. 1. Just in the past 2 years teams that have ridden first contract QB's and to the SB or the brink Eagles WON SB.........Wentz missed playoffs but they were the prohibitive favorite to win the NFC most of that season thanks to Wentz. Rams won NFC..........and they were outstanding the year before in Goff year 2 after being woeful in Goff year 1 and loading up that offseason. Chiefs lost in AFC Championship And the Eagles and Rams in particular made a bunch of trades of draft picks for vets...........I don't think any of those teams would change a thing. Draft picks are great when they work but even McD's 2017 draft only has 3 players left from it. 2. Again, False. The CBA is set to expire after the 2020 season........which is when Allen is eligible to sign a long term extension. And even so HOW will the CBA change it? What side wants that? As for the rest of your argument..........you gotta' be in it to win it. The Seahawks proved that you can't really create a modern dynasty by having a team full of young players..........they were literally the NFL's youngest roster when they won the SB and they got consumed with trying to keep everyone and then it was over pretty quick. How you handle change is the key. The Pats turn over a ton of players every year. The Bills signed 18 free agents this offseason and are 4-1. It's not about clutching draft picks to stack cheese it's about getting players that fit for that team that year........even if they are rentals.
  17. The best window to hyper-stock your roster are between years 1-3 of your rookie QB's deal. They are right in the middle of that. The days of getting 5 years until you extend your high quality QB are over..........if they play well enough to be considered franchise you extend them after year 3. As for what they are building............keep in mind that they are the 6th oldest team in the NFL. The Seahawks were the youngest team in the NFL when they won their SB with defense and a young QB.......and just 3 seasons later that team was mostly blown up except for the QB. This team has a few young studs but it's mostly players in their prime...........it's not a wait til next year situation...........the team will change a lot from year to year and sustaining top defense is very difficult.
  18. You're in luck.........you can't trade for an injured player in the NFL so don't even get exercised by the thought. When he's traded he will be ready to play and have to be cleared by the acquiring team. Remember.......it's not a today problem.
  19. Yeah it wasn't that I was reading the thread with the most recent Bills news and saw you posting more ILLogic.
  20. Another straw man from that jackassery that is ILLogic. There is literally one complaint in the thread so far...........and not about him being added........... it's just that they don't want him to carry the ball because he fumbled in preseason.
  21. OBVIOUSLY it's presumed that he will return very soon and that his ankle injury isn't career ending. The Bengals are being very cautious with Green because their season is lost and they still have several weeks until the trade deadline. It doesn't make much sense for a team to trade a player 3 weeks in advance of the deadline unless the market is flooded or someone is willing to pay a premium. It's not and I doubt anyone will. Trade deadline deals are only recently prevalent in the NFL but have long been common in all north american sports and the trades almost always happen in the final days before the deadline. He will likely come back in two weeks.........play one game.........and be traded to a contender for a will-be late 3rd round pick or later. To me the people sweating about it being a first or even a second round pick are worrying about nothing.........that's not happening for a 31 year old 8-game rental even if he's a superstar when healthy. And for people who think the Bengals will wait for a comp pick instead of anything later than a 2nd they neglect to recognize the chance that the Bengals might not be on the plus side of a formula for a comp pick(new HC will want to shop for his guys) or that they don't want to save the pro-rated money on AJG's deal this season. The Brown family is like Ralph.........a penny saved is a penny earned. They save upwards of $8M out of pocket by moving him at the deadline. I think it's at least 50% chance he is dealt and not at a prohibitive cost. The Bills could really use a player like him in the fold ahead the Eagles game...........that's the one on the immediate schedule that looks like they are going to need to score some points or risk being upset at home.
  22. Mitch Morse body is in worse shape than Green.....does anyone expect him to last more than a couple seasons? But he's helping in the short term........amirite? This regime doesn't seem to shy away from injured players so your logic doesn't match up with how they've approached roster building. They have a pile of cap room and sorely need for a big play option in the passing game...........and Green is a career 14.8 ypr WR.........exactly what they need. It's not unheard of for a traded player to come in and greatly change the fortune of a contending team on that side of the ball...............see Dareus with the Jags.........they went from worst to first in run defense and had a lead in NE in the AFCCG. Key adds can make a big difference.
  23. Doesn't have to be one or the other. If you want to win long term you need a good offense...........even the greatest defense of this generation(the Seahawks aka youngest team in football when the won the SB) could only sustain that level for about 4 seasons. So it's going to be a juggling act keeping this team competitive. UNLESS you make Allen GREAT. Which is why you want to get him great weapons ASAP. This year is a window.........sweet schedule.......defense at it's peak.........Pats OL a mess........Chiefs defense is a joke.......NFC is wide open with no great team. It's before your time but Polian took a shot trading for Pro Bowl safety Leonard Smith........who greatly helped.........and that didn't hurt them long term. After that unfortunately Polian got a bit too huggy with his draft picks though and it cost him. One thing you will find is that as your roster gets better you often stop drafting as efficiently because BPA and NEED stop being the same thing. That happened with Polian. He also dropped the ball by not making a move for Charles Haley(an OBVIOUS fit and need and not getting him helped a burgeoning rival) and addressing FS or NT with better players and as a result they never won a SB despite a large window.
  24. Pats were 3-5 on the road last year. The only easy win was their 19 point win in Buffalo. Because the Bills typically play their worst against them we tend to overhype the regular season Pats.........but they are vulnerable........especially in a year where they get a lot of injuries. Their schedule has been favorable and they should have lost in Buffalo...........but I still expect them to lose a few games at least. If the Bills don't figure out how to score more points they will end up losing more of these style of games that they've been winning(the Pats game was already an example of one they could have easily won). When it always comes down to a bounce or a call or two you eventually take some unexpected L's. Keeping the score close.......inadvertently(this case) or by design(Jauron Ball) works both ways.
  25. I was reacting to you saying that their only chance for a home playoff game would be in the AFC championship. That's not the case. 2 of the 4 division winners play on WC weekend..........so they could win the division as a 3rd or 4th seed and host a home WC game. Unlikely that the AFC East champ wouldn't be one of the top 2 seeds but possible nonetheless.
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