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  1. The new coach is going to have to live with it, then...I guess it could be worse...they could have traded a ton of high picks for him, like Denver did. I actually think Murray--unlike Wilson--is salvageable under the right coach and the right system. He poses unique challenges for a defense....
  2. Would the implications be the same if he were cut?
  3. I don't know the salary cap implications, but if a new coach comes in who thinks Murray needs to go, he'll most likely be gone, one way or another. Murray was hand-picked by Kingsbury...a new guy would have no such allegiance.
  4. Yes, he is, and he's tied at the hip to Murray. When Kingsbury is fired, there's a good chance Murray's days are numbered too....
  5. Yes, he’s suffering from third degree burns over much of his body…
  6. A month ago, I'd give us a good chance to get 3 here...now, take a knee
  7. And I have sit at the bar next to the most obnoxious Lions fan in the world…I mean, how can anyone even be a Lions fan?
  8. Crap pi call but no worse than the one we got on Diggs earlier.
  9. At least half of his throws have been off. He was bailed out on the DPI call and the dropped int. He’s a great player, obviously, but there is something very wrong right now. He’s not seeing the field and he’s throwing the ball late.
  10. If that’s the case, then he needs to go on IR. Period.
  11. Goff having a career day, just like Jacoby Brissett…
  12. Can anyone recall a holding call on an opposing offensive lineman? I’m drawing a blank…
  13. I can’t even imagine what Miami will do to this defense…
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