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  1. thanks for the reply, @SDS, much appreciated. i understand the delay, life often intrudes, i was however, beginning to wonder... you have always struck me as a pretty fair minded guy and the fact that this website is where it is at after a quarter of a century speaks to this fact. i understand the difficulties one faces (though certainly not to the degree you do), in trying to not only do what one thinks is the right thing but to please all the many different personalities that congregate under your roof. to be sure, never an easy chore and more times than not, can be heart wrenching. i mean that sincerely. having said that, we are going to have to agree to disagree on the actions taken here with regard. first of all, there is no clear line drawn in the sand. what is not acceptable and the degrees of punishment to be meted out are ambiguous at best. to better explain my perspective here, i will use myself as an example. there have been a couple instances where i posted in the 'Off The Wall' sub that were deleted. @Simon sent a PM to let me know, and i am paraphrasing here, that political comments were not allowed and to keep that type of stuff to PPP. it was a verbal warning with no points involved. i had absolutely no problem with that, and said as much in my response to Simon. i expressed that i was sorry and that i had no desire to make his/the moderators job any more difficult than it was. this happened at least twice that my memory serves up ( i can look through PM's to be exact if need be). same warning, same response from me both times. i did so even though i really didn't see where the comments were political but in this world of political correctness, one never really knows what can or could be construed as being political in nature. it was no sweat off my shoulders, after all, it is not my house and i am here at your mercy. when i caught a suspension from you, there was no warning, whatsoever. again, it was in a political thread, on TSW of which contained, imo much worse comments. again, no biggie, i said i probably deserved it. this event happened after @Hapless Bills Fan stated to me, on OTW that due to the nature of current world events that you had instructed there to be a little leeway on the main boards, in response to my comment asking if TSW had become PPP Lite. however, the personal nature of the reason for the suspension was not taken very well by me. i saw/see absolutely no reason for that. things of that nature should be kept strictly on a business level. so yeah, it pissed me off. along with this came a never expiring warning point. prior to this, i had one warning point from hapless when she first came on as a mod. there is a bit to that story but suffice it to say, i was chastised and had my post edited for posting small font at the bottom of my post. a brief heated discussion followed and when i asked if it was okay to post a larger font, in a larger font, i then received a warning point. i don't think i ever apologized for that exchange due mainly to the fact that i thought it was petty but did let it go. i still use the small font in my posts from time to time and there has been no additional warnings of any sort since then so i chalk it up to perhaps hapless was trying to stake her ground and that because there have been no additional warnings of any sort, maybe somebody said something to her. however, this is all tea leave reading and i have no idea as to what actually happened other than my impression. so, in three years here, 1 prior warning, prior to catching a suspension. again no biggie on the act of the discipline itself but the parameters on behavioral conduct is very ambiguous, at best and is cause for concern, imo. from my understanding of both the suspension and banishment of DR, there were no warnings involved and nothing was stated that a certain behaviour is expected. again, and i may be wrong but, my understanding is that he was suspended for 'starting a callout thread'. his subsequent banishment stemmed from him calling out a peep within a thread. and while the distinction may be minor, there is a distinction and certainly room for ambiguity exists. another area of concern here is the fact that this was done with no real understanding of the dynamics in play. i will not get into all the little intricacies of those dynamics in play, a good many of them are included within the three threads that are dealing with this issue. suffice it to say that while i believe DR could have handled it differently, there were good faith attempts to reason with these people on his behalf before that good faith was kicked to the curb by the other party. when one isn't around and comes in with the soda straw perspective of, not being around, the potential for misjustice is very high. one final comment... your initial reply to my post was that most of it was wrong. within your reply above, i fail to see where this is the case. it is more of an explanation of the whys and wherefores for actions taken. you can say my opinion is wrong just as i can disagree with your opinion. it's all good. if anything, it is my hope that this is taken with the constructive criticism that it is intended to impart. i believe to to be influenced my the sum of the parts, this should be one part to help going forward. also, I have asked hapless and @Chandler#81 to close the WTF thread and there has been no action on that front, if you would be so kind, could you please close it for me, i would be grateful. thank you. thanks for reading.
  2. had i wanted the thread deleted, i would have done so. far be it from me to remove the labor of everyone's efforts within this thread, even those i don't agree with. since @Hapless Bills Fan won't close this thread, @Chandler#81will you please close this thread, thank you.
  3. @Hapless Bills Fan please close this thread, thank you. too much character assassination without the character being able to defend himself.
  4. i did not want to jump into this discussion. however, i can not sleep due to the bad taste that this whole situation has left in my mouth. this your sandbox and we are all here by your good graces. your house, your rules. it is a beautiful site you have created, well rounded and vibrant. with that said, as you said, this is your point of view. from where i sit, it is not very professional, nor right to come out with 'your view' as to the course of events while having the, 'alleged' offending party unable to defend themselves because they were banned by, you. this is tantamount to 'pushing a narrative' with no real discussion allowed except for those thoughts of outside parties. from life experiences, i know that more often than not, there is one side and the other side and more often than not, the actual truth of a situation lies somewhere in between. however, we shall never get to hear directly from both sides. case in point: again, from my perspective, this does seem to be somewhat of a large distinction. from a legal perspective, sympathizing with and being are two major differences. a difference that will land one years in a penitentiary. ***** it, i don't care at this point, while i'm here... just an observation or two on recent events of the past few months. @Deranged Rhino was banned, then i was banned, then @Hedge was banned, then @B-Man was banned, all within the span of roughly three weeks. DR was banned for a call out thread, of which he privately acknowledged being wrong for doing. Hedge was banned for posting the longest joke in the world, when it had become standard fare down here to disrupt what many are of the opinion of being stupid threads mainly by posting recipes and then discussing food. B-Man caught a suspension for merely quoting the longest joke in the world. myself, i managed to catch a suspension for posting on the main board, in a political thread. as i admitted to others, i probably deserved the suspension, though imo, there were much worse comments in that, political thread on TSW. what i thought was kind of bush league, again was not the actual act of being suspended, i'm a big boy i can handle *****, but rather the desire you had to make it personal. when things stray from being professional then it becomes a problem in my book. with regard to DR's, Hedge's and B-man's suspensions, there is no uniformity in the discipline. we are told PPP is a mod free zone, you guys take care of it yourselves. so we do and then all of a sudden there is moderation and discipline. the sum of the parts just doesn't add up to be quite frank. from my point of view, it stinks of persecution. anyone who ventures into the shoutbox can see your political stance on display. if you don't want your website to be affiliated with those who do not buy the national syndicated narrative, just say so. who did you ban from the liberal side of the political spectrum? the only one i am aware of is Gary and that only happened because i pointed out precedent in a thread. it is my understanding that PPP was created to give an outlet for and to keep politics out of the mainboards. politics is not for the weak of heart, nor mind. just look to our political elite, they can't be civil with one another yet we are expected to be? we are merely a reflection of the country. until it gets better, we won't get better. again, outside of the grievances listed above, while it may not seem like it with this post, i have nothing but the utmost respect for you.
  5. Foxx

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  6. you probably won't want to read the following then... US faces ticking ‘feral swine bomb’ as millions of wild pigs run rampant across country
  7. to @Deranged Rhino https://twitter.com/AdamBaldwin/status/1312539186038140934 article: Devin Nunes Tears into Adam Schiff and His 'Sick Fantasies' at Intel Committee Hearing Nunes statement: https://twitter.com/TimRunsHisMouth/status/1312083212869435398
  8. the inmates are now officially running the asylum.
  9. i am. disappointed but okay. thank you for asking.
  10. hey Happy Days. hope you and yours are well with this madness that has descended upon humanity. thank you for the fact check, appreciated as i had not done that. my apologies for not doing so, however in my defense (not that that is an acceptable defense though), time is in short supply these days. am hoping that i will be as prepped as i can be shortly here, just prior to the election and have more time available after that. having read through the thread to catch up, i would counter... as @3rdnlng pointed out, Wiki is not the best source for debunking for starters. though your other sources are duly noted. and as @Buffalo_Gal has posted, there are a number of articles related to studies out that claim masks are not the preventative that the MSM narrative would have you believe. this belief comes from reading/researching over these past 6 months in my limited available time. and while i probably can't source those articles for you at the present time, the gist of it boils down to particle size. unless you are wearing a N95 or greater, the efficacy of other masks is questionable at best. to be clear here, yes i wear a mask (N95, btw) when out in public. however, i do so more for the comfort of others i also believe that there are natural remedies that can contain this virus better than anything the MSM narrative would have you believe. and this is only what i believe, not to be taken as medical advise but of which, maintaining bodily levels of Vitamin D at a level of 47 ng/ml renders your susceptibility to nil. agreed.
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