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  1. it's really not. get ready for the false popular vote mantra in 3...2...1 ...
  2. elections have consequences... said in my best obamanation voice...
  3. wrong. i merely pointed out precedent in the thread.
  4. LOL. no need, the Dems are invalidating the Dem Party. hahahahahahahaaaaaaa
  5. the implication here is... Brennan flipped? https://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1308293926802006016
  6. with a 6 -3 super majority... you better get used to not accepting decisions handed down by the highest court in the land. however, not accepting them will not change their validity in any way, shape or form. maybe you would like Canada more...
  7. my guess... your little troll farm has access to internals and judging by your actions of late, they/you know the jig is up and your little game is going down in flames.
  8. https://twitter.com/HeyTammyBruce/status/1307438056325214208 one wonders what they will do to top the above, but you just know they will...
  9. a 3D printer would be a good thing to have...
  10. the moral high ground? 😄 she expired on Trump's watch, it is his solemn duty to nominate a replacement.
  11. you're delusional. who screams about like little children? 😄 well, your here. so, there's that.
  12. there is the thinking that she has been dead for sometime and the hidden hand was waiting for the right time to unveil it. is this meant to be the distraction from Durham's reveal this week? or, another gambit to get Trump?
  13. class act. https://twitter.com/henryrodgersdc/status/1307128696919203840
  14. another Lib meltdown. this time from the guy who ate human brains... https://twitter.com/rezaaslan/status/1307107507131875330
  15. please stop with these type of posts. no need to stoop to their level. you have it to do better, i have seen it.
  16. it's going to be fun watching the Dem Party go extinct these next four years.
  17. LOL... you knew it was coming... and... it didn't take but a couple hours. cue... the liberal meltdown... https://twitter.com/BadBunnyTwitch/status/1307103243953152005 https://twitter.com/Needle_of_Arya/status/1307102906655608834 https://twitter.com/Notbuyingthisbs/status/1307102665491570688 https://twitter.com/michaelbtice/status/1307101460031852544 https://twitter.com/littlebit1115/status/1307105479919886342
  18. i think that was in the BrianTylerCohen Tweet, and thus, why it was deleted??
  19. looking at her account, i don't see where she says that. all i see is her 'statement' on RBG's passing. maybe i missed it? https://twitter.com/lisamurkowski/status/1307125703561936899
  20. i see BrianTylerCohen deleted his Tweet saying Murkowski wouldn't vote in favor of a nominee before the election...
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