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  1. A lot of people found this out when they went to prepare for their fantasy football teams this season.
  2. I’m not going. This was one hell of a week. In the ***** weather put the final nail in the coffin.
  3. [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  4. right now the Packers quarterback is beating him in fantasy football points and now I’m starting to have a little regret if he doesn’t pick his game up.
  5. The easy add gif button was broke because the GIPHY website blocked the current implementation and I had to reconfigure it. All is well now. my apologies to all for not looking into this and fixing it sooner. honestly, Mrags breakfast sandwiches were good enough to take the wrath of missing one birthday! 🤤
  6. I have no idea if it is fixed. I was just reporting one person’s checks for firefox.
  7. Are you guys using firefox?
  8. are you saying it still happens today? You go to a new page and it scrolls to the bottom?
  9. The only thing that changed was that I fixed the gif insertion function. I did that on Monday. I guess I cleared system caches when I did that, so maybe there’s a chance there was something corrupted in there that got cleared out.
  10. The TBD ladies have plenty of seltzers to tie him over.
  11. I was about to suggest that last place in fantasy football carries you into the tailgate in a rickshaw. However, that could very well be me.
  12. I’ll pick you up in the chopper.
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