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  1. Yes. For some time they sold DiBella's subs in stores as a cross marketing effort.........built up business for their deli using DiBella's.........and then dropped DiBella's and just made their own using the DiBella's ingredients/formulas. They are all just plain old subs though. Work day lunch food. Eating cold cut samiches of any kind on game day is a sure sign that you are boring.
  2. They underachieved to an 11-6 finish last year when they should have been a 15-2 type team. So they need to play up to their ability this year.........a second straight loss to an inferior opponent would be another case of not stepping up to the challenge. And yes, Baltimore is inferior...........they have a terrible defense both against the pass and the run and their run game has been lousy and their OL is a mess.........the Bills need to take care of business.
  3. Hate the dude that brings stinky PF Changs food on the plane.
  4. Who is the idiot that thought they were in emotional agony? That's a bunch of wealthy twenty something dudes enjoying life.........Gronk partied has ass off the night after the Patriots lost that SB to the Eagles.........it's a job and those kinda' guys aren't going to dwell on losses no matter how big and no matter how much some sad-lifed, doom-fantasy fans wants them to. And this loss leaves a mark but it's not very big in the grand scheme of things. Now a 35 year old QB finally getting to and losing a SB he's been trying to reach all his career? Maybe a different story. Josh could lose the SB and give you the sad face for the camera because he has a lot of emotional intelligence and knows the fans are distraught........but he's probably not going to miss his tee time the next morning.
  5. Yep. His desire to compete writes checks his body can't cash. That play that he was concussed on last night he had all day to throw the ball away and move on to the next play. The NFL put all sorts of protections in place for these QB's but you still have to throw the ball away sometimes. A lot of these young QB's are pushing the envelope and taking too many hits but Tua really can't take them. The guy entered the league handicapped with a half-fake hip after taking an absolute beating at Alabama..........a place where he played behind the best OL in football every week with the best receivers.
  6. The Yankees minor league teams ran absolutely wild stealing bases this season. Very much looking forward to the young players bringing that to the field in the next couple seasons. The shift alone won't change players approach at the plate.........but in unison with more runners in scoring position and on base it should matter in how players approach hitting. One of the reasons players really bought into launch angles to hit the ball over shifts was a dearth of runners on base and a lively ball. Ball has been deadened........the rest is to come.
  7. They have the talent to be but they looked disinterested tonight, IMO.
  8. What makes it easier to appreciates is that all the steroid HR record breakers were in the National League...............so 61 still ties a significant record. And the background is that the ball has been deadened and batting averages have plummeted.........and still he did it...........his season is an absurd outlier of production. Looking forward to some of the changes next year.......games being cut by 20 minutes in length by the pitch clock........shifts banned........bigger bases making the running game much more valuable and rewarding players for making contact.......
  9. I don't know about that. The Bengals have a better QB, better receiving corps, better RB, better pass rushers. There was a glaring difference in the effort to the ball between the two defenses. Dolphins did a good job on Burrow and a great job on the Bengals running game. Bengals D effort was much less consistent.
  10. The score perhaps but the Dolphins effort was surprising. Looked like maybe they had a little gatorade in their adderall.
  11. Nice kick in the nuts loss for the Dolphins. They played A LOT harder than Cinci tonight.........coming off a much tougher game and having to travel........but come away empty handed. The Bills game didn't seem to take anything out of the majority of the Dolphins...........except that concussion that Tua got and maybe some hard miles on Xavien Howard.
  12. Bengals D playing like they shouldn't be expected to be playing hard every down..............Dolphins D playing hard every down........only reason this game is close.
  13. The game is an NFL product........and the on air talent is taught to never criticize the product. And you can't really discuss it without talking about the controversy over his return after an obvious concussion 5 days ago..........which is definitely criticizing the product. Nothing good can come from them talking about it in game............it will be a hot issue online and with talking heads on TV/radio in coming days.
  14. The fact that nobody else is complaining should tell you that your internet feed or your wifi are likely failing you.
  15. Amazon streaming IS great. I've never had the problem you are talking about.........great 4K picture for baseball and now football games, no issues..........so it's likely a problem on your end that you are unaware of.
