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  1. Starr needed 7 seasons before he threw more TDs than INTs and Bradshaw needed 6. It was kinda commonplace...even after that they had a few years where they threw more INTs than TDs
  2. That was one reason Brady left...he got sick of having to carry the offense on his back due to lack of skill position players around him.
  3. If you looked at the post above where I compare Bradshaw, Starr and Lamonica's stats, his numbers are kinda right in line with them for the most part, even if they might be on the low end of normal. It was a different era back then.
  4. I'm not sure how common it was, but I'd say in any given season it wasn't uncommon. Bart Starr threw 152 TDs and 138 INTs for his career. Some years he had more INTs than TDs. In fact, it wasn't until his 7th year in the NFL that he had his first season with more TDs than INTs. The first 5 he had more INTs than TDs and the 6th he had 16 and 16. After that, he generally had more TDs than INTs, but did have 3 more years with seasons of more INTs. Completion percentage was 57.4% for his career. Same with Bradshaw...his first 5 years he threw more INTs than TDs every year. Completion percentage 51.9% for his career. 212 TDs to 210 INTs for his career. Daryle Lamonica completed only 49.5% of his passes for his career. Had some big TD years where he led the league, but also led the NFL in INTs once and ended up with 164 TD and 138 INTs. So, would have to say this was kinda the norm even if Namath might have been on the low end of norm.
  5. It's hard to compare stats in those eras when teams mostly only threw when they had to and had the mindset of "When you throw he ball only 3 things can happen and 2 of them aren't good". I'd bet the majority of passing attempts came on 3rd and long for a lot of QBs back then which is not a favorable down and distance for the offense to succeed.
  6. Yeah, he had a few good years but overall was meh...averaged 3.9 YPC for his career and in the playoffs was mostly bad averaging 3.4 YPC there. Although he did hit 1,000 yards in 8 of his first 9 seasons including 1,665 one year, never led the league in any category except carries once with 375. YPC likely would have been a lot higher without the last 4 years in there where he seems t have hung on too long as he had 3.6, 3.3, 3.8 and 3.3 those years. PFR's Hall of Fame Monitor seem to agree with you tho as the average RB in the HOF is at 106.95 and Bettis is a distant 75.94(25th among all RBs). Granted the average is skewed quite a bit by the top 4 of Payton, Brown, Sanders and Emmitt Smith who are at 214.61, 182.79, 177.55 and 176.48. Next closest to them is Tomlinson in 5th with 136.50. Surprisingly Thurman comes in below the average for HOF RBs as well at 97.95, directly behind Edgerrin James and directly in front of Franco Harris.
  7. There were probably a lot of players on there that would have likely had nowhere near the impact on other teams as they did on the Patriots due to the overa team approach to defense they had. They never were the most athletic fastest or best players, just solid players who did their jobs really well within the scheme of the defense and for the most part were very selfless in that regard Honestly after writing that, you could kinda say that about a lot of players on the Bills D under McDermott.
  8. You are missing the context of why tho which is important. He also played baseball full time for the Royals so that meant he wasn't available to play football for the first 5 or 6 weeks most years... He split time with HOF RB Marcus Allen also, so it's not like they were just going to abandon him. Bo averaged 5.4 YPC for his career and 73.2 YPg, which would equate to almost 1200 yards per season if extrapolated to a full 16 games. Overrated? Hardly. Underused and only available 3/4 of the season? Sure. One of the greatest runs I have ever seen came against Seattle on Monday night where he went 90+ for a TD and the Seahawk safety had the angle cut off on him like 30 yards up the field and he just blew by him like he was standing still and he never even got close to making the tackle. Dude might have been the fastest player on a football field of all time.
  9. Jackson never really played a full season because he also played baseball for the KC Royals and was very good there, making an all-star game and was MVP of it. He had 950 yards in 11 games one year but only started 7 and averaged a ridiculous 5.4 YPC for his career. He averaged 73.2 YPG which would equate to almost 1200 yards if he played full seasons. Overrated, I don't think so...underused and not available full time due to playing 2 sports, sure. But he was also splitting time with HOF back Marcus Allen as well, so it's not like there were just going to stop using him.
  10. I can't get on board with that with Eddie George there...Smith is the all time leader in rushing, led the league in rushing yards 4 times, YPC once, yards from scrimmage twice and TDs 3 times. He also won an MVP and finished 3rd two other times. It's a pretty big stretch to be overrated with those numbers, I don't care who he was running behind. George got almost 3000 carries and barely got over 10000 yards.
  11. For me, the one I always come back to is Eddie George at RB. Everyone remembers him as some great back, but the truth is he was mostly garbage, averaging 3.6 YPC over his career and only averaging over 4 YPC twice, which were both barely over at 4.1. His last 4 years in the NFL were 3.0, 3.4, 3.3 and 3.3 YPC. And it's not like he has his carries lowered. He was well over 300 each of those first 3 seasons, with 132 his last year in the league. He just didn't have it anymore at that point, and went from slightly below average player to should not be in the NFL player. Those are replacement level numbers. Yeah he put up yards most seasons but only because he was given huge numbers of carries every year. I mean if you get 315 carries and end up at under 1000 yards, that's really tough to do.
  12. No. They played the highest percentage of nickel D in the NFL and finished #1 overall. Now they are just going to scrap that and go back to a base 4-3? C'mon man...I know it's cool to come up with hypotheticals but this is about as far fetched as you can get
  13. Adam Schein lists Allen as one of his 9 players that should be rated 99 in Madden and has him at #5 https://www.nfl.com/news/my-madden-99-club-these-nine-nfl-players-truly-deserve-the-highest-rating-enteri
  14. Uh it's in response to the allegations from Wilson's former girlfriend that he cheated on her with one of his Mom's best friends.
  15. No, not amazing that he COULD do it...amazing that he would WANT to do it when he is having much hotter, tighter bodied women his own age throwing themselves at him.
  16. Yeah...I bet his Mom's best friend is telling all her girlfriends that, but I am pretty sure she has more "intimate" knowledge than most people do...and likely talking about different things 🤣 Zach Wilson for pimp of the year...those are some pretty decent MILF's to choose from I must say...and Zach Wilson's Mom is quite the stunner herself... https://www.outkick.com/zach-wilsons-street-cred-explodes-amongst-athletes-for-allegedly-sleeping-with-his-moms-best-friend/
  17. Likely will be at least 9 months...some studies done showed players who had a shorter timetable for coming back than 9 months had a much higher chance of reinjury. Highly doubt the Bills would risk this for an extra month especially when Wallace and Jackson played very well while he was out last year and they likely upgraded with Elam at Wallace's old spot.
  18. The only two worries I have on offense is how Dorsey will add opponent specific wrinkles to the plays they run to better target/confuse players on defense week to week and how he will adjust in game to what defenses try to do. Daboll was really good at this for the most part...giving a defense a new wrinkle that made the play look the same but with a slight tweak to specifically put defenders in their defensive scheme in a bind. Sometimes the adjustments took a little more time than I would have liked, but typically out of the half, the Bills did well at putting points on the board. If Dorsey can at least do as well as Daboll in these regards I think the offense will be even better than it has been the last two years with the added firepower we have now.
  19. Bledsoe was awful outside an 8 game stretch. Not sure how people forget how often he got sacked, threw INTs and generally looked bad during his time here
  20. While it's not 100% accurate in terms of things, it does give a pretty good reference point. Pro football reference doesn't view him as that good...ranked 68th in terms of PFR Hall of Fame Monitor score with 49.83. The average DB in the HOF is at 99.46 so he is quite a bit off from that. Rod Woodson, Deion Sanders and Ronnie Lott have the highest DB Hall of Fame Monitor scores...177.63, 171.03, and 165.98. He isn't even in the same area code as them. Ty Law, a comparable player who was on the Patriots during the same timeframe as well has a 74.03 score, so he is quite a ways off from that level as well. Butch Byrd should get in well before Samuel, he is right below Law with a score above 70.
  21. Willing to bet large amounts of tickets were given away as free comps by the casinos so that's why the prices got so high.
  22. Tyrod wasn't clutch. If he got behind in a game, it was very rare that they would come back and win. Most of the games he won they jumped out to an early lead
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