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  1. Yeah, but if they only had a better coach...
  2. I'll try to be kind...but this was a ridiculous premise and ridiculous post. The next time you have a visceral reaction after a game...stay away from the keyboard.
  3. I guess it was a high ankle sprain after all.
  4. A player can "give himself up" on the field; he doesn't have to be tackled. I can't imagine the league would allow defenders to carry a player into the end zone.
  5. While a phenomenal trade, unfortunately the Hughes-era Bills, for the most part, were also-rans. The Biscuit trade and Diggs trade coincide with the Bills' rise among the NFL hierarchy.
  6. I'm just afraid that McD's coaching is going to keep costing the Bills wins.
  7. News flash: not this year. The Stillers are ranked 24th in yards against and 15th in points against -- and they've played the Browns, Jets, and Pats***. On offense, they're even worse. 30th in yards gained and T-24th in points scored. Bad, bad team. Conversely, the Bills are top 3 in all four of those categories. Bet the Bills.
  8. “Looking good, Billy Ray.” “Feeling good, Louis!” Complement. 👍
  9. With all due respect — and I said it before the season started — the Bills may have the best defense AND best offense in football. They’re certainly the best team, even with some key players down. I was not able to watch the game live yesterday because I had to attend a memorial service…all I knew was they were down 7-0 early. When we left the service I checked the score and it was 20-20…I listed to the final 4:00 in the car on the way home. It was the Ravens broadcast and what fun it was to hear their dismay. Then, last night, I watched the game already knowing the result, so the emotion was removed…and I fast-forwarded between plays so I didn’t hear most of the announcer b.s. My takeaway? This team is so good and so deep, and so well coached. Even in the first half the defense played great. Lamar is damn good and made some amazing plays. The turnovers hurt, as did so many drops (Crowder 2, Davis, Diggs, Cook). The Ravens did an excellent job of getting their hands up and deflecting at least 3 of Josh’s passes. We got some calls and breaks, and they got some calls and breaks, but at the end of the day Josh Allen proved, again, that HE is the best dual-threat QB in football. The defense was simply stellar all game. Loved that they brought the heat on Lamar on that 4th down play…and what else can you say about Poyer. Baltimore was #2 on offense going in and didn’t get to 300 yards. This new D line absolutely does make a difference — and we’re playing without Oliver and Phillips! Milano is balling at an all-world level, and Edmunds is flying around as well. It’s a joy to watch. Damar Hamlin looked fast and comfortable out there. Coaching was excellent throughout. Two half-ending drives leading to points, and beautiful strategy at the end not to allow Lamar another chance. A 17-point come-from-behind win on the road like this can propel an already very good team to great heights. I’m very much looking forward to this run. Go Bills! 19 and 1, BABY!!!!!
  10. Hey @Einstein how does it feel to know that McD just outcoached one of the best coaches in the game?
  11. Totally pathetic. Easy cop out for McDaniel: “the doctor cleared him so what was I supposed to do?” What a joke. The players should see right through this charade. The question is whether they care.
  12. @FilthyBeast, that’s who. You know, the Miami troll.
  13. These boys KNOW. They know that was a b.s. game and loss. They know they are going to do great things. And they’re having a lot of fun doing it.
  14. Just stand by the phone...I'm sure McD will be calling shortly to get your opinion.
  15. I don't know about that, but you might need to simply chill out. Geez.
  16. Ahhhh. Just threw me there for a second since the thread was about Tavon.
  17. The comparison I’m thinking of is Rob Johnson. Tua has sustained all kinds of injuries, starting with the hip at Alabama. I’m starting to think his body just isn’t meant to withstand the rigors of NFL football. I really hope the kid is ok, and that he makes the best decision for his future health. Oh, and eff the stinking Fish.
  18. Hoping that in reality it was a glorified "vet rest day" to give him a break. I'd sit him tomorrow as well, list him as questionable, and then make a Sunday decision. Overall the injury report is trending positively, though.
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