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  1. Yet, the headline isn’t Janine Talley inexplicably makes controversial tweet. Again, if true, Darryl Talley is the hurricane and Janine’s tweet is a fart in the hurricane. Talking about how this hurricane smells is severely misguided.
  2. once again, you’re attacking someone for putting up with “the behavior” and not the person actually doing the behavior. if what we said was true, Darryl Talley is actually the person doing the bad thing here. She’s being attacked for talking about it, putting up with it, speaking her mind. It’s unquestionably messed up. I will never put talking about someone’s cheating as being on the same level as someone who is doing the cheating. Unquestionably messed up.
  3. What a weird set of responses. We are told Talley is a serial cheater and she is the one being dumped on. That is messed up.
  4. What realistic places do you have your eye on? Where and why?
  5. it’s a fair gripe. Approving new registrations is not the greatest thing when you have so many people from Pakistan registering.
  6. I feel like this is where I shut the board down.
  7. you probably subscribed to that forum. Check for a button on the right hand side that says following just above the topic listings.
  8. New year! Don't forget to join The Aud Club! Great bunch of guys there who really know their stuff. https://www.sabrespace.com/community/forum/1-the-aud-club/
  9. it looks like you were able to post a new topic yesterday morning.
  10. this one was a good 20 years in the making.
  11. try a different browser. It sounds like you downloaded a partial file.
  12. I may have recently deleted them for whatever possessed me at the time. Is it something you use?
  13. that’s exactly what someone who caused all of this would say.
  14. So, not being an actual sysadmin, I haven't really been paying attention to two decades worth of evolving standard practices for email delivery, etc... Yesterday, I'm pretty sure I got all my email config settings up to 2022 standards and there should be a lot less mail going out being stopped by ISPs. YMMV.
  15. Not bad... Just to be clear, we are only talking 4 tables out of 200+ and they hold low level information, like when someone logged in. Nothing comes across as critical. We just had a small mismatch in the data that kicked some errors.
  16. sounds like something an administrators should know about.
  17. Some of it was caused by me, but I caught a failing hard disk in my errors. I'll call that a grinning win. Restoring all the data led to a couple database tables being corrupted. That has been fixed (I think). I have a few questions in, but I think we are ok. Every table checks out now. Thank you for your patience.
  18. nothing you have said relates to what anyone sees on the field. I get his combine measurements. At some point I would like to see it in game. The number of times I say “only he could make that play” is so infrequent, if ever, that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
  19. other than his draft review, what makes you say he’s an exceptional athlete? I watch every game and I’m never impressed by any particular display of exceptional athleticism by him. I see him chase players from behind and jump on top of the pile, usually after failing to shed a block.
  20. After reviewing the last few pages, there’s neither any specific talk about Edmunds, nor even really any general talk about him. There’s really no reason to keep this open as a generic football discussion thread. So I’m gonna go ahead and close it. If anyone feels they wanna carry-on the conversation that they were having, just make a new topic with the appropriate title so we all know what the discussion is about. Thanks.
  21. Why not take the time to differentiate this topic and focus the title on the podcast? When you name it something that is indistinguishable from the other topic, then what’s the point?
  22. Back in high school, after wrestling matches, the team would go out on $.10 wing nights on Thursday. The wings were pretty small, but the order was for 50 a person around the table. That’s when I was 115 pounds. for those of us watching our weight, we weren’t all that bright. Lol
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