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  1. you forgot the quotes around the word mistake.
  2. “enjoyingsome chardonnay in the club with Biff and Judy while discussing which Caribbean Island is best to store your yacht for the winter. ” this was the part I was referring to given your new status as a club seat holder. Lol
  3. if Hammer hasn’t sold by then, we are buying up the whole area. No Rando‘s. What’s your handicap?
  4. This is an early message that next year you all better plan to be at our 25th anniversary tailgate! Praying for a 4 o’clock start. Will have stuff planned all weekend, including golf on Saturday, and hopefully a takeover of some restaurant on Saturday night. We already have design ideas for a shirt and I’m currently in the process of cataloging ideas. The dude who got rescued from the stadium hole will be in charge of all activities. So, clear your calendars!
  5. yes. This post screams “hip“. Lol
  6. The good thing is you don’t have to think about this, there are other people here willing to think about it and you can go on doing other things.
  7. it wasn’t any of us. We didn’t have any marijuana.
  8. I am definitely not as smooth as that.
  9. she definitely didn’t have any arm weakness. She was holding and tipping those tall boys like a pro.
  10. Not tailgate related, but I warned 808 that whoever sat in front of us was going to be a disaster because my life… That’s when this little dump truck decided to stand right in front of me, while the entire section was sitting down, and SWAYED back-and-forth while staring off into space. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Not quite a stylish, but he has a smooth swing.
  12. he’s one of those dudes that torpedoes his first couple holes and then he magically finds his wallet before he goes on a tear. Essentially Woody Harrelson in white men can’t jump.
  13. The funniest thing that happened all weekend was @BringBackFergy losing the entire left sole of his golf shoe somewhere around the 15th hole. 😂 Tailgate was on the tamer side. What I didn’t expect was that 95% of the fans along Abbott Road would be gone due to stadium construction. I was trying to tell @GoBills808 that all you could see was a sea of humanity as far as the eye can see and what we got was a big ####### in the ground! Almost everyone I saw was asking where @Gugny was. The air of disappointment over our group of pre-game warriors l was heavy indeed. I was responding to group texts prior to going to Danny’s the night before and @Guffalo had my number listed under @AiO, which got everyone excited. The disappointment when they found out that was me that was going to be coming to Danny’s was palpable. Of course, no NFL game would be complete without @GoBills808 completely missing a bet, which was a Bills win while failing to cover the spread and betting the under. 😂 We were spoiled once again with great food. I know I’m gonna miss some stuff but the homemade sausages, ribs, breakfast sandwiches, wings were outstanding. No Stromboli for me this weekend.
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  15. Can we just keep the parking thread for Sunday as the parking thread for Sunday?
  16. there is no possible way that there will be a spot at 9:45.
  17. there is not. You’re free to set something if you wish.
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