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  1. That doesn't make you old.....right? Right? RIGHT!?
  2. Good reasoning But far too low a ranking. I'm no McDermott homer but he's at least top half of the league. He's like 65-35 w/l or something like that. That's a good coach even if I'm concerned about his decisions in the biggest moments.
  3. Yup they are so dumb. If you make it harder to watch legally, people will take the path of least resistance. I pay for several streaming services, but let me put it this way: I'm not signing up for peacock AND I'm not missing a playoff game.
  4. He'll sign with Jets. Negotiating tactic I'm sure. I would imagine everyone in that building thinks they can win a sb this year. He'll maybe they are right idk
  5. We ll in terms of when the games are, that's easily the worst schedule I've ever seen. I know, they are good and so the schedule puts them in the spotlight. But I just want Sunday 1pm games, and this year they are an endangered species
  6. Wow. Credit given "My opinion was wrong" is probably the least used phrase on the internet. I'm surprised your keyboard wasn't confused, I figured it would autocorrect to something like "you're an idiot", but alas... Personally I think we rush to judgement way too fast, and ruining this kids arc was just another in a long line of pathetic internet personalities legitimately decimating real world people. I'm not labeling you as that, but it's really easy to go along with the crowd, and that's a big reason why this board is my only "social media". I'm close to the camp of we should be the team to resign him and do our part to undo this single injustice. That's all we can do. One post at a time, one restoration of justice at a time, and move the needle ever so slightly back to sanity and understanding. And ffs the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Somehow the burden of proof has to shift back to prosecution, instead of the accused. So many frivolous cases (from Gwyneth paltrow to Ed Sheeran, to Araiza all civil cases) we need to learn our lesson as a society and stop trying to ruin people for sport. That all said I don't neccesarily blame beane and co for cutting ties. But the fact that Araiza one day was "punt god" and next day was "a rapist" with no due process is terrifying. Anyone could be next.
  7. I told AI to "write a song about buffalo winning it all" This is what popped out: Verse 1: It's been a long time coming, but we're ready for the fight The Buffalo Bills are on the rise, gonna take it all tonight We've got Josh Allen leading the way, with Stefon Diggs in the zone With every pass and every catch, we're bringing it all home Chorus: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bills, we're gonna win it all The Super Bowl is ours to take, gonna answer the call We'll bring the trophy back to Buffalo, where it belongs With our hearts and souls in the game, we'll prove the doubters wrong Verse 2: The road to victory won't be easy, but we're up for the test With every touchdown and every tackle, we'll give it our best We've got our eyes on the prize, with a hunger in our hearts And when we lift that Lombardi Trophy, it'll be a brand new start Chorus: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bills, we're gonna win it all The Super Bowl is ours to take, gonna answer the call We'll bring the trophy back to Buffalo, where it belongs With our hearts and souls in the game, we'll prove the doubters wrong Bridge: We've waited for so long, through the ups and downs But now we're in the spotlight, with the whole world watching now We'll play with everything we've got, and leave it all on the field And when the game is over, we'll have a story to tell Chorus: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bills, we're gonna win it all The Super Bowl is ours to take, gonna answer the call We'll bring the trophy back to Buffalo, where it belongs With our hearts and souls in the game, we'll prove the doubters wrong Outro: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bills, we're the champions tonight The whole world is watching, and we showed them what's right We'll celebrate this moment, with a passion and a pride For the Buffalo Bills, our team, our family, our ride -- Fun and funny, but I don't think ai will be taking over Nashville anytime soon with songs like this
  8. I would prob rank us 5 or so spots higher, but I'm not going to argue. Gabe had an ok year, but many were expecting a meteoric rise and that just plain did not happen. The new TE isn't going to move the needle in WR rankings. We've got some intriguing young players but none that have shown anything amazing just yet
  9. No we don't. And what's that buffalo going to do on the other 358 days of the year, stay in a cage?
  10. Both true... But I wonder who (maybe Milano) wears the green dot? Gotta be Milano or one of Poyer/Hyde I would think
  11. Well at least they are trying. You have to give them credit for recognizing how many great players they have on rookie contracts, and giving themselves a couple year sb window. They were going to lose alot of their talent in a couple years anyway, so why not go sign a hof QB and all his buddies in hopes to get a lombardi before the window closes. Personally, like I have mentioned before; I think this is just what the Bills needed to toughen up after last year's slow, slippery slide from basically the regular season chiefs game all the way to a dismantling by Bengals. Time to get up for real competition. No more gimmes
  12. Absolutely. We need "too many" weapons so that when some of them undoubtedly go down to injury, Josh isn't left with just a nerf gun and a few koosh balls.
