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  1. Worst call of the game prior to 13 seconds. I yelled at the TV when it happened and said “we’ll be down 10 soon.” It was 9, because KC missed the PAT. No reason in the world not to count on Josh to get that yard on 4th down. I posted in another thread that the next progression of McD as a HC is to start coaching with the realization he has the most dynamic QB on the planet playing for him.
  2. …if Denver snags Rodgers as many predict, then the teams listed above all have QBs who are head and shoulders above anything else the AFC has to offer. Imagine looking at your franchise and realizing you’re playing for the #7 seed from the get-go. Now, perhaps Fabio is the real deal in JAX…who knows. I suppose we need to give Zach a chance in NJ…but it’s the Jets. Carr’s a nice QB but not at the same level. Tannehill? McCorkle is a game manager and Tua is lazy. Pittsburgh is searching. Jury’s out on Baker but it’s not promising. No sign of Watson coming back. That leaves Indy and Carson… Man, it’s nice to know we’ve got our guy.
  3. Agreed. I would expect any player actually voted in to attend. It IS an honor, even if a watered-down one. Josh was smart, too — no snark in his message, blaming it on needing to rest. We all know the real story.
  4. Dude. They were ONE 4th down conversion at the 3-yard line vs. Tennessee away from the #1 seed THIS year.
  5. The Bills are basically taking the Steelers approach, which has served Pittsburgh well for a hella long time. Everyone looking for the “splash” is going to be repeatedly disappointed in Beane. I’ll say it again — I have ZERO concerns about how Beane will continue to build and tweak the roster through the draft and with mid-level free agents, re-signing homegrown talent to good value deals and avoiding those “splashes” that more often than not are mistakes.
  6. Yeah…this is really the only reason it makes sense. Agree that it benefits the Bills (from a year-to-year home field perspective) to have Mahomes facing Herbert, Rodgers, and Carr while Josh is beating up on Wilson, Tua, and McCorkle.
  7. I’m not sure Daboll is going to be a successful HC. He seems to be a guy who really craves connecting with players…we’ve all heard and read the stories about him inviting players to his house, randomly calling and FaceTiming them, etc. That’s all well and good when you’re a position coach or a coordinator but doesn’t really translate to being “the guy.” You’re in charge of too much to have that sort of individual interaction with players. I’m not saying he won’t succeed, just suggesting that his personality/demeanor may not be well suited for the job. Time will tell. Certainly don’t blame him for wanting to try.
  8. Some big time, prime time matchups on that schedule: Bills @ Bengals Bills @ Chiefs Bills @ Rams Bills @ Ravens Titans @ Bills Packers @ Bills Browns @ Bills I envision five prime time games when the schedule comes out. For me, travel to Baltimore and LA are almost a certainty.
  9. If Dorsey has aspirations to go even farther (i.e., HC) then staying in Buffalo as the OC is by far the best career choice.
  10. Probably your diet. I think it’s pretty much a given at this point that McD called for a squib and there was a colossal miscommunication that led to Bass not knowing that was the call. While the overall result is still on McD, it’s a different problem than one of a “bad decision.”
  11. I think it is absolutely hilarious that the Bills have admitted they kept Haack because they didn’t want to mess with Bass’ mojo. New punter is on the way…guaranteed.
  12. I friggin’ hate Gesicki with the Fish, but would love him as a Bill. Paired with Knox, that’s a damn good two-TE set of guys who bring explosiveness to the position. My wish list for the Bills is to strengthen the OL, add another weapon or two for Josh, and continue the search for impact pass rushers.
  13. LOL -- make the playoffs every year with a shot to get to the SB. That's my kind of consistent failure. Do you ever read what you type before you hit "submit reply?" Beane knows how to manage the cap and isn't going to hamstring the Bills. Jesus.
  14. Bingo. THAT is the takeaway here…nothing else. A star player — even if at the end of his career — just said he wishes he could have played with Josh Allen over Russ Wilson. Let that sink in. The worm has turned.
  15. I’m not clicking on the article (seriously), but I think I’ve identified McD’s issues. Didn’t want to start yet another “McD coaching” thread but here’s how I see it. McD is by nature a conservative guy. He has grown while in this position and does embrace some form of analytics and aggressiveness, but his use of it is sporadic week-to-week, and as we saw Sunday night, even within games. Aggressive on the first drive, cautious in the 3rd quarter, and then awful at the end with regard to the kickoff and strategy. There was absolutely no reason to punt on 3rd-and-1 in the 3rd quarter after the Chiefs went up 17-14. I yelled at the TV and said “we’ll be down 10 soon” and was exactly right (well, 9, but they missed the PAT). Here’s the problem: McD is coaching as if he doesn’t realize he has the most dynamic QB on the planet on his team. As soon as McD accepts that he can trust Josh in all situations, this team will become better. Now, this wasn’t always the case. We all know Sugar High Josh didn’t truly disappear until this season. But now, after watching how Josh finished the year, there is no doubt. He’s a bona fide superstar and McD needs to reconfigure his in-game thinking accordingly. I would kill to learn what exactly was discussed on the sideline prior to the last kickoff and defensive series, but I know we’ll never find out. Maybe McD told Bass to kick it high and short and he just missed it. Who knows. One of McD’s best qualities is to not throw anyone under the bus. But who directed the defense to guard the sidelines when KC had THREE timeouts? It still burns me up. So, in sum, McD needs to embrace the beauty of having a superstar QB and let that guide his decisions rather than coaching as if he’s afraid to give up field position. I’m not saying McD needs to go full Brandon Staley or John Harbaugh, but getting close wouldn’t hurt. I really, truly hope Leslie Frazier gets a HC job. I’d be happy for him, but I also want to see the Bills bring in a young, innovative defensive mind. McD can be fixed. I’m sure of it.
  16. Thank you for this. It is a healthy dose of perspective.
  17. Don’t forget your Reeboks with the stripes.
  18. I’m more looking forward to the studio hosts talking about what KC has to do in the 2nd half to try and get back in the game.
  19. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one true “Titans fan” outside of the greater Nashville area, and it seems as though all of their home games feature a large contingent of the opponent’s fans. They remain viable in Nashville because of the attraction of the city for visitors, but they (along with Jacksonville) may have the smallest market of “fans” in the entire league.
  20. The smart money is on Hyde to return kicks. Li’l Dirty will help us plenty on offense but he’s just too uncertain as a returner.
  21. Yeah, I had a sh-i-t-t-y night’s sleep as well. Stayed up too late, got up too early…can’t focus on anything else. It’s gonna be a long 11 hours until game time. My plan is to watch the full replay of last week’s beat down at noon, leading up to Rams-Bucs. Flights and tickets to the game next week are in hand. Go get it done, boys. LET’S GO, BUFFALO!!!!! 🦬🦬🦬💙❤️
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