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  1. I am sorry for your loss We are all true brothers in this world and the next
  2. If you had to dream dream big Hopefully dreams due come true
  3. Yeah my first perfect score I need to move
  4. They just posted a thread on this wall
  5. Outlaws.com Updated as of 3/17 Shows Spain's signing but nothing from legal tempering period
  6. Free agency does not start till today. So until signings are official they will not be posted I assume later today or even thursday they will be out
  7. Nobody said i could spell
  8. Actually yes all health care workers. Plus me and there only 8 of us Tks thought
  9. Nope beane is going to draft a punter in the 2 round To replace Sr shackes alot
  10. I agree 100 percent people need to think positive and feel a sense of normacy. Which right know we do not have It's time to put the phones down and look at people in the eye 1) on Friday we are having a card night playin ucer the gals will be in the other room doing? 2) Saturday we are having people over for dinner and everyone coming over early to actual make there dish to pass Thank you nfl and many tbd friends
  11. We will all have to go back to hoarding tp
  12. Ok hear we go Sign rt Bryan buligan Green Bay Packers Move beloved Ford to left guard where he belongs maybe people will stop winning than doubt it Cut shanks a lot your punter Sign an xl guy from Dallas that was punting for 50+ Draft move assets 2 5s and a third for another 2 ( we can always dream) 1 draft edge 2nd wr/lb 2nd rb or best of wr/lb
  13. Dean has also done the bills camp notes at sjf ever since it has been here. Gives real good in depth inside on players and how the flow of camp is going (note last year he did go off a little on the intitled people) Used to directly post here buy 2 years ago a posted kept harassing him and he stopped posting on tbd. If you follow camp the reports say everything was bad Dean tells the whole story. They sit in the upper north corner of the blecers and has a large rimmed hat on. He likes it when people help him and give him extra notes of observation.
  14. Rip little guy the good ones always go to soon Your bills family is here for you all
  15. Can we start a go find me page for henry
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