  13. Man when you watch him talk in that zoom interview... It's like stevie Johnson and Tremaine had a baby.
  14. Duckduckgo homie. Been a popular android browser for awhile, now in beta on windows. I always used chrome, but it's a bug-ridden mess right now. Edge is so bad Microsoft has resorted to full page ads to keep you using it when you go to other browsers download pages. Yowza
  15. I'm definitely not talking down about religion. People can believe whatever they want. But it seems very immature to me to attribute things like Hines runback to "miracles" as it seems he was alluding to. I'll tell you that my late very Catholic grandma would be upset if somebody prayed for or expected God to take a side in sports matches. She'd say you can pray for your health etc but not to win the game and things like that; as God doesn't take sides (other than the obvious biblical good v evil) I would def say the fact that the team was in emotional freefall is kiddy pool stuff. The fact is just about everyone experiences hardy amounts of adversity, and as the saying goes "it's not how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and still get back up". They did not get back up last year, and that's what I'm hoping some competitive motivation will provide. That's the spirit of my post and not to disparage religion. And even though I think that's pretty obvious from just reading it, clearly not everyone read it that way.
  16. This is exactly what the Bills needed! The team was clearly mentally weak last year. I know "everything happened" last year but hearing Josh cry and say that God is real because of a kickoff runback... Reminds you how young he is. This team needs a reason to "get up" for games, since after our regular season chiefs game, it was all downhill from there (and not in a good way). Jets could easily win the division... It's probably a coin toss right now. And if fins wimpy QB actually stays healthy they can make noise. All in all even if it means a couple down years, Josh and this team needs a wakeup call, and to get more mentally resilient. Because last year their attitude belonged in the kiddy pool.
  17. My take is this: -wanted to fire Frazier -McD wants to try calling defense himself So they came up with a compromise. Fraz says "I need a year off". FO pretends they anticipate him back next year, so McD calls the defense in his stead. If it goes well: McDs a genius. Don't bring back Frazier If it doesn't: we need a new scheme so we hired Cordy McCoordinator. Leslie who?
  18. Hope springs eternal! Frazier has been a good coach/DC throughout his career. It has been no different in his time with the Bills. But it was definitely time for a new DC. We need a scheme that compliments our offensive scheme more, and with all the turnover/changes to this year's defensive roster, it's the perfect time. I wish Frazier the best, but defensive play calling has been such a HUGE problem as soon as we get to the playoffs every year for the past 3 seasons.
  19. I get it that he's upset. But this statement "no amount..." Is stupid. What these athletes quickly forget is that normal folks that make a normal living often trade in their bodies to feed their families for a much smaller piece of the pie than Jones got. That construction worker that just barely pays his bills will end up with unavoidable health problems and body breakdown too, and he'll work 5 times longer to earn a fraction of an NFL player. Furthermore, it's easy to look back and say this when you already made your money, but you go up to the average 20 year old student football player and say "welcome to the NFL. We'll pay you 70mil in less than a decade but you'll get injured and have long term health ramifications"... They'd play anyway, and with bells on. And they do.
  20. Right!? If they were lawmakers we'd hold them to a much lower standard.
  21. Frazier is a FANTASTIC regular season DC. But when it's time to adjust to top teams in the playoffs- he doesn't. It's the other teams that adjust and kill our D. I have no confidence in this team going deep in the tourney with our current defensive scheme. It has been exposed time and time again in the biggest moments. We don't need a defense that beats up on bad teams but then lines the db's up 10 yards off on a 3rd and 4 when we NEED a stop in the biggest game of the year. I love this team but I no longer believe they can win it all with the current staff.
  22. I don't understand this perspective. Being a serial cheater takes it away. Ik nobody wants to talk about it now (maybe in time?) But that pats "dynasty" was the preeminent cheaters in pro sports history. They got caught like 5 or more time, which obviously means there were many more instances than just those 5. When you do that, you should be disqualified from greatest anything... Other than greatest cheater for getting away with it so many times. They deserve no praise. No goat status. Nothing but shame. But they don't get it🤷🏻‍♂️
  23. That write up is spot on. The problem this year is the coaches can't see past their own noses. They are "in it" so deep they just need to zoom out and see what EVERYONE else sees. It's obvious they need quick passes It's obvious they need to run the ball more It's obvious they need more plays to take the pressure off (PA, boots, screens, etc) It's obvious the defensive backs shouldn't play 10 yards off on a 3rd and 4 It's obvious you need to blitz more than once every 5 games But somehow they don't see or are ignoring it. It's one of those situations where you question everything because the average fan knows all these things, but it seems as if the coaches don't.
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