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  1. I’m telling you, Herbert has a bad habit of coming up small, despite all his talent. He really should not be playing today, though…and Jacksonville is pretty good this year.
  2. Josh’s first 25 or so throws were pretty much perfect…then guys started going down, he got less time to throw and I assume he started to feel the effects of the heat. I can’t imagine how exhausting it had to be for him to be running around all day behind that line, throwing 63 times in that heat. I’m actually surprised he was able to finish the game…
  3. Inexcusable that the Chargers are letting Herbert play this week.
  4. Completely agree. It makes no sense whatsoever. Shows total disregard for the players and the fans and there’s really no good reason for it.
  5. I can’t get too worked up about it. It’s the Dolphins’ and Tua’s problem, not ours. He converted a 3rd and 22 against us, so how concussed could he have been.
  6. Don’t think it can’t happen to Josh Allen, especially if we throw 50 times per game.
  7. It was the best thing that could have happened for Miami. I almost think he did it on purpose. We should not have even rushed the punter.
  8. Anyone who thinks the fish are better off with Bridgewater is delusional
  9. I think it’s because they are running the ball well and are in favorable down/distance situations
  10. Can we just sign Ingram next year, so we don’t have to play against him?
  11. Pretty hard to tell on TV… he usually makes the right decisions
  12. We’re about to the point where Josh simply never throws a bad pass.
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