  16. It had better. CTE could have cancelled pro football.........it's put a big hit on youth football enrollment.........the league had done a pretty good job of limiting the amount of nasty concussions that we see by being extra careful in recent years. But leave it to the douchebag Dolphins organization that has spent the last couple years acting like rules don't apply to them to pretend like the concussion crisis never happened and let Tua get annihilated 5 days after clearly suffering a concussion against Buffalo.
  17. The unspoken truth is that most fans, media, network execs, team management, owners, fellow players.........basically anyone with a vested interest in the quality of the game..........don't want players to have to leave games for getting their "bell rung" like that. It's why it's so hard to actually enforce.
  18. So you are saying you are confused because his game log shows 16 games? He's been durable but yeah Scott is correct he had Covid twice last year and missed about a month of camp last year because of the first bout.
  19. Yeah he was excellent in the first half but he was actually getting A LOT of pitches to hit back then...........sometimes 3 per at bat. His second half of the season that has changed as he has lost almost all protection in the lineup..........and yet it has been a half for the ages...........rarely does he NOT have a good at bat. Worked the lefty Mayza and got him to throw multiple center cut fastballs and finally got a hold of one even though he's been opening up and getting around the ball noticeably lately (which is why he's hit so many balls right down the left field line last few days). Hopefully he gets back to using the whole field a bit more back in NY and gets the batting title to win that Triple Crown.........that would be amazing and cap one of the greatest offensive seasons for an MLB player ever. In a league where the average player hits about .240 and every relief pitcher is throwing mid-high 90's and teams use them liberally it's every bit as impressive as the best seasons of Ruth, Mantle, Ted Williams etc.., IMO. Also.........with 96 wins and 7 games remaining the Yanks have a good shot at getting over 100 wins again after playing just terrible baseball for 2 months in July/August..........including their worst month in 30 years in August. Cole also ties Guidry season strikeout record with 248. And what would have been Yankees news normally with the playoff positioning clinched..........the Yankees most hyped prospect ever, Jasson Dominguez had something of a career breakout performance in the deciding game of the AA Eastern League Championship series with 2 HR and 6 rbi reaching base 5 times as Somerset won the title game 15-0 with a no hit performance from their staff. Second time this month The Martian has hit a HR from both sides of the plate in the same game. Wouldn't be terribly surprised to see Dominguez up in majors next August/September as a 20 year old in a role like Oswald Peraza is playing now.
  20. Eh.....that's a bad take. Miami scored one TD on a very short field and the other was set up by an uncharacteristically bad defensive call to rush 3 that set up Waddle for the long TD. Otherwise they did nothing in a sport where possessions alternate. Except throw a terrible would-be pick 6 that Milano dropped.
  21. Is Dawkins ill today? No he is practicing in full. I'm afraaaaaid he's not Mrs. Fishpaw.
  22. Agree. The run defense destroying Dareus trade, followed by the Tyrod benching undermined a fantastic start to 2017 where they were trending toward an 11-5 type season with big buy-in. Took a truly feeble schedule and some lucky breaks to back into the playoffs after the worst 3 game stretch in team history. If they are positioned as a playoff team in mid-October I'm not sure Daboll wants to count on such good fortune trading a key contributor even if they don't expect to retain Barkley.
  23. How dare you mock a guy who laid his life on the line Sunday..........you really should gouge your own eyeballs out.
  24. I agree. And the people who downplay McKenzie's penchant for mistakes are the same people whose jaws were hanging in disbelief when McD proceeded to bench him after he fell on his face and fumbled the kickoff versus Indy last year. The coaches have spoken with their actions wrt McKenzie in the past. I think they've been waiting for him to mature and turn into a reliable decision maker on the field.........and the low investment required to keep him has tempted them to retain him and hope for the best.......but it is very possible that Dorsey's freak out was more about McKenzie than the team as a whole falling short.
  25. Or just dive down so they had time to spike the ball and stop the clock? Been saying it for a couple years.......he's never been given a job he hasn't given back..........and the reason isn't talent........it's mistakes made because he isn't a smart football player. This is why he's barely more than minimum salaried with no contract security............they are getting a guy with the traits to produce on the cheap but the trade-off is that there are going to be mental errors that have traditionally negated his value.
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