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  1. I’m struggling to find another win on our schedule…this team is broken. Even worse, this coaching staff appears to have broken Josh Allen.
  2. It’s a bad matchup for us. On the other hand, I’m having a hard time imagining a good matchup for this team right now. Maybe Vanderbilt?
  3. I can’t even remember a team failing to convert third and long against this defense.
  4. ACL is a very serious injury. A lot of guys never recover from it. Everyone is assuming Odell Beckham, who’s older than Tre and was injured 3 months later, will just pick up where he left off next month. Highly unlikely. That’s why I would not have been down with drafting Jamison Williams in the first round…he’s still not playing either.
  5. How was that called incomplete??? That ball STILL hasn’t touched the ground.
  6. If you polled the Bills’ players, I’d bet a lot of money almost every one would prefer to play in the neutral Detroit dome than in the snow in Buffalo.
  7. Only partly true; the stadium is also likely to be rendered unplayable if the forecast is correct, even if no snow is falling at gametime.
  8. Not unless changes are made. The way the Bills are turning the ball over, none of their remaining games is a shoe-in.
  9. You really think the Bills have a chance to win out? This isn’t the 2021 Bills’ schedule. The Chiefs will have to lose more than one of their remaining games…
  10. I'd consider it, but it's highly unlikely that Reich would accept. I can't think of any HC fired mid-season taking a job with another organization before that season is over. Maybe next year...
  11. People are also forgetting that our second half schedule won’t be soft like last year. All four remaining division games promise to be highly competitive, plus Chicago and Cincinnati…not like last year.
  12. That sequence was absolutely inexcusable.
  13. Yep, so why did we attempt three straight drop back passes from the 2-yard line, leading 27-17 in the fourth quarter?
  14. Do you think the turnover numbers would be reduced if we had a running game capable of scoring in the red zone, instead of relying on dropback passes repeatedly from inside the 5-yard line?
  15. Here are things you should be doing if you are an NFL franchise lucky enough to have a generational talent at quarterback: 1. Invest heavily in your offensive line, so as not to get your QB killed. 2. Get your QB the best weapons possible, including speed receivers who can open up the field, knowing that because of the special talents of your QB, ROI on such players will be multiplied. (Hint: Don't use all your premium picks on defensive players...) 3 Try to develop some sort of running attack so that EVERYTHING doesn't have to run through your QB all the time. (See also, item 1, above) 4. Hire an innovative OC who is able to maximize your QB's special talents. The Bills are a huge FAIL in all four categories.
  16. Imagine Josh Allen in a franchise that actually tries to maximize his skills
  17. Yes, what immediately comes to mind the past three weeks is “what an awesome coaching staff the Bills have!” How many pissed away games is too many?
  18. If there aren’t internal issues on the Bills, there should be.
  19. Again, few people here would dispute that…the coaching staff is squandering another year of Josh Allen’s prime. Changes need to be made.
  20. I sorry, but I have no idea what point you’re trying to make.
  21. Chill out. I haven’t seen anyone “turn on Allen”, other than observing that he’s had a bunch of bad turnovers, which is undeniable. Most are frustrated at the coaching staff for inexcusable play calling, putting Allen in difficult situations, and squandering leads by refusing to run the football…
  22. Exactly. No issue with going for it on 4th. But they called three straight dropback passes after having second and goal from the 2, with a 10-point lead. Fireable offense, and it’s not the first time sh*t like this has happened the last three weeks.
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