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  1. This is a really cool idea. Before the real estate market went crazy I actually thought about buying an apartment downtown to keep, for largely the same reason.
  2. Watson had no choice. He can't go to trial 24 (or 26) times. Buzbee can pick his best case (Solis) and ride it out.
  3. No, I get it, most cases settle. But the lawyer just made a bunch on the first 20 so he can afford to drag this out unless his client wants to end it.
  4. Agreed on this point, however I think it’s very easy to see who’s just a blind homer vs. someone who takes a more optimistic viewpoint. I don’t pay attention to blind homers any more than I do blind pessimists. I’m labeled a homer because I choose to view things through an optimistic lens. I think I’m a generally happy person because of my perspective, particularly when it comes to things over which I have no control. I’m extremely realistic but I hate going down the rabbit hole of realism vs. pessimism because it takes away from why I really come here to participate. I actually think there’s something inherently wrong with someone who wants to criticize a fan for being a fan. “You’re not realistic enough” — so what? We’re fans. And if you’re a Bills fan visiting a Bills fan website, why shouldn’t you be loyal?
  5. Oh, c’mon, Bill, nobody needs to defend old Badol. We know you’ve got a bit of a man crush on him; If he just eased up on his condescending, know-it-all manner he’d get a lot more love around here. Of course the GM both receives the praise and takes the blame for his selections. No GM in the history of football has batted a thousand. I don’t think Beane has shown a propensity to “dig in his heels” and keep players who don’t produce just because he drafted them, but I DO think he understands that some players take a little more time than others. A good GM doesn’t give up on his draft picks too quickly.
  6. It is also important to note, for those not familiar, that the burden of proof in a criminal case is “beyond a reasonable doubt” — an extraordinarily high standard — while in a civil case the burden is a mere “preponderance of the evidence.”
  7. Moss played hurt last season; he was not fully recovered from his rookie season-ending injury. He provides a different sort of skill set than the Bills have with their other backs and I firmly believe he makes this team, even if for nothing more than depth. Epenesa will get at least one more year. Some guys need more time than others and they won’t give up on him just yet. It feels like his first two years were about figuring out his correct playing weight and style…he has shown some flashes but needs to be consistent. I’m not predicting anything past this year. Ford is obviously the one hanging by a thread. If Beach Chairs doesn’t get through to him he’s a goner.
  8. I think it’s awesome that Josh is going to be there as one of the “throwers” — that guy just loves football.
  9. Can we get some JP-era helmet designs in this thread?
  10. Absolutely. Okposo had a bit of a "rebirth" last season and clearly loves being around this team. Perfect choice.
  11. RIP. 55 way too young. Fun guy to watch and listen to.
  12. Sports talk shows in which co-hosts are expected to take contrasting viewpoints have completely ruined sports talk. It's now just about who can yell the loudest and make the most extreme statements. There is very little sincerity. Some of the solo hosts are ok but most of it is trash. I recall fondly the days of ESPN's Sports Reporters. Mike Lupica was the "bad guy" and if you looked back at those shows now they were tame by comparison.
  13. Understood to a point, but in professional team sports I think you'd be amazed by how many athletes don't really care about winning as long as they are making bank. The importance of Buffalo's culture is that players who do want to be a part of something special are now clamoring to come here, even if for slightly less moolah.
  14. As we enter the next Golden Era of Buffalo Bills football, I keep reading comment after comment from players who come to the Bills touting the culture, professionalism, and family atmosphere of the organization from top to bottom. I can’t count the number of “players around the league know about Buffalo” statements I’ve read or heard. My question is: do players arriving at any new team say that sort of stuff, or can we finally start to believe that the Bills are unique and have become a top destination for talent? My own opinion is that any player is going to say “nice” things about his new employer, but typically they are the “this is a great organization committed to winning and I’m eager to contribute” type of fluff. It feels to me as though Buffalo is different. Guys almost always mention the fans, the community, the way the team helps them feel comfortable, etc. Call me a homer (many have, and I wear that badge proudly), but I believe we are long past the days of Buffalo being considered NFL Siberia. As long as Beane, McDermott, and Josh Allen (a key piece no doubt) are around the Bills are well positioned for long term success attracting and retaining talent. That includes coaches. Yes, money will always matter — I’m not naive — but the players simply going for the most jack are typically not going to be the guys who fit this culture anyway. We’ll get plenty of really good players who are willing to forego a bit of cash to play for an organization they truly believe will take care of them. Just a little feel-good post as we are stuck in the doldrums before camp. Cheers and Go Bills! 🦬
  15. How awful. Wonder what the circumstances are?
  16. To be fair, it was one of the dirtiest hits I've ever seen and could have broken Tre's neck. It was out of character and I have to assume something in Gronk snapped in the moment...but it was terrible. Tre has apparently gotten over it and I won't belabor it further.
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