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  1. The Patriots’ offense is so pathetic, I really don’t see how the Bills could lose to them, absent some freak weather event. I’m pretty sure the Bills aren’t afraid of their rookie CB…I’d put them in the easy category. And if you think the Chargers have a “great O” then I don’t know what to say. That is a dink and dunk attack if I’ve ever seen one.
  2. Same with CJ Stroud. And Justin Fields last year. I don't know what these teams are thinking.
  3. I don’t like Watson either but it’s inarrugable that he was one of the top 3-4 QBs in the league before he melted down. That’s why Cleveland was willing to give up so much for him, despite his perversions…one more thing: the Bills lost that game.
  4. Because at one time, he was. He sucks now, though.
  5. Maybe he was talking about other upcoming games, like NE, Denver, Cincinnati, the Jets, Chargers, etc…I tend to agree, and I also don’t think the Rivera-led Commanders pose a particularly difficult threat, but that’s hardly news.
  6. There have been dozens of threads calling for McDermott to be replaced. It wouldn't surprise me if in one of those threads someone suggested hiring Sean Payton, but I certainly don't recall any Hire Payton groundswell on this board. It's a straw man.
  7. I've now given you four opportunities to link to that thread...I'm guessing we're just not going to see it.
  8. I'm confused. At first, you didn't deny your intent to call out Bills fans on TSW who wanted the team to hire Payton--you even told me to use the search function to find all the posts advocating for Payton over McDermott--but now, after I challenged you to produce evidence that people here wanted to fire McDermott for Payton, you say it was never your intent to call out those naysayers that you were so sure existed.😄
  9. You specifically linked Payton to McDermott...go back and read your OP. Do you deny that you were taking a shot at people (assuming that they even exist) who wanted the Bills to hire Payton and get rid of McDermott? As for the search function, I'm not sure how I'd use the search function to prove that something doesn't exist. You're the one who made the assertion that something happened...it's your burden to prove it. See how that works?
  10. Yes, I'm asserting that made crap up in order to dunk on a bunch of strawmen. Prove me wrong.
  11. It's also kinda funny that one Bills' home win against a pretty bad Raiders team has you feeling your oats such that you felt the need to call out fans that wanted to see the team go in a different direction, as if it's now a foregone conclusion that all the naysayers were wrong...and of course there's also your assumption that Payton is no longer a good coach after two games with the Broncos--an assumption I don't necessarily disagree with, since I never wanted Payton here in the first place.
  12. Dude, you're the one who's making the assertion that people here wanted to can McDermott for Payton...let's see the evidence. As you say, it should be easy to do...
  13. Instead of making an un-funny joke, why don't you just link to some of the posts calling for the Bills to fire McDermott and hire Payton?
  14. Classic straw man argument. Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about. I remember no one saying that we need to ditch McDermott and go break the bank for Sean Payton. At various times over the past year or so, the good faith, reasonable argument was put forth--based on the history that we are all familiar with--that McDermott is not the guy to get the Bills to the Super Bowl and that we should cut bait and hire a new HC with a solid background as an offensive coach. You're trying to dunk on a bunch of imaginary TSW posters and it's actually kind of weird.
  15. Agreed, and that's also something that Dorsey is ultimately responsible for...
  16. Admittedly, I don’t know that much about NFL Xs and Os, but these seem like really lousy route concepts. Dorsey should be embarrassed.
  17. Gabe is nothing if not a deep threat
  18. This could be better for the Jets in the long run. Rodgers was done anyway. They were stupid to give up what they did for him, at his age. Wilson is not without talent and this might be the chance he needed. He wasn’t going to get this chance with AR there.
  19. Yeah, wonder what a 60 would look like
  20. If Josh has a lot more games like Monday, Dorsey will not be the only sacrificial lamb.
  21. Bro, that was FAR from the most “concerning” play from JA on Monday night. It probably doesn’t even crack the top 10 for me. I mean, the guy was seeing ghosts…
  22. Unfortunately, we’re now into the season, so there isn’t a lot of time for a major overhaul if it’s something more than just “impatience” or “trying too hard”.
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