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  1. I know Bass was signed to a big contract recently, but we just can’t go into this season with him kicking like he did the end of last year. The Bills would be extremely foolish not to bring someone to trading camp to compete with him.
  2. I never said I have a “right” to anything. I said that the family’s secrecy and lack of transparency on this topic is weird and suggests they are hiding something…for what reason, I have no idea.
  3. Like it or not, the Bills are very public enterprise and Kim was far more than just Terry’s wife. She was, by most accounts, running the show, or close to it. The lack of transparency about what befell her—and her condition—was truly bizarre.
  4. To the weird category, I would add the Kim Pegula health saga and the way it has been handled by the franchise.
  5. I didn't say "extra wins" but it's safe to say that the Jets would have a better chance with Tyrod than they did with Zack Wilson last year. That seems inarguable...
  6. I actually think Tyrod Taylor could win quite a few games for the Jets if/when Rodgers gets hurt...He's way better than the backups they had last year.
  7. It's pretty small percentage of the league's annual revenue...certainly not enough to risk the integrity of the game...
  8. Something tells me Tyreek will not be able to afford to stop playing...kinda like Antonio Brown...
  9. You could be right…maybe it’s more of a perception problem. The gambling influence just seems to be getting more and more prevalent, whereas just 5 years ago it was totally verboten…
  10. Those numbers seem way low…$2.3 billion a year is chump change for the NFL. Gotta be much more than that, otherwise, why take the risk?
  11. I am absolutely delighted that the Jets went all-in again on a 40-year qb coming off a serious injury, who was in obvious decline two seasons ago. We’re lucky, because that roster’s not bad at all and the defense gives Josh fits. This will be Mr Clean’s last year, unfortunately…
  12. The other thing they have in common is that neither takes good care of the football and both are/were hugely overrated.
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