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  1. fast forward 4-5 years from now when shes hosting NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on Fox Sports 2 Mountain West
  2. Going to SoFi tomorrow to see Paul McCartney, will go straight to the box office to get my tix!
  3. Yes: Colleen Wolfe or Jane Slater No: Rachel Bonetta, Kimmi Chex,
  4. gimme some Colleen Wolfe, Cynthia Frelund, Jane Slater, Stacey Dales.
  5. Feb 7, 2002 here fellow old timers. I rarely post but am here everyday. Share the same birthdate (9/11/69) as our founder SDS.
  6. anyone else find Rachel Bonetta annoying as f***?
  7. NFL Network has the best eye candy... Kay, Collen Wolfe, Cynthia Frelund
  8. Going back to the Bills early 90s SB era I would consume alot of ESPN pre and postgame NFL shows, Sportscenter, etc, started dropping off in the 2000s. First Take when they had Dana Jacobsen and Jay Crawford was regular viewing for me but when they decided to center it on Skip Bayless and Stephen A I just couldnt anymore. Skip with his Dallas ballwashing and strange, almost creepy obsession with Tim Tebow, I was done. I will tune in occasionally for the lovely Laura Rutledge and Mina Kimes on NFL Live though but dont go out of my way.
  9. Happy Birthday to my fellow 9/11/69 birthday brother!
  10. Right so the Desolation begins, in my mind, the Tom Donohoe era forward
  11. Can the playoff years of '98 and '99 be considered Desolation? They did make the playoffs and had a QB (Flutie) who was somewhat of a media darling at the time.
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