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  1. You guys gotta' let go of the idea of Cornelius Bennett being there. Had he been honored prior to the sexual assault conviction and incarceration maybe they don't take him off............but no way he gets in after-the-fact.
  2. The Bills were 1st in yards per carry in the NFL by RB's in 2022. Which is the more pertinent stat to the discussion anyway. (You are correct that they were 2nd in overall in ypc to the Bears because of Justin Fields running exploits). The issue isn't that yards per carry isn't a great stat. I mean there is out-of-the-box rationale and then there is just off-target and the idea that a full season ypa isn't a great stat is the latter. Some fans just think that you should always be able to run the ball at will whenever you want to.......which isn't how it works in the NFL......so when the Bills have a less effective day on the ground some just can't maintain that perspective. Even great running teams sometimes have mediocre-to-pathetic games on the ground.
  3. The Buffalo Bills lead the entire NFL in yards per carry by RB's last season. I don't know what to tell you folks anymore........but it's comedy gold reading about how bad the Bills OL was/is at run blocking.
  4. Yeah great reminder about the Takeo Spikes situation. He was quite forthright about that right away. You might be right about the NFL using the calf injury as code for the achilles but that would be very misleading. I think calf strains in general are seen as lesser injuries than hamstrings but to me it's always more concerning. The Durant/Thompson injuries in the NBA were called calf injuries at first but I don't think that was code.........the NBA really coddles players relative to other sports league's. I believe that those guys had muscle strains that turned into achilles injuries.
  5. Who came up with that "scare crow" tag for Edmunds? Was that @HappyDays? That sh!t is hilarious.
  6. And Klay Thompson. When I heard Rodgers had injured both of his calves in camp my mind immediately went to him possibly tearing that achilles. Been thinking the same thing about Burrow.
  7. I think McDermott has really wanted to run one of those Shanahan offense's because he dislikes playing them..........but they've just never been able to get that outside zone style to work with any of the 3 OC's he's had. Glad to see they are just doing what they do better instead.
  8. Yeah you are too serious for a message board about a pastime. Maybe fun is not for you.
  9. Yeah this is an era where every play gets graded/scored. When you are signing 1 year deals you can't presume that any interested team is going to watch every play you made the prior season and weight those results based on whether they mattered with regard to who won or lost the game. Teams want players who play hard all the time. If you don't play full speed in a garbage time win maybe you don't play full speed down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. You gotta' let the employers know you go full speed all the time.
  10. The talent difference is significant...........but that was to be expected in every way. Higher pedigree, tested better, drafted earlier in a much better RB draft and then as a rookie put up about a yard per carry more than the "good" Devin Singletary. He's gotta' keep it up throughout his rookie deal and show durability but he's definitely more talented.
  11. Yeah not understanding is a natural byproduct of selective, careless or poor reading comprehension.
  12. There were people who insisted Devin Singletary was just awful too.........despite him putting up very good ypa year after year. RB lovers will not be satisfied until they get something akin to Bijan Robinson..........a player who is called the best player in the draft by some hot take draft talking heads. And whether the player actually consistently produces or stays healthy in the NFL or not is a DISTANT secondary concern to his draft pedigree.
  13. He doesn't have to suck. He was promoted as a potential Brian Urlacher 2.0 when drafted by the Bills and when that didn't ever come close to happening the narrative switched to "well, he's really good and you guys just don't understand his impact". The reality is that he doesn't make plays. Couple TFL's in the run game is nice........but it's about the lowest rung on the playmaker ladder for a LB and I wouldn't expect that to continue(though he should lead the NFL in tackles on a defense that may play the most snaps of any defense in football). Here are some staggering stats for Tremaine: He went a season where he blitzed 76 times without creating a single pressure. He hasn't forced a fumble since early in his rookie season........about 70 games ago. He strung together back-to-back seasons with over 100 passer rating against while his defenders insisted that teams were afraid to throw in his area. He had something of a breakout season last year.........but still no plays.........the switch has just never fully gone on for him and at $18M aav that's a problem for the Bears and a bullet dodged by the Bills. In limited time in the preseason the past two years and a couple games this season the largely uninspiring prospect Bernard has already shown a far greater nose for the football. And mind you.........I loved the Edmunds pick. Thought Tremaine would make a great, rangy edge rusher........basically replace the highly impactful Lorenzo Alexander in the Bills defense but allow them to play more 3 LB sets with his superior athleticism........a game changing talent. Being a solid player, but with clear weaknesses, at a devalued position was NOT a good result. I am also of the belief that he will be back in Buffalo at a fraction of the cost in a couple years and the narrative will turn from "he's a rising star just coming into his own" to "he's going back to where he had his most success".
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