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  1. At the beginning of the 2023 season, he will be 32 months removed from competitive football. He won’t be the same…probably ever
  2. Now being reported that the suspension will be at least a year…I think Watson will play again, but he’ll never be the same and will never again be an elite QB…Browns are completely screwed.
  3. I think the Bills might have broken that organization in their last two games against them, and especially the playoff game.
  4. Yeah, you're probably right. But I think NE is going to be worse than people think this year.
  5. Absolutely should be considered. Not a crazy idea at all. Antonio Brown returned punts for the Steelers, as did Darrell Revis for the Jets. Tre White was a great punt returner at LSU, although obviously that’s off the table with the knee injury. When the Chiefs put Tyreek Hill back to return punts it was absolutely terrifying …
  6. Yes, the Bills look to be absolutely loaded this year, but the entire AFC looks really strong…I don’t think the 1990s Bills ever had to compete in an AFC with anywhere near this many good teams. The good news is the AFCE is probably the least strong of the four divisions, but this season going to be a gauntlet…
  7. That makes sense to me, but isn’t it theoretically possible that the league suspends him for less than 6 games? I mean, it’s highly unlikely but…
  8. Enjoy it….in a year or two, Josh will be more ubiquitous than Mahomes and Rodgers put together…
  9. Conversely, I'm impressed that Houston was able to rid itself of this bum while snagging three first-round draft picks in the bargain. Many (including me) questioned Caserio's handling of the whole Watson mess, but I think they've made the best of what could have been a disastrous situation. If they can find a QB, the Texans have a very bright future.
  10. I’m no doctor, but back surgery seems unlikely to be minor.
  11. Snyder was accused of groping one woman in 2009, an allegation he denied...most definitely not worse than what Watson was accused of—and what Sue Robinson concluded Watson actually did. This sort of “whataboutism” isn’t going to save Watson.
  12. Yep. And a 24-year old having back surgery is just crazy. It's not a good sign...
  13. The tanking claim was certainly the most explosive allegation in the complaint, but even if it was true, I'm not sure what damages Flores could have proven. The harm would have been to the league, not to him personally. I don't know how hard or easy it would have been to prove the other stuff...that's why we've got discovery.
  14. Yep, the Steelers are in a brutal division and it’s not an organization (or fanbase) that will accept a 4-13 rebuilding season under a rookie QB. Mitch has played in the league for five years and he’s won a lot of games. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t start every game that he’s healthy.
  15. Probably true, but until proven otherwise, I'm not going to assume that McDaniel is an upgrade at HC. In fact, from what I've seen so far, he's a clown.
  16. I don’t think the NFLPA was tipped off to Robinson’s decision; much more likely that they just feel it’s going to go their way based on how the hearing went, questions she may have asked, or comments she may have made…but if it was so obvious that the league is going to lose, then you would think they would have been anxious to settle, and that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  17. Nah, the Panthers saw enough of Darnold last year. He’s the backup.
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