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  1. An enjoyable game. I thought Daboll made some good halftime adjustments. Defense is looking great. If the DL plays like it has weeks 1 and 2 then they're going to be very tough. I'm not too worried about Allen but I am concerned with the offensive line. They have had their struggles the first two weeks.
  2. So 2 games out of the last 20? I wouldn’t hold your breath this season waiting for a game plan that doesn’t involve spreading the field with 4 and 5 wrs and throwing the crap out of the ball. Which was probably not ideal against a defense like Pittsburgh’s. That may have been one of the times to make some modifications.
  3. If they spend a high pick on a corner and he works out, then he is almost certainly going to walk when his rookie contract is up because they couldn’t afford to keep him. So it would be a rental. I don’t think they see using their high picks in that way.
  4. Good man v man CBs come at a premium and there's no way that the Bills could afford two of them and still spend like they do on the DL, while still having some money left over for offense. Their decision is to spend on the DL (which generally has more impact on the game - "it all starts up front"), keep the DBs in zone most of the time and hope that the pressure generated helps the DBs in coverage. Against certain matchups it can be a problem, but overall I think it's a sound strategy.
  5. The Ol handled Pittsburgh’s DL OK last season. I’m sure that factored into their thinking. Daboll likes to be aggressive in his sets so it’s no surprise to me that Moss was the odd man out. What I don’t like is that no matter how much Daboll talks about “doing whatever it takes” in terms of personnel, run/pass balance, game planning, etc., every game plan looks the same and never seems to change during the game if things aren’t working. I literally laughed out loud at his PC when he said that if they need to run it on every play to win then that’s what they will do.
  6. This is they key reason that those “trick plays” don’t work. No one on defense is over committing because they’re dominating playing straight up.
  7. They made a lot of moves wrt the OL. FAs didn’t really pan out. I have high hopes for the draft picks though, but it may take a couple of years.
  8. Chiefs too. Good thing the playoffs don’t start next week!
  9. And when they were wide open Allen overthrew the WR
  10. The game had turned before the block. That was a consequence not the cause, IMO
  11. I didn't get the sense that they had an attitude problem. I think they had a game plan problem on offense.
  12. Exactly. I'm not sure why people are pointing at Haak. The defender got to Haak almost as fast as the ball did.
  13. Yeah, that's the other half of it. Usually when you spread it out with 4 or 5 WRs you hope guys come open quickly vs single coverage or soft zones. It didn't happen.
  14. I don't think Miami's DL is as good as Pittsburgh's. Maybe no one's is.
  15. I mean that the Steelers have a great DL and they didn't really have a game plan to handle them besides hoping for the best with multiple unfavorable 1v1 matchups.
  16. Agree. He is not a man v man corner back. Needs to be in zone most of the time.
  17. They all got handles. Morse too. They were not put in a situation to succeed.
  18. And two of the catches were of the circus variety so White was fine.
  19. Two turnovers didn't help either. Steelers made most of the big plays, no question. That tends to happen when you put the opponent under constant duress.
  20. I understand how everyone feels, but getting injured isn’t really his fault. I’m sure he didn’t plan it. Plus he’s just a rotational guy with a limited skill set. Some people seem to really overestimate his impact, IMO. The Bills run D was exactly all everything two years ago when he was on the team. I really don’t think his absence is the end of the world.
  21. I understand the head scratching regarding TE, but my biggest concern is that despite bringing in numerous FAs and draft picks, the starting OL is the same as last season, and they got manhandled in the AFC championship game.